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Title: Abandon’s Outtakes
Author: [ profile] batsutousai
Beta: [ profile] magickmaker17
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort), Seamus/Blaise, Ginevra/Theodore, post-Ron/Hermione, Salazar/Godric
Warnings: Same warnings for the original Abandon, really. General insanity, slash, het, OOC-characters, etc… No sex for these, though, I think. These are more meant for fun than anything else.
Summary: Ever wonder what happens with all the other characters in Abandon that aren’t Harry or Tom? Did Gin ever kiss Ted in the Great Hall? What did Minerva think about the relationship between Harry and Tom? Here are those tales, and more!

Key: Okay, you might need these:
’Written thoughts’

A/N: This was actually bugging me for a long while after I wrote chapter 40. Minerva found out a lot about Harry in chapter 40 that few others knew, and she was bound to be wondering about it, to be thinking about it. Also, the future of this fic makes me want to explore many of the professors more, so I’ve decided to write this. This isn’t only about Minerva thinking over the enigma that is Harry Potter or his relationship with the dangerous Marcus Brutús. This is a look into my Minerva McGonagall. You don’t have to read it, that’s your choice.
This, is not an amusing chapter…


Side Story Two - Minerva McGonagall


Minnie had always been fond of her father. He was the best person in the world, and a Gryffindor, through-and-through. He knew how to laugh and joke and play games. Everything. He was always fun, always merry. Minnie had never seen anything but a smile on his face, and she loved him all the more for it. He taught her how to laugh. He taught her how to smile. He taught her everything she could ever hope to learn about the world.

But laughter couldn’t last forever, not when wizards killed wizards and Muggles killed Muggles. Not when the world outside Minnie’s happy home was awash with blood.

Marius McGonagall died in an attack from Grindelwald in January of 1938. He died fighting for everything he believed in. He died for his daughter, his wife, his unborn son, his elder brother, his friends throughout the United Kingdom, everything.

‘He died smiling,’ Albus Dumbledore had said, when he came to the McGonagalls’ cottage to deliver the news that would change Minnie’s life forever.

Vanora McGonagall had never been a joyous woman, and any mirth she might once have had evaporated at the news of her husband’s death. She enforced the rules harshly.

‘There will be no laughter in my house!’ she’d yelled once at her daughter as Minnie played with little Reynold, laughing as he gurgled.

Minnie became Minerva and she’d learned not to smile by the time she got to Hogwarts. But, despite her moodiness, she was sorted into Gryffindor. And she was teased. She found solace in the library, often speaking with elder students rather than those in her own year, as they were so much more mature. Ravenclaws were her friends, and she even got along with a few Slytherins, which only estranged her further from her Housemates.

In Minerva’s fourth year, Headmaster Dippet held a dance around Christmas time, to help add to the cheer of all the students. They weren’t allowed to go home, you see, since Grindelwald was getting dangerously close to Scotland. To Hogwarts.

Minerva got up the courage and asked a seventh year Slytherin, whom she’d been quite taken with for almost a year, to go to the dance with her. He was one of the most popular students in the school, despite being a Slytherin, and was, in fact, Head Boy. His name was Tom Riddle, and he was gorgeous. Silky black hair that tumbled over gentle teal eyes. Full lips that could smile just as easily as they could scowl or frown, which they normally did. Tall and lean, he was every girl’s dream, and every girl in the school had probably asked him to go with them, but Minerva refused to let that get to her.

And, when she asked, he agreed! Minerva was so happy! She smiled the first true smile she’d smiled in a long time, and found herself receiving a smile in return.

He was her first, Tom Riddle. It wasn’t rape, she had asked, but she felt it might well have been. The next morning, he ignored her coldly in the Great Hall and in the hallways. When she finally confronted him, he only said: ‘I don’t consort with Gryffindor whores.’

Minerva was glad to see Riddle go at the end of that year.

In 1945, Grindelwald fell by the wand of Albus Dumbledore and the Transfiguration professor became world renowned. He was famous, and he was Minerva’s teacher, she couldn’t have been prouder.

In 1950, Armando Dippet stepped down from his post as Headmaster of Hogwarts and Albus Dumbledore was sworn in. The first thing Albus did was hire Minerva to teach his old subject, placing her in charge of Gryffindor House, much to her disgust, and even gave her the position of Deputy Headmistress. He said he trusted her, and that dark times were coming, time when he would need someone by his side that he trusted.

