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Title: Reclaim
Author: [ profile] batsutousai
Beta: [ profile] magickmaker17
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort), Salazar/Godric, Rowena/Helga, Sirius/Remus, Gin/Ted, Herm/???
Warnings: This will have graphic slash, not-so-graphic femslash, and not-so-graphic het, and you've got a bit of angst in this chapter too
Summary: