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While I’m over here (& responding to a backlog of reviews, which reminded me that people are asking about the sequel again) I figure I should maybe make an actual post about when people should expect to see We All Need Saving.

So, first things first, I signed up for, foolishly decided to do...way too much shit this summer. Which is pretty much the entire reason for the delay. (Sorry.) My FMA big bang piece is done (and will be posted eventually; we got an extension because rl hit one of my artists), and my 1st wave FMA fandom challenge piece is... I’m working on it. (It’s almost done. Like, another 3-4 scenes. 7K or so. Easy shit.) I’m also signed up as a 3rd wave writer, which is another 5K piece, but that shouldn’t be too hard to knock out. I hope.
Ship Week wise... RoyEd & Hyuroi Weeks are out of the way. I want to write at least one piece for AlMei Week next week, and I have a list of shit I wanna do for RarePair Week in a few more weeks, which... Well. We’ll see.
(Also need to work on those short ficlets for holiday cards, but I’m hoping those will go quick, since I’d like them to be short enough to fit on a single sheet of printer paper. Yeah, good luck, oh monster-length writer Bats. XP)


I intend to get back to We All Need Saving in October sometime. (There’s... idk, probably about a quarter of it already written. Including one side scene.) If the muse is agreeable, I might have it edited to start posting by the end of November, but, honestly, best not to expect it until closer to the new year. (End of November-end of December is always a bit crazy for me, because holidays. Ugh.)

I think that’s all the important stuff?

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So, I've been off and on working on the next chapter of The Perfect Sky is Torn, but not much else. Okay, little lie. I've been working some on a Merlin fic and and Persona 4 fic, and even a Persona 3/Harry Potter crossover, but since none of them are posted anywhere...
I'm a terrible author. Yes, I am. But there was Stargate, and then Farscape, and then the P4 anime and Digimon Xros Wars, which led to Digimon Adventure Zero Two and...

*clears throat*

Anyway. Real reason I popped in: [ profile] tsuki_no_suzu sorta, kinda, without much trying, talked me into getting a Twitter. You can harass follow me at LadyMarvolo, if that is your wish. I'd have gone for Batsutousai, but some Japanese person took it first. ;.;

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Xerosis shall be going yet another week – two weeks? – without an update. And by that, I mean it won't be updated in two days. Whoops?
On the up side, I wrote an entire fic in two weeks. *grin* And now that bunny is out of the way, I should be able to focus on Xerosis again. So....
Next week. I'll aim for an update next week.

Also, meme. That I stole from [ profile] eaivalefay. (Again.)
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So, since I mentioned the eighth in my last chapter, I thought I should show up and dash everyone's hopes of an update tomorrow. Such an evil, evil authoress I am, yes...

Anyway, yeah, no update tomorrow. Albus was giving me fits – I fucking hate writing Albus, I swear, but he's a bit necessary – and then this HP/FFVIII crossover I alerts ages ago randomly updated and I got the mad urge to finally finish FFVIII - I've only had the game for, what, nine years now? - which has sort of petered off at the edge of Ultimecia's castle – the farthest I've ever got in this game, to my unending shame – but I fully intend to finish it. Damnit.

Right. < /FF rant> Ya'll don't care about it anyway. ^.^"

So, bottom line is, no update tomorrow. Not sure about next week, but unless I magically get awesome-inspired/Albus gets his wand out of his ass, it's looking like it'll be a couple weeks. Sorry, luvs.

My feet are cold... *wanders off to find socks*
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So, I flipped the calendar page on Monday and realised that I was supposed to have a chapter ready to post in three days and I had nothing. I had research to do and a couple of kinks to work out and...

Anyway. I spent all day in Monday fighting with chapter nine. By the time [ profile] tsuki_no_suzu got home at 23:30, I was about in tears and no closer to finishing the chapter than I had been when she left. She made me put it away and get out of the house and I felt a bit better, but I was still in no frame of mind to tackle the chapter again.

After a day spent away from that chapter, I'm feeling much better, but even if I spent the next 36 hours working on it, there's no way I could finish it and get it through my betas in time to post it on Thursday.

So. Xerosis will NOT be posted tomorrow.

I know, I know. I promised. [ profile] magickmaker17 made a nice joke about how I start promising dates and am unable to deliver. *sigh*
Well, this is me, not delivering again. I'm sorry, really I am. I will do my absolute damnedest to get that chapter out next Thursday, but I won't make any promises. Really should know better by now.

Hang tight. I'm not abandoning this, it's just not going to be posted tomorrow. And I am really, truly sorry about that.
Here's hoping I'll see everyone next Thursday.
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So, I haven't been working on chapter eight. Got really ticked off after a ka-billion people cited an apparent Sailor Moon reference. >.<

'Neeway. No chapter tomorrow. Next week.
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Sorry. Meant to post this earlier, but Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep is mind-bogglingly distracting, and I've only just gotten it, so... *shifty eyes*

Neeways, the bottom line is, I've got about 3,000 words written for chapter seven, which is not enough by the standards I've set for this fic, so it won't be updated this week. Next week, yes, even if I have to give [ profile] tsuki_no_suzu my PSP and have her tie me to my desk chair, you will get a chapter. Honest.

Right. I have to get up early tomorrow – okay, early by my standards – so I'm off to bed. I'll see some of you loonies on Monday for Fallen Night, but otherwise, see everyone next Thursday?
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Ah, glee.

So, I've started re-working Abandon, as I've been promising myself for a while now that I'd do. The first chapter is done and up. I've also decided I'd start posting all the chapters here at Lj, but I want to backdate it so it's put up on the date that I originally posted that chapter. So that means using reviews to date the chapters - curse you, FFN - unless some true psycho has all of the dates of the chapters logged.

I'm not holding my breath. Trust me.

I just sang a resounding chorus of Hermione Got Run Over By A Death Eater for mum and she said, "I think I need to go to bed, because you're starting to make sense". XD
On that note, I'm thinking of heading for bed myself.
Oyasumi nasai, minna-san!! *waves and runs*
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The basics:

My laptop's broke - the screen's having a shit-fit on me - and all my stuff's on it. I'm gonna make an effort to find the stuff I've got hidden somewhere to turn my hard drive to an external one so I can plug it into mum's laptop, which is the one I'm currently on and that I hate, by the way... 'Til that happens, don't expect a damn thing. -.-*

The Forgotten, To Be A Woman, and Their Secret Lives are all playing the funk game, as it were. Riddle's "Little" Problem and I were gettin' on great, until I started working again and my baby broke. T_T
Got a couple new fics that I'm in the process of - I need to stop doing this to myself - and I may or may not put up when I find that hard drive conversion thing. *mutters*

Merlin be damned, I have to work tomorrow. -.-*
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Haha. Veeeery funny. *dry*

I have a pile of homework attempting to shove itself down my throat, so I'm making this quick.

Added the list of all the translations of my fics and where you can find them.

Updated the guidelines.

The next chapter of To Be A Woman is at the beta, expect it soon. *crosses fingers*

The next chapter of The Forgotten is about halfway done, I should say. I keep getting distracted by a personal project and homework though, so don't hold your breath. XD

Couple Outtakes are in the works as we speak. I'll let you know when one or more of them go to the beta.

Next chapter of Their Secret Lives is stuck in a plothole, I don't have time to work on it though, so it will have to wait. I'll think on it until then. ^.^"

Riddle's "Little" Problem has had some work on it, but it's got a small wall in the way - Hermione's being a pain. -.-

So, there you go! My computer's still not fixed, so all writing I do has to be done during Computer class, at work, or in the study room late at night. I'm working on it, here.

*much love and a bunch of Mardi Gras beads/necklaces*
~Bats ^.^x


28 Nov 2005 00:17
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Hey there, minna. Tis Bats. I am a bit dead(retail work during the beginning of the Christmas shopping season - you think I would have learned better two years ago. -.-*) so you'll have to excuse anything that makes little or no sense. *le sigh*

The response to Their Secret Lives was amazing. I'm absolutely floored. Thanks.
In response to some concerns about not knowing anything about D.N.Angel, I have scoped out a couple sites that will give you at least a brief idea of what happened in the storyline: Heavensent and Offramp.
It looks like the second one's a better place if you've no first clue, but the first one's got lovely fanart!! *hides from annoyed flist* Gomen! Gomen!! *offers up chocolate in consolation*

As for everything else.... ^.^"

Reclaim: I was just thinking yesterday that I should probably smack around the charaters a bit until I can drag out another chapter - lest my lovely fans think I am ignoring them. *looks slightly shamed* Uhm, yeah, I haven't even attempted arguing with this of late, honestly. I fresh out of ideas. Maybe some Outtakes will keep me from being eaten... -.-

The Forgotten: Pretty much in the same condition as Reclaim, but I'm not as worried about being eaten if I put this to the side for another month or so...