‘I won’t let you down, Albus.’

Almost twenty years after Minerva took her place as a teacher, she found herself faced with another girl who probably belonged in Ravenclaw, but had been sorted into Gryffindor. Lily Evans didn’t lack bravery, but she did tend to prefer her books to other people, especially those Marauders. So Minerva made it obvious to Lily that she was there, if ever the girl with those stunning green eyes needed a helping hand.

‘Thank you, Professor,’ the young girl had replied with a simple smile.

Lily never asked for Minerva’s help, not even when she was running from Voldemort, but she was stronger with her teacher’s un-erring support. They were friends and colleagues, facing the same horror, the same monster, Lord Voldemort.

Voldemort, the Dark Lord that could strike fear into even the hearts of those who’d lived through the darkest times of World War Two. Albus had always looked so sad when the Dark Lord was mentioned, Minerva noted, but she never really knew why. She wouldn’t learn until long after Lily Potter had died.

When the green-eyed wizarding saviour came to Hogwarts for the first time, Minerva found herself faced with a boy with a strong soul. He acted like a boy who had learned to be self-sufficient years prior, and it concerned Minerva. When she brought this to Albus’ attention, the Headmaster shook his head. ‘His family isn’t fond of him Minerva. But he is alive.’

‘There is a difference between alive in body and alive in soul, Albus.’

‘His soul isn’t broken. It will take more than a few harsh words to break that boy.’

So Minerva sat back and watched as Harry and his friend, Ronald Weasley, made friends with Hermione Granger, another Ravenclaw in the lion’s colours. And, when they told her about the danger facing the Philosopher’s Stone, she had to brush them off, because that is what Albus told her to do.

‘He must be prepared.’

‘He is a child!’

‘He is our only hope.’

‘Albus, you cannot place the hopes of the whole world on the shoulders of an eleven-year-old and just let him go with a smile!’

‘I don’t have a choice, Minerva.’

‘You always have a choice!’

‘You can’t understand this.’

‘Then explain it to me!’

‘You weren’t meant to understand this…’

And so Harry, Ronald, and Hermione travelled through the years, each time facing a harder and harder challenge, each time overcoming it. Minerva felt her heart cry out each time she saw her students come back alive. Hurt, but alive. She watched as Lily and James’ son grew from eleven to thirty in seven years. She watched as Harry Potter broke when his godfather died, and was put together again by Remus, Alastor, Tonks, and Kingsley. She watched from the sidelines as Albus shaped the young wizard into the weapon Harry was destined to be.

And she cried for the child that came from another child that she’d once called friend. She cried every time she saw those brilliant green eyes, so like his mother’s, yet so unlike them. Lily never knew the pain Harry knew. Lily could never see the thestrals in school, after all.


Minerva hadn’t trusted Marcus Brutús from the start, and Severus’ warnings about the man being a Death Eater only made her dislike him more. He reminded her too much of someone else she’d once known. And, every time she saw Harry with the wizard, she wanted to drag the young man away, but then she’d see the smile she’d thought he’d lost, and she couldn’t. She couldn’t deny that little bit of happiness to a boy who’d known so little.

And those were the very thoughts running through her head when Albus had visited her for tea the night Ronald Weasley had returned from St Mungo’s.

“I learned something interesting today, you know,” Albus started as he sipped at his tea.

Minerva sighed and looked at the Headmaster over the top of her cup. “What are you up to this time, Albus?”

“Did you know that we’ve had a student/teacher relationship going on right under our very noses this whole time?”

“No, or I would have told you. Albus, would please just tell me?” Minerva asked with a touch of exasperation. The man wouldn’t know the meaning of a straight answer even if it was spelled out for him.

“Harry Potter and Marcus Brutús,” Albus replied cheerfully.

Minerva froze, eyes widening in horror. “Are you sure?”

Albus frowned at her reaction. “Yes. Marcus told me when I backed him into a corner about it. They left my office arm-in-arm.” He shook his head, obviously guessing Minerva’s reaction. “Marcus Brutús is not Tom Riddle, Minerva. The two are nothing alike.”

“You don’t see the similarities like I do, Albus,” Minerva shot back, pursing her lips. “What will you do about those two?”

“I’m afraid I don’t have much of a choice. Harry’s threatened to pull himself from the school if I sack Marcus over this.”

“And, of course, we cannot lose Harry,” Minerva agreed with a sharp bite of sarcasm.

