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Title: Abandon & Reclaim Outtakes
Author: [ profile] batsutousai
Beta: Myself, since it's Fri night/Sat morning and I don't feel like arguing with others over this right now - or anytime in the near future, to be honest.
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort), Seamus/Blaise, Ginevra/Theodore, post-Ron/Hermione, Salazar/Godric
Warnings: Same warnings for the original Abandon and Reclaim, really. General insanity, slash, het, OOC-characters, etc… No sex for these, though, I think. These are more meant for fun than anything else.
Summary: Ever wonder what happens with all the other characters in Abandon and Reclaim that aren’t Harry or Tom? Did Gin ever kiss Ted in the Great Hall? What did Minerva think about the relationship between Harry and Tom? Here are those tales, and more!

Key: Okay, you might need these:
’Written thoughts’

A/N: Dragged from chapter 5 of Reclaim. There were a number of requests for this one(don't ask me names, I've long since forgotten) and I thought it would be kinda fun to write. Needless to say, it took a tich longer than expected. *pouts* But it's done now!


Side Story Three - Minerva McGonagall(Again)


"This is rather nice, actually..." Minerva murmured, looking around the entrance hall of the manor with a touch of awe. She never would have guessed that Marcus' family was so rich.

"Yes," Severus agreed softly.

A loud 'pop' told them of the appearance of a house-elf, who bowed to both professors respectfully. "The Masters and their guests are in the dining hall. Shall Kitty lead professors there?"

"No need, Kitty. I know where it is," Severus responded kindly.

The house-elf bowed and disappeared, leaving Severus to lead the way for his co-worker. The two stepped through the halls together, Fawkes flying smoothly along behind them.

As they were approaching the door of the dining hall, Minerva froze upon hearing the word, "No," in a voice she well recalled. Tom Riddle?!

"I hate you," Harry's voice carried, followed by a dull 'thunk'.

Minerva hurried forward to step into the room that the sounds were coming from, but Severus' hand snapped out, ending her movement with a sharp jerk. "Severus!" Minerva hissed furiously.

"It's not what you think," Severus hissed back a breath before Riddle said, "Do me a favour and don't throw your silverware at me."

Minerva and Severus traded incredulous looks before both poking their heads around the door frame in time to see Harry throw his napkin at Riddle, shouting, "Shut up!"

"Harry..." Hermione's voice caught Minerva's attention and her eyes snapped over towards the young woman. She realized, with a touch of shock, that the table was filled with people who she'd always trusted as being Light.

It was Riddle's sudden movement, rather than Harry's angry voice, which pulled Minerva's attention away from her thoughts and sent her hand directly to her wand. Minerva was ready to attack the Dark Lord when Riddle grabbed Harry, holding him back from attacking anyone else - seeming to have no thought for himself. It was that selfless act that stayed Minerva's hand and allowed her to calm down and just watch the scene play out as Fawkes took up a position on her shoulder.

A double Calming Charm from Remus and Sirius forced Harry to end his struggles. Silence cut through the air, clearing the way for the following, "I hate you..."

Riddle knelt before Harry, surprising Minerva with the ease with which he did so. "Now, what's wrong?"

"Leave me alone," Harry replied moodily, causing Minerva to smile faintly. Only Harry could negate the effects of two strong Calming Charms.

"Not until you tell me what's wrong," Riddle replied, a touch of concern dancing through his voice. It was a tone Minerva could never recall having heard from the man before.

"None of your business." Minerva quite agreed with her friend and once-student on that sentiment.

"It's plenty of my business. I love you and I'm concerned. Please tell me what's wrong?" Minerva felt her breath catch at the amount of emotion sliding through the voice of the man she'd so constantly cursed. This was not the same man she'd dated in school.

"I don't need your concern. I don't need anyone's concern," Harry grumbled, pulling away from the hand Riddle had placed on his cheek.

"Ah. And why's that?"

Harry turned his head to one side.

"No, don't look away from me," Riddle ordered softly, taking Harry's chin in one hand and turning his face back around. "Why don't you think you need anyone's concern?"

"...never needed it before..."

"Ah, yes. The Dursleys." Minerva gasped with the others in the room and her eyes widened. How bad had Harry's childhood really been? "Harry, listen to me. No one in this room is anything like the Dursleys and we'll all worry about you, whether you like it or not. Things will go much smoother if you'd just stop fighting all of us for a while and let us help." Minerva nodded firmly, purposely forgetting that she was agreeing with Tom Riddle, of all people.

"I don't need-"

"Yes, you do," Riddle interrupted.

"I don't want your-"

Minerva had enough of Harry's self-hate. "Don't even consider finishing that sentence," she ordered, stepping fully into the room. She felt Severus follow her, but her eyes were locked on Harry's defeated-looking form. She waited until he met her eyes before continuing, "Whether you want our help or not is not of any significance here, Harry. We're going to be taking care of you whether you like it or not. And, seeing as how Riddle is so determined to help you, I doubt you've ever had a choice."

Harry's eyes widened and he shot forward, hugging Riddle tightly. "Don't hurt him, Minnie!"

Riddle wrapped his arms around Harry and sighed, "Harry, calm down."

"No!" Harry turned pleading eyes on Minerva. "You can't turn him in! I won't let you!"

Minerva felt herself freeze in place. Had she missed something? Obviously this Tom Riddle was not that same as the one she'd been in school with, but had he changed enough to deserve her- No, this wasn't about Riddle or the past. This was about Harry and the current-

Severus nudged Minerva from behind and she realized that Harry was panicking to get her to not hurt Riddle. "I'm not going to hex anyone," she whispered, horrified by the reaction her co-worker had to her presence. All the same, she couldn't stop the barb, "Not yet, anyway," from slipping from her lips.

Severus groaned behind her. "Harry, calm down or you'll be force-fed another Dreamless Sleep."

Harry relaxed almost immediately in response to the threat. "Leave me alone."

Riddle let out a sigh and sat back on the floor, Harry held in his lap. The position was so unlike him that Minerva almost laughed. "You're better now, right? You won't try and get up and fight anyone, right?" Riddle inquired.

Harry scowled. "Shut up."

"Just checking." Riddle glanced over at where Minerva and Severus still stood. "Severus, Minerva, lovely to see you both," he offered in a worn voice that Minerva had only heard once before - the day after his last NEWTs exam. "Feel free to sit down."

Minerva and Severus both settled in open seats and Minerva gave Riddle a cold look. "I should drag you in, though," she pointed out evenly.

"Please, Minerva, do us all a favour and don't get Harry all riled up again," Severus grumbled, looking over at her with the look he usually reserved for students.

Minerva frowned and voiced her thoughts in the most neutral manner that she could manage. "I'm a bit curious as to why there are five Order members, other than myself, sitting here who aren't worried about the fact that You-Know-Who's in the same room."

"Perhaps because we're not as tied to the Order as some might like to think," Hermione hissed. The look she gave Minerva was filled with venom and it made Minerva feel like she'd just lost some thing precious. Perhaps Hermione's friendship, or at least her trust.

"Hermione..." Remus frowned at the brunette.

"I deduced that fact myself, actually," Minerva offered dryly.

"Well, aren't you brilliant," Riddle muttered rudely as he moved both himself and Harry back into the chair Harry had been seated in originally. Harry was clutching the Dark Lord possessively and scowling at everyone, though mostly Minerva.

'Harry, no one here is going to take Tom from you,' Ginny offered, frowning at her brother. 'Would you please relax?'

"Yeah. We won't let anything happen to old Voldie," Ula agreed. Minerva hid a smile at Harry's nickname for the Dark Lord. Her smile only widened when she saw Riddle's responding scowl.

"What have I told you about calling me that?"

Ula grinned. "Not to."

"It's nice to see my work in action," Harry smiled faintly, relaxing his grip on the man who's lap he sat on.

"Imp," Riddle declared with a smile.

Harry let his head rest on the man's shoulder and let out a yawn. "Tired..."

"Would you like to go to bed, then?" Riddle inquired, glancing down at Harry.

"I guess."

"I'll take him up," Sirius offered, standing.

Riddle gave the Animagus a wary look. "Poppy, why don't you go up with Black?"

Poppy let out a chuckle. "Of course, Tom."

Sirius rolled his eyes, but accepted Harry from Riddle without any comment, surprising Minerva. "Come on, pup. Say good night to all your friends."

Harry blinked. " 'Night, everyone."

"Good night, Harry," came the general reply.

Harry turned to Minerva suddenly and frowned. "Minerva?"

