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Title: Abandon
Author: [ profile] batsutousai
Beta: [ profile] magickmaker17
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort)
Warnings: This will have slash(Guys on guys, ppl.). This also has mentions of child abuse. Perhaps a bit mild…



Chapter 14


Tom apparated into the hostel room to a flurry of activity. "What…?"

Ginny popped up at Tom's elbow. "Hi! Fred, George, and I are helping Harry pack for school!"

Tom scratched his head with a sigh. "It's August thirty-first, isn't it?"

"Very good!"

"You know the date!"

"Duck," Harry murmured to the twins as Tom glared at them.

"Sorry, Tom!" the two red-heads chorused with matching smirks.

Harry rolled his eyes and spared the Dark Lord a smile. "We're almost done."

Tom cocked an eyebrow at the young man as the three Weasleys left them to talk. "Almost? This place looks like a tornado hit it."

"Shut up." Harry frowned at the taller wizard. "We had to spell half the stuff because it can get me into trouble."

"Ooh…" Tom smirked cruelly. "That would be all those really Dark books and artefacts I talked you into buying?"

"Yes. Those ones." Harry narrowed his eyes at Tom. "And you're taking the ones we can't hide, I'll have you know. If Dumbledore catches me, there won't be any apparating to see you, you know."



"Yes, yes. I'll take them."

"Thank you." Relief coloured the young wizard's voice.

Tom slid a finger under Harry's chin and gently pulled his head up so he could meet the young man's emerald eyes. "Harry, when was the last time you got a full night's worth of rest?"


"Tonight. You need your sleep, Mr. Potter."

"Don't call me that."

Tom sighed. "Harry, I mean it. You look like shit."

"You're so eloquent…"


"Okay, okay. Sorry."

"I mean it. I'm worried about you."

"Are you?"

"Oh, don't start this again."


"Don't be…" Tom sighed and pulled the younger man into a tight hug, burying his face into Harry's hair. "Just, please take better care of yourself, okay?"

"Ha. Who would have guessed there'd come a day when you were telling me to take better care of myself."

Tom frowned at the other wizard. "Stop. Just, stop."

"It's funny…"

Tom slammed a hand over Harry's mouth, glaring at him. "Don't. Don't you dare start that."

"He's been depressed all day," Ginny offered. "He's not the only one, let me tell you."

Tom nodded and lifted his hand from Harry's mouth. "Harry, Merlin help me, if I knew a way to keep you with me, I would, you know that. However, you still have to go back to Hogwarts for one last year."

"I have to pretend." Harry sneered.

"Mate, let us tell you a little secret–"

"–that no matter who you are–"

"–you're always pretending."

"You just happen to be luckier than most other people."

Tom looked over the twins with a grateful smile as Harry's mood appeared to lift. When the twins had first found out that Harry Potter had fallen for the Dark Lord Voldemort, they'd been in shock, but, after a day to themselves and a few reminders of how much fun they'd had with "Tom the Auror", they'd become helpful in getting Ginny between the Burrow and Harry's room so the cover could be properly set up.

"Oh, mum's decided that Harry's spending the last night at the Burrow," Ginny informed Tom suddenly.

Tom nodded. "I'd figured that."

"Smart man, Tom." Harry sniggered. "One of these days, he'll figure out he can't really take over the world, you know."

Ginny, Fred, and George laughed as Tom wrapped Harry in a backwards hug. "Is that so. And why might I not be able to take over the word, eh?"

Harry leaned back into Tom's embrace, smirking. "Simple. You have to share."

"Share? I'll have you know that Lord Voldemort shares with no man."

"How about the Boy-Who-Lived, then?"

"Ah, boy? No, no. He's too sexy to be a boy anymore."

"Why, thank you."

:Any time,: Tom hissed into Harry's ear. The young man shivered, smiling.

"That's just weird," George announced before returning to what little packing was left. Fred followed suit.

"They're just jealous," Ginny informed the two dark-haired wizards.

"Of course they are. They want Harry, but they know they can't have him."



"Get over yourself."

"Myself?" Tom smirked. "I've been over myself for decades, Harry. I'm stuck on you right now."

"And have been for the past, what, sixteen years?"

"If you'll notice, it took me all sixteen of those years to recognize what I'd been missing out on."

"Cute as you two are, let's finish this up, okay?" Ginny suggested softly.

"Damn." Tom sighed, placing a kiss on the top of Harry's head before letting him go.

"I second that. Ginny, dearest, you have horrid timing."

"You know, I always manage to have horrid timing with you two…"

"Finally caught on to that, have you?"

"Harry, you run well, right?"


"Start moving, boy."

"Oiy! Don't you dare throw that!"

"Expelliarmus." Tom sighed and set the artefact out of harm's way. "Gin, that corner. Harry, that corner. Get back to cleaning."

Both students offered their tongues to the Dark Lord before walking to each other's corners and getting back to work.

Tom rolled his eyes and spelled a few things into their cases. "I can't win, you know."

"Don't expect to," Fred suggested.

"They're Gryffindors," George agreed.

"With Slytherin bits." Tom snorted.

Both twins traded looks, coughed, then got back to work.

Tom groaned. "Teenagers!"

Everyone in the room laughed.


Ginny, Harry, and Tom were the last left in the room as Fred and George finished carting Harry's trunk to the Burrow. Ginny went to use the bathroom, effectively giving the two wizards a chance to say a quick goodbye.

:I hate goodbyes, you know,: Harry murmured into Tom's shirt.

:You do tend to say that a lot.:

:Well, there's always a chance that, when I say goodbye, I'll never see that person again.:

:You'll see me again. Perhaps sooner than you think.:


Tom smirked.

:You're not going to explain, then?:


:Damn you.:

:I love you too.:


Tom sighed and pulled the teen up for a long kiss.

The two parted after a long moment. :I'm not so sure I'll miss being out of breath, though.:

Tom laughed.

"You have a good laugh, Tom," Ginny commented as she walked back into the room.

"You say that every time you hear it." Tom snorted.

"Well, just goes to show you how much I mean it," the witch replied brightly.

Harry sniggered while Tom rolled his eyes.

"Ready to go?" she inquired softly.

"I suppose." Harry glanced up into smiling red eyes. "Yes. Goodbye isn't forever, after all."

"I should hope not," Tom replied tartly.

Harry and Ginny laughed.

"Well, Harry. We'd best be going. Mum'll start to worry. We don't want her trying to send Ron. He still can't apparate properly."

"I'll never figure out how he got his license…" Harry sighed.

"Well, he sort of manages to apparate to where he wants to go, sometimes, and he hasn't splinched himself."

"Yet," Harry offered under his breath. Ginny grinned.

"Very well." Tom caught Harry's attention long enough to kiss him quickly. "Go on. I'm sure things will work out, be it Mr. Weasley splinching himself or Dumbledore going six feet under." Harry and Ginny both laughed at that. "And, odd as this may seem, coming from me, I mean, don't do any Dark Magic unless you're sure there's no chance of getting caught. Especially you, Gin. Harry, you can probably carry it safely, being who you are, but it's always best to not chance ending up in Azkaban. Right?"

"Right!" the two chorused.

"Good. Off you go. Goodbye, and all that rot." He waved them towards the door, then apparated away.

Harry sighed sadly.


"I miss him already."

"You'll see him soon."

"Not soon enough."

"It never is."

Harry smiled slightly. "Thanks, Gin."

"That's what wanna be sisters are for."

"Wanna be? Gin, you're better than 'wanna be'."

"I should hope so. I've had enough practise."

Harry laughed.


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