Albus frowned. “Minerva, please. I’ve told you my reasons-“ The wizard was cut off by a sharp knock on the door.

Minerva shot Albus a quick look, but he’d turn from her to pick out a biscuit from the tray between them. “Come in,” she called. Hermione stepped in, closely followed by Parvati Patil, then Ronald, then Harry. Hermione faltered when she saw Albus, but Harry just groaned. “Miss Granger. What can I do for you four?” Minerva asked to pull them back to their reasons for being in her office.

Hermione’s gaze hardened and she stepped forward to place Ronald’s wand on the professor’s desk. “I’d like to request you strip Ronald Weasley of his position as a Gryffindor Prefect. He is out of line.”

“Please explain what you mean by that,” Albus ordered, giving Hermione a stern look over the top of his glasses.

“He verbally attacked Harry with no cause. Seamus and Neville defended Harry and Ron told them that his fight was not with them, but Harry. Harry said that was a good thing, since he appeared to be the only one who could control Ron. Ron then tried setting Harry on fire with his magic. Harry defended himself and managed to disarm Ron,” Hermione explained quickly, appearing to fight tears which had gathered at the corners of her eyes.

Minerva gave Ronald a sharp look, once again seriously concerned for Harry. “This happened as she said?” Albus asked while he frowned at Harry and Parvati.

“Yes, sir,” Parvati agreed in a shaky voice. Minerva glanced over and noticed that the young woman was trembling.

Harry, on the other hand, appeared to be thinking Hermione’s quick words over for a long moment before nodding. “The important details are there.”

“Mr Weasley, what do you have to say for yourself?” Minerva demanded angrily.

“Harry threatened me when I got back to school today!” Ronald cried in defence.

“Mr Potter…” Minerva sighed with a touch of both annoyance and helplessness as she glanced at the dark-haired wizard who was leaning against the wall next to the door, looking rather bored at the proceedings. Minerva couldn’t help but inwardly cringe at the look, since she was sure he wasn’t really that bored.

“I told Ron that if he harmed any of my friends, I’d retaliate,” Harry replied coldly. “Which is the truth and, if you’ll recall, I have already done so, in the past. I found out Ron got Herm pregnant and we hung him up in the entrance hall. When he attacked Gin the first time, I got all the other Gryffindors to keep him from getting a seat. The second time he attacked Gin, I couldn’t do anything, as I wasn’t here, or I would have.”

Minerva shuddered as she recalled all of the different actions. Ronald had, apparently, lost Harry’s friendship with his various sins. Not that she blamed Harry. In fact, she probably would have done the same thing, had she been in his place.

“Even though you were at the Burrow often?” Albus asked seriously.

Harry shook his head with a slight frown. “I never touched Ron with malice of any kind between my suspension and his return to school.”

Ronald’s eyes widened in shock. “Not true! You punched me!” he shouted furiously.

“You called Gin my whore,” Harry replied coldly. “You deserved that one. Even Tonks agreed that was out of line.”

“My apologies,” Ronald spat, eyes blazing. “I should have said Professor Brutús. Or perhaps that’s the other way around.”

Harry’s eyes blazed at that, something else flickering behind the anger that caught Minerva off guard for a moment, leaving her speechless, while Harry responded to the accusation in a low voice that sent chills up the spines of everyone in the room, “Leave Marcus out of this.”

“That was out of line, Mr Weasley!” Minerva shouted angrily, having regained her voice. “Miss Granger, I agree with your call. Mr Weasley, you now have a detention with me every night next week.”

“Bu-“ Ronald started, turning to face her in shock.

“Shut up, Ron,” Harry ordered and Ronald’s mouth slammed shut. It was amazing how quickly the redhead would obey Harry’s commands. Of course, that could have been because he was terrified of the green-eyed wizard, not that Minerva blamed him.

Minerva shook her head to clear it of her thoughts and looked back at Hermione and Parvati. “Miss Granger, Miss Patil, do you have any idea which seventh year boy you’d like in Mr Weasley’s place?” she inquired, though she had a pretty good idea who they’d promote, and she knew she’d have no problems giving Harry the position of Prefect, despite his disregard for the rules.

Both Hermione and Parvati pointed at Harry, who blinked in surprise. “Me?” he inquired. Minerva was amazed that he hadn’t thought he’d be picked from the beginning.

“You’re the strongest wizard in Gryffindor,” Parvati said easily. “And you’re friends with people from every House.”

“As Gin pointed out two months ago,” Hermione added with a knowing smile, “if we ever want the opinion on something from the general population of Hogwarts within twenty-four hours, you’re the wizard to ask. If you actually knew how to behave yourself, I’d say you’d make a better Head Boy than Anthony.”

“But, you just pointed out that I can’t behave myself!” Harry complained. Minerva hid a smile at the muted laughter in his voice as he spoke.

“Well, you haven’t attacked Ron yet for insulting Marcus,” Hermione shot back lightly. “That martial arts training did wonders for your control.”

“Ha-ha. Funny,” Harry snorted, eyes darkening at the memory of his one-time best friend’s words.

“I find nothing wrong with this reasoning,” Minerva spoke up, not wanting to see that…whatever it was that had shot through Harry’s eyes before. “Headmaster?”

“I daresay that Harry would make a wonderful Prefect,” Albus said with a smile, eyes twinkling. He knew Minerva favoured Harry, though she’d never admit to it. “Mr Weasley, please hand over your badge to Mr Potter.”

Ronald stared at the Headmaster in a mixture of shock and horror. “But, sir, what about what Percy said?!” he cried, clutching at his badge, which Minerva just realized he hadn’t been wearing. In fact, he’d just pulled it from his pocket. “He could be working for You-Know-Who!”

Harry let out a frustrated sigh. “Not this again! I swear, if one more person says I’m working for Voldemort, I may go hang myself!”

“Please don’t,” Hermione muttered. “I rather like having you around.”

Minerva found herself agreeing with the Head Girl and found her temper rising at the young Wealsey. “That is enough, Mr Weasley!” she shouted. “Hand your badge over to Mr Potter.”

Minerva looked on in a mix of shock and horror as Ronald spun angrily and chucked the pin at Harry, sharp point facing the green-eyed teen. Harry winced as it impacted and his gaze quickly shot over to his left wrist, which Minerva couldn’t help but find peculiar, before he looked at where the pin had sliced through his skin, leaving a trail of bright red. “You know, Ron, I don’t like it when people try and poison me,” he murmured, eyes still on the cut. Minerva felt herself pale at these words and immediately aimed her wand at the pale redhead, just as Albus and Parvati had done. “Lucky for me I took precautions. Though, really, I didn’t think I’d need them for my friends.” He glanced up at the other four people in the room, eyes glazed over slightly, which concerned Minerva even more and made her want to order him to Poppy. “Permission to go to the Infirmary?” he inquired, making Minerva feel slightly better.

“Hand the pin to Miss Patil before you go,” Albus ordered sternly. Minerva saw the fear in the dark blue eyes, though, as Harry handed the poisoned pin to Parvati. She decided to take it upon herself to lose her temper at the redheaded wizard before Albus could.

Minerva waited only a moment after the door had fallen shut before refocusing on the horrified Weasley. “MR WEASLEY, THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR POISONING YOUR FELLOW STUDENTS!! THAT WAS UNACCEPTABLE AND DISGUSTING! WHAT HAVE YOU TO SAY FOR YOURSELF?!” she shouted while Parvati handed the Prefect pin to Albus quietly.

Ronald just stood there, staring at her, with his mouth open in shock and knees quaking in terror. “I-I-I-“

“Well?” Hermione demanded sternly, despite the tears on her cheeks.

“…Failed…” Ronald crumpled to the floor in a dead faint.

“He was serious about killing Harry?” Parvati whispered, voice laced with fury, as Hermione buried her face in her hands, shoulders shaking violently.

“It appears so,” Albus said regrettably, taking off his spectacles to rub at the bridge of his nose. “I had not anticipated this.”

“You don’t seem able to anticipate much of anything,” Parvati bit out coldly, shocking Minerva into looking up at the normally bright and happy girl. The young witch’s dark eyes blazed at the Headmaster.

“Parvati…” Hermione whispered.

“No. Look here, Professor Dumbledore. Harry’s one of my best friends and you keep putting him in danger, intentionally or not. You’re supposed to be here to protect the students, but you’re doing a piss-poor job of it. It’s a good job Harry’s such a strong guy, or he wouldn’t be here anymore,” Parvati said coldly, eyes never leaving Albus’ darkening blue eyes.

Albus stood, anger radiating off of him in waves. “Do you dare-“

“Yes, you mad old coot, I dare to speak to you in such a manner. If not for another person’s forethought, Harry Potter would be dead right now,” Parvati cut in, ignoring the strangled sound that Hermione made. “Let me tell you, sir, that, if Harry had died, I’d be blaming you. In fact, I am blaming you, for putting Harry at risk at all! Ron should have been expelled, not suspended, for making Gin mute! He’s dangerous!”

“Miss Patil, that is enough,” Minerva slid in gently when the girl paused to take a breath. Parvati had appeared to have calmed down a bit, having yelled all her fury out.

“I’m not fin-“ Parvati started.

Hermione slammed a hand over Parvati’s mouth, cutting her off. “You are too,” she hissed before whispering something into the other witch’s ear. Parvati nodded and Hermione let her go.

“I apologize for my outburst,” the Prefect said coolly, meeting Albus’ gaze without flinching, despite the anger still dancing in the cold blue eyes.

Albus held Parvati’s gaze for a long moment before looking away with a whisper of a curse. Minerva couldn’t help but give the gossiper an appraising look. She knew Albus well enough to know that he’d used the eye contact to use Legilimency, which meant that his curse was because he couldn’t read the girl, not because his anger had not given her pause. She wondered if Harry had been giving the DA lessons in Occlumency last year, like Alastor said he’d once threatened to do.

“Sir?” Hermione slipped in softly.

Albus turned to her with a kind smile. “Yes, my dear child?”

Hermione made a brief face before pasting a calm look on her lips. “What will you do with Ronald?”

Albus pursed his lip. “I shall send him to the Ministry for trial, of course.”

“Are you expelling him?” the Head Girl pressed without seeming to.

Albus gave the bushy-haired witch an appraising look. “Would this be you hinting I should?”

“No, that was me asking what you’re planning to do. If you’d like me to tell you what to do, I can,” Hermione replied in an innocent voice.

Minerva wanted to laugh. Harry’s been rubbing off on all of them!

Albus turned to Minerva with a smile. “Minerva?”

The Deputy Headmistress frowned. “Albus, I have been telling you for a month and a half now that we should have expelled Mr Weasley. My thoughts on this matter are the same now as they were then.”

Albus nodded. “Then we agree.” He turned back to the two young witches, both of whom were giving their professors looks that Minerva couldn’t decipher. “Mr Weasley will be expelled.”

“Thank you, sir,” Hermione responded, nodding her head. “Is it alright if Parvati and I go down to the hospital wing to see if Harry’s still there?”

“I think that can be allowed. Minerva, why don’t you go with them while I take care of Mr Weasley?” Albus agreed.

“Of course. I have to give him his pin, anyway,” Minerva agreed, stepping out from behind her desk to join her students at the door. “Good evening, Albus.”

“Good evening, Minerva, Misses Granger and Patil,” Albus agreed.

Hermione nodded politely while Parvati swept from the room coldly. Hermione followed her fellow student and Minerva brought up the rear, closing the door behind them.


As the three witches entered the hospital wing, Minerva saw Harry wrapped up in Marcus’ arms, eyes closed. The teen looked well enough, Poppy had obviously fixed him up, but Marcus looked like he wanted to kill someone. Minerva guessed Ronald, and she couldn’t help but be surprised that he truly appeared to care. Perhaps Albus is right. Perhaps Marcus Brutús is nothing like Tom...

“Harry? Are you okay?” Hermione asked as Minerva, who was still bringing up the rear, allowed the door to close behind them softly.

“He’s fine, physically,” Marcus murmured, gazing up at the Head Girl calmly. “It’s emotionally I’m concerned about.”

Hermione’s eyes widened sharply. “Oh, God, I’d forgotten. Harry-“

“I’m fine, Herm,” Harry sighed, opening his eyes and glancing up at her. “And, personally, I’d rather you forgot about that.”

Minerva frowned in confusion as Hermione climbed onto the bed and settled herself next to Marcus, hugging Harry gently. “What is it?” she asked.

“Don’t,” Harry whispered as Marcus opened his mouth.

The Defence professor settled a hand over Harry’s mouth and shot the Deputy Headmistress a piercing look that set Minerva on edge. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. “His cousin raped him the summer between his fifth and sixth years. He’s still not quite over it,” Marcus replied coldly. “And don’t you dare bite me, you viper.” Harry closed his eyes in defeat.