"Yes, Harry?" Minerva glanced up at the young man, surprised.

"He's not the man you knew in school. Please don't judge him as if he were."

Minerva fought to keep from doing something totally out of character, instead merely allowing, "Of course not."

Harry nodded. "That's all I can ask. Good night."

Sirius nodded to the room in general and walked out of the room, Poppy tailing him.

"...I don't think I want to know what he meant by that..." Riddle murmured in the silence.

"How's your head?" Hermione asked with a touch of concern.

Riddle blinked up at the witch, surprise written all over his face. "Fine. I have a very hard head." He smiled ruefully.

"A trait both you and Potter share," Severus offered dryly, earning him a laugh from the Dark Lord and grins from everyone else.

Minerva watched with surprise as the people around her got along easily with a man who they'd all disliked or feared at one time or another. Harry was, indeed, right when he'd said that Tom Riddle was not the man she'd known in school. The man she'd known in school would not have sat at a table with potential enemies or laugh when he was insulted. The man she'd known would never have taken having things thrown at him calmly, nor risked himself to calm another down. The man she'd known in school wouldn't have allowed his emotions to colour his voice, let alone show through on his face.

A knock on the doorframe made everyone freeze. Riddle frowned at the man in the doorway. "Yes?"

"My Lord." The man bowed, eyes turning towards Minerva.

The Dark Lord rose. "You'll have to excuse me," he offered before sweeping from the room with his servant.

"Does that happen often?" Minerva asked in the following silence, curious.

'No.' Ginny shook her head, frowning.

"Go," Hermione suggested.

Ginny nodded and hurried after the Dark Lord, face slipping into a chilled mask that made Minerva wonder how little she really knew about her students. "...well..." she breathed.

Remus let out a dry chuckle. "Perhaps we should explain?"

"No. No." Minerva held up her hands. "I think it's best that I don't know. I can't accidentally let anything that I don't know slip, now can I?" she attempted to joke, knowing it would fail.

"No, I suppose not," Hermione agreed seriously.

Minerva rubbed at her arms under the table, then allowed herself a single question. " many students are Death Eaters In-Training?"

Luna smiled dimly, though Minerva wondered - not for the first time - if the girl's absentmindedness was an act. "Gin and myself."

Minerva couldn't hold in a groan and buried her face in her hands. "Lovely." Just what she always wanted. Why did life have to be so difficult.


Minerva felt like the whole world had flipped around. She wanted to talk to someone - work her thoughts through - but she couldn’t put Harry, Hermione, Ginny, Luna, Ula, and Poppy at risk. She just couldn't.

She glanced at the photograph of her brother and herself. "Oh, Rey, I wish you were here. I wish you could help me through this. I really need your help..."

Minerva turned away from the photo and headed for her bedroom. No matter how confused she was right then, fire-calling Reynold would be likely to only make things worse, especially with how he felt about Riddle. This was one problem she'd have to work through on her own.



A/N: Wow. I started working on this not too long after chapter five went up. This bitch took a while, didn't she? *headdesk* I feel like such an idiot for taking so long.


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Well, I am happy that you gave us an update. Soon it'll be Christmas, and all students' nightmare - final exams. So you should be free to take long at writing. Real life can be a bitch at times, isn't it? I know mine is...

Will Outtake 4 include Tom's apology to Minerva? I do love Tom, but he's a big jerk in Outtake 1.

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I liked Minerva in this outtake, but I really thought she would react worse than this. She was essentially dumped by this man and I thought there would be some residual anger even as she sees Tom Riddle now is different from all those years ago. Why isn't she angry?

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Certainly, there's a lack of fury on Minerva's part. Tempered reaction, huh? It's sweet in a way. Not unpredictable but extremely sweet ... you're not an idiot, kitty. Btw, the card came and it was sparkly. Got glitter all over my cords. =D

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^__^ Yay! Thank you for the update!
And as other peoples said, take your time, life and school is a bitch.
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You know what I always wanted to know is: Did Godric actually speak with Salazar about Harry?!? Just came to my mind while reading this ^^

And it would be great if you would write something out of Aberforth' view ^_^
I like him very much ^^

Just a few hints what you could write as an outtake ^^

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Nice to have another POV of Harry & Tom's relationship. A nice introspective piece. Well done!


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