Riddle's "Little" Problem: As if to prove exactly how little time I've had to write, part of the next chapter is written - and has been written for the past month-ish now. It's aggravating.

I'm dead tired, I really am, and I have class tomorrow morning. *glances at clock* Why am I still up? Oh, yeah.... Homework and cards.... *sighes* I hate retail. I got nothing done on my week off.

I think I have a new chapter of Their Secret Lives sitting around on my computer. I have an offer from someone to beta - I might send it to them, I might not. Thinks will happen as they happen.

For now, I'm going to get to work on that homework.
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*waves* I'm back and much more cheerful than the last update. I have a midterm tomorrow and another on Friday, though. Bit stressed here.... *nervous look*


Reclaim: Uh.... Someone smack Mad-Eye, he's holding things up. -.-

The Forgotten: Should be up, uh, soon... *taps chin* Hells Bitch got it back to me, er, yesterday? What's the date again? *worried look* I need to fiddle with it a bit, but I hope to get it up some time tomorrow.
Also! The Forgotten has gotten it's first flame!! I'm so proud of it. *pets her fic*
I laughed at the flame, too. It was complaining about Doo's name and his unbalanced emotional state... *giggles* Then it was commented that the flamer hoped I wasn't like Doo, lest I throw myself off a bridge. I was highly amused. Too bad they didn't leave an email address, I'd like to tell them that they're a good three years late if they wanted me to commit suicide over a flame.

Of Angels and Demons: Wheeeee!! I've been working on this one a lot lately, since my writer's block died. I hope to have it finished within another week or so, but I have to wait until [ profile] magickmaker17 has the chance to beta it, since she's already betaed half of it and she called it months ago. *sticks tongue out at her other, various betas*

Riddle's "Little" Problem: I should have the next chapter up in a day or two. *amused look*
And you all are sooooooooooooooo going to hate me next chapter. XD

Am posting all my stuff up at HP Fandom since TSS has gone down.

Sooooooo.... I think I'm gonna go make myself some Ramen, 'cause I'm kinda hungry and I must stay up to study for my American Cinema's midterm. *facepalm* I should have studied earlier.... T.T
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Alas, there will be no Reclaim update this week. I got side-tracked with Riddle's "Little" Problem for the first part of break, then had a couple emotional breakdown-ish issues and haven't been fit for much of anything but a couple pet projects that'll probably never see the public, so may suck as they wish.

I'll try and get the next chapter of The Forgotten up ASAP, as well as throw up the next chapter of Riddle's "Little" Problem(The chapters are all really short, so writing it has proven to be easy and rather fun, actually).

I didn't get enough sleep last night and I'm supposed to be in class right now, but the rain isn't helping my emotional status right now, so I might just go lay down until work tonight.

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Well, I've come down with another cold. I think I need sleep. Yeah... Sleep would be nice... *sighes*

The next chapter of The Forgotten is at the beta. I have hopes for its return sooner, rather than later.

I have gotten past my touch of writer's block with the last part of the Of Angels and Demons triliogy and shall get to work on it as soon as I feel up to it. Probably not till later this weekend, if at all this weekend. -.-*

Next chapter of Reclaim is written, I just have to send it off to beta. I hope to have it up on time for Weds.

And that's about it!! I've got a Wa² meeting to go to tonight, so I'll head on out now! ^.~
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My room's kinda starting to resemble a war-zone. O.O I've only been here for three weeks!! *sighes helplessly* But, hey, I've got a printer! *amused look* And no way to connect it to my computer. *headdesk*


Eheheheh.... ^.^" I think I mighta forgotten ahead of time to forwarn everyone that chapter 10 could take some time? It's, err, spent the last, like, two months on the same paragraph. *sweatdrop* I tried working on it earlier today and just kinda...stared.... Bit of a block going on there. I'll work on it. -.-*

Reclaim's next chapter is at the beta. She's gonna have trouble getting to it, but I hope to have it by the 7th, so it can be up on Weds, as per usual. As for the following chapter? Only half written. Not much free time around here. *sad sigh*

Of Angels and Demons - Part three's getting a little further along, though, again, no real time to write it, and I need a whole back-story for Voldemort in this part, too, which is proving to be more difficult that previously expected. I'll spend some time working on that in Psych tomorrow. XD

Wow. I, actually, think that's all the fics I'm working on right now!! *amused look* I'm sooooooo glad Salir's done, even if the rest of you miss it. XD

Night, minna. I have class at 9am tomorrow and I got very little sleep last night. Perhaps I should take a nap? ^.^"
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Sorry it's been so long.(4 weeks... O.O)

Computer troubles and a generally overworked schedule have taken over my soul. -.-*
Speaking of, I have to work today, so I'll make this quick.


Chapter 3 of Reclaim is finished, I just have to had the disk it's on over to my beta and have her beta it for me. Once that's done, it should be up quickly.

Chapter 9 of The Forgotten has been betaed for a while, I've just been too busy/lazy to code it and get it up. I have tomorrow off, I'll try and do it then. Chapter 10, though, is being an ass, and, as such, probably will be a while.

I nearly had a panic attack a while ago when I thought I'd totally lost the last part of the Of Angels and Demons series, but I managed to find it again right before my computer broke this last time. It's not complete, yet, but I'll certainly get back to work on it. ^.~"
On that note, the tentative title for the 3rd and last part is Humans' Wings, just so you know. ^.^ Watch me change it later... ^.^"

'Til later, minna!!
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Last time I bug you all for a while. ^.^"

By now it should be appearant that the last chapters of both Abandon and Salir are posted. As is a teaser for Reclaim.

Now, otherwise:

The next chapter of The Forgotten is, as I said last update, finished. I realized after putting up both Abandon and Salir that I had yet to code The Forgotten and spent half a moment staring at it dumbly.
Basically, I said screw it all, I'll worry about it later. *sighes* Gomen. I was just too tired to argue with the coding. -.-

The last part of the Of Angels and Demons series was going great. Until I lost half of the fic. -.-* I think I deleted it accidently. I've got it backed-up on my USB flash drive, but that thing's acting funky and I'm afraid it may have broken. -.-*
Cross your fingers about that second half, 'cause I really don't have the time to re-write the whole thing from memory. >.<*

Other than all that....
I broke down and bought this account a paid account, even though I'd sworn not to. I got sick and tired of only having 3 icons to pick from. -.-* Now I have 15(The icon whore that I am... ^.^"). Ah well.
Life's okay. Hecktic, but okay. What'd you expect? *amused look*
Now, it's 5am here and I have to "get up" at 8 so I can spend 3-4hours in a car on the way up to see my godparents. Joy. *dry look*

See everybody later!! Enjoy the fic updates!! XP


21 Jun 2005 17:22
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So, I realized earlier that, unless you're able to read [ profile] noagirl, you probably think I'm dead. ^.^"

Well, the good news is, I'm not dead.

Uhm, up and coming/the recent past in my life:

  • My grandma's breast cancer's acting up again. We think we're gonna lose her soon.
  • Lost one of our cats last week. Was hell.
  • Took two finals yesterday, tomorrow's graduation rehersal, Friday's graduation.
  • My job is eating my life. I'd like my free-time back now. -.-*

Now that you're all caught up on that.....


*snort* Aha. Ahaha! *falls over laughing*
Seeing as I've barely had time to blink at a computer, let alone work on any fics, don't be expecting that anytime soon.

*starts laughing hysterically*
See above.

The Forgotten:
Uhm... There is, actually, a full chapter of this written. Has been written for quite a while now. Have been meaning to put it up for weeks, but, everytime I get even half a chance, that chance disappears in a nice little puff of sparkily blue smoke. -.- I make no promises, but I'll try to get it out on Thursday.

I have nothing to do on Thursday, as of yet, so I'll take a bit of time to blink at these three fics.

Hang tight, my friends. I'm working on it. ^.~
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Dude, I love my Abandon readers. Even if I get ticked off at them all every once in a while, I still adore them. *dies of adoration overload*

I love you guys.

Update notes:

Abandon has that nice little note of me blowing my top. *sweatdrop* I'm better now, though, so I'm here to say I'm not really mad at anyone!! *sweatdrops some more*

Ahhhh!! I meant to get The Forgotten up as soon as I got home this afternoon but I took a few pills for my cold and was out like a light before I got the chance!! *headdesk* Sorry!!
I swear I'll get it out tomorrow!!
*no stress*


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