Minerva looked on in appalled horror as Parvati climbed into the bed to also hug Harry. Is this why he’s always so sad? I thought it was all Sirius, but, a rape? How did he stay so happy? And how come I never noticed? None of us did! Minerva cried mentally as she worked on finding her voice and keeping the pity that she knew Harry would not be grateful for out of it when she did finally speak. “How come you never told any of us, Potter?”

“I didn’t want anyone to know,” Harry muttered painfully. “Marcus found out on accident.”

Minerva gave her least favourite colleague a sharp look. “I’ll bet he did.”

“I don’t want to hear it,” Marcus shot back coldly. “You’re not either of our mothers and we’re both old enough to make our own choices.”

Harry giggled, recovering amazingly quickly, though Minerva had to admit that he’d gotten rather good at that over the years. “You sound like you’ve been caught doing something wrong.”

Minerva couldn’t help but smile and found that she wasn’t the only one as Marcus scowled. “Yup, you’re fine. Off you go to terrorize the first years.”

“Do I look like Professor Snape to you?” Harry inquired, kissing Marcus’ chin. “Stupid.”

“Black hair, beady eyes, temper like a tsunami… I dunno, you fit the description pretty well,” Marcus teased. Hermione and Parvati pulled away from their friend to giggle helplessly while Minerva let herself chuckle with Poppy.

Harry twisted in the elder wizard’s embrace and frowned at him. “Hugs are nice, but I want a kiss,” he informed the man, making Minerva want to laugh outright.

“What are you, two?” Marcus sighed before bowing his head and crushing his mouth to Harry’s. The teen responded to the kiss with what looked to be practised ease, slipping his arms around Marcus’ neck. Minerva watched on with a sad smile, desperately hoping, once again, that this man was nothing like the one she’d gone to a dance with all those years ago. Marcus pulled away from the kiss with a smile, which Minerva couldn’t recall ever seeing before, and Harry rested his head against the man’s chest peacefully. “Do me a favour and don’t fall asleep on me this time.”

“Stuff it, bastard,” Harry replied, making Minerva want to laugh again. The young man wasn’t only short with the Headmaster and Severus, it appeared.

“Help?” Marcus asked, glancing up at Minerva and Poppy, who’d come to stand next to the Head of Gryffindor House.

“My patients get all the comfort they desire,” Poppy informed the Defence teacher lightly.

“And lots of light,” Harry added with a twinge of annoyance in his voice.

“That too,” The mediwitch agreed happily. “It helps me figure out when someone wakes up. The first thing they do is cover their eyes or groan.” Minerva bit her lip to keep from smiling at Poppy’s excuse.

“I’m tempted to wish a blind patient on you,” Harry informed the mediwitch, glancing back at her.

“Loud music,” Parvati offered in a rather evil voice. “The first thing they’ll do is cover their ears.”

“Ooh, lovely.” Hermione giggled. “Then, maybe, Madame Pomfrey can turn down the lights.” Everyone laughed, even Harry.

“Better?” Marcus asked gently once everyone had calmed back down.

“Yes, thank you.” Harry nodded, smiling sincerely.


“I’m over it, Marcus,” Harry said, poking the professor’s side.

“I think I’m allowed to worry about you,” Marcus replied, kissing Harry’s scar. Minerva found the action rather endearing and fought a smile as she pulled a chair over to sit next to the bed, her feet tired.

“Professor, what’s going to happen to Ron?” Harry inquired, looking over at Minerva.

“He’s been expelled,” Minerva replied evenly, having expected the question already. “And I believe he’s being sent to the Ministry for questioning. That poison should have killed you,” she added, frowning at him in concern.

“I know.” Harry fingered something that Minerva couldn’t see on his wrist. “I’ll have to thank Dray again.” The Deputy Headmistress gave him a questioning look. “He got us all charms that protect against most fatal poisons. It was a tag team gift from him, Pan, ‘Bini, and Ted. The poison charm has saved my life at least twice now.”

Great Merlin... Forethought indeed! Minerva thought in shock. Wait, is that why he glanced at his wrist before?

“When was the other time?” Hermione whispered, eyeing her friend in concern.

“The day I got suspended.” Harry shrugged, as if it was an everyday occurrence. “Someone poisoned my butterbeer when I had lunch with Molly and Arthur.”

“Oh, God. Why didn’t you tell us?” Hermione asked, tears in her eyes.

“I kinda got back and got suspended, Herm. And it wasn’t really that big a deal, I don’t suppose.” He glanced back down at the spot on his wrist. “Bleeding life saver.”

