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(Okay, FINE, I made a tag for this fucking AU. *flops*)

These are all background characters who might get mentioned in the fic (which I need to stop character-creating long enough to write, fuck me) but won't have any real part in the action. But, you know, I wanted to make characters for them. (This process does help me a bit with fleshing out their background, since it's different from the FMA canon, which is nice. ^^; )

I do sort of wish I'd made the Armstrongs and Hugheses in Oblivion (the prequel game to Skyrim, for those unfamiliar with the series), but the last thing I need to to start up another game and go mucking about finding mods for it, so... ^^;

I was working on creating characters for the homunculi yesterday, so I'll probably post those tomorrow. And then hopefully finish a couple of important storylines in the game, because I've never completed them and they'll be important to the fic, whoops, and then I can write. ^^;

Van Hohenheim )

Gracia Hughes )

Maes Hughes )

Zolf Kimblee )

Lan Fan )

Ling Yao )

Scar )

Olivier Mira Armstrong )

Alex Louis Armstrong )
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(I should probably give in and make a tag for this AU already... ^^; )

SO, I got it into my head to make versions of all the FMA characters in Skyrim and then post the pictures, which, well, translating 2D anime characters into 3D realistic characters is...complicated. Especially when there are only so many options, whoops.
Cerillium, over on tumblr, suggested hair mods, since I was really bugged by some of my choices, so I fell down that rabbit hole, then spent all of today (& by that I mean I haven't slept & it's been about 24hours, whoops) redoing everyone and taking more pictures and then tossing everything together. SO.

Everything's under a cut, because image-heavy and there's no way to compact them like on tumblr. Current characters are Riza, Roy, Breda, Havoc, Fuery, Falman, Ed, Al, and Winry.
I have vague thoughts of doing Maes after I've slept, and maybe Lan Fan (who's gonna be kick-arse) and possibly Kimblee, assuming I ever remember to check to see if I have something all white for him to wear. (Not tonight, right.)
ALSO INCLUDED is some nsfw!Ed, because he got nekkid on the front steps of one of the capital cities, whoops. XD

Riza Hawkeye )

Roy Mustang )

Jean Havoc )

Heymans Breda )

Kain Fuery )

Vato Falman )

Edward Elric (sfw :P) )

Alphonse Elric )

Winry Rockbell )

Edward Elric (nsfw XD) )

OKAY! Now I can go to bed! XP
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So, I've been playing a lot of Skyrim of late, and my brain invariably turned to trying to fit the FMA crew into an Elder Scrolls AU and figuring out race and... I REGRET EVERYTHING. *coughs*
Mentioned this on twitter, where Inoru (I can't remember your tumblr name, halp!! orz) asked for details, and that's easier to do without a character limit, so:

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