“I still don’t like that it’s a bracelet,” Marcus announced. Hermione, Parvati, and Harry all traded amused looks.

“Marcus, you’re the only one who can see it, so stop whining,” Harry berated the man, grasping Marcus’ wrist and tugging on something invisible.

“Then how come you know where it is?” Marcus asked suspiciously. Minerva found herself starting to smile. They were cute, she had to admit.

“Because I have one just like it and there’s only so far it’ll go up your wrist, you bastard,” the green-eyed wizard replied philosophically, letting the invisible thing go. “And, if you hadn’t fought with me about it, I wouldn’t have been the one to put it on you and might not know which wrist you were wearing it on. It’s your own fault.”

“I hate your logic,” Marcus decided, resting his chin on the top of Harry’s head. “Wait, you’re a Prefect now, aren’t you?”

“Speaking of,” Minerva pulled a new Prefect pin from one of her robe pockets and handed it over to Harry carefully. “I’m sure you can act responsibly, Mr Potter.” She gave him a stern look that she knew, from experience, wouldn’t affect him in the least.

“We’re doomed,” Marcus groaned as Harry pinned the badge onto his school robe. The teen elbowed the man holding him calmly once the pin was safely fastened. “Abuse of authority!”

“Oh, come on, Marcus. You’re a teacher, for crying out loud. Surely you can stop me from elbowing you if you really want me to stop.”

He has a point. Minerva thought, fighting another smile. She couldn’t remember the last time she’d smiled this much.

Marcus scowled. “And I say it again: I hate your logic.”

The ward exploded with laughter.


Minerva returned to her room that night with a spring in her step that hadn’t been there since her father had died. She immediately Flooed her brother, needing another person’s opinion. “Hey, Rey,” she called.

Reynold McGonagall glanced up from the book he’d been reading and gave his elder sister a brilliant smile. “Minnie. You’re smiling.”

Minerva blinked a few times, realizing she was. “I am, aren’t I? I’ll be damned…”

“What brought this on?” Reynold inquired with a curious glint in his dark eyes.

“I’ve told you about Harry Potter and his sense of humour,” Minerva offered.

Reynold nodded. “And what has Mr Potter done this time? Decorated the Great Hall in Slytherin colours, or Hufflepuff?”

Minerva allowed a quick chuckle. “No, no. He was just talking to Marcus, teasing him, actually.”

“I thought you didn’t like Marcus, Minnie,” the younger McGonagall said, frowning slightly.

“I don’t. He reminds me too much of Tom Riddle,” Minerva agreed, ignoring the ugly sneer that took over her younger brother’s face and went on. “But I’m starting to wonder if Marcus is really all that bad…”

“Minnie, you’re not one for changing your mind without a good reason. What is it?”

“Rey, Harry and Marcus are dating,” Minerva started, noting her brother’s startled look. “And Marcus seems to really truly care for Harry. They seem to get along like you and Jeff get along. I can’t think of Marcus like I think of Tom anymore. And I think I’m starting to enjoy his company...”

“Minnie! Minnie!” Reynold grabbed Minerva’s attention again as she spaced out slightly and gave her a sharp look. “I don’t know Marcus Brutús personally, so I’m just going on what you’ve told me, okay?” Minerva nodded. “I think you should still be careful around him, after all, Tom was nice to you too, but you might want to try and get to know him better. You cannot make any judgments until you have more to work with. You taught me that.”

Minerva nodded glumly. “He’s a very private person, Rey. I don’t know how I’ll be able to get closer to him. To get to know him better, I mean.”

Reynold offered his sister a reassuring smile. “You’ll find a way, Minnie, just like always. It might take a while, but I know you’ll find a way.”

“You have too much confidence in me,” Minerva said sternly.

Reynold’s dark eyes glittered with mischief. “You say that now because you have no confidence in yourself. You’ll see.”

“Oh, fine.” Minerva rolled her eyes in annoyance, which made her brother laugh happily. “Thank you for your wisdom,” she added sarcastically.

“Of course! It’s as good as Albus Dumbledore’s, don’t you know!”

That explains everything.” Minerva snorted. “Very well. Good night, Rey.”

“Good night, Minnie,” Reynold replied and Minerva left him to his book.

“Get close to him, he says. Easier said than done…”


A/N: That, actually, came out a bit differently than I’d originally intended, but I do like it. Good thing, that. *nods* This should help me with a few things, actually. Writer’s block and all that, you know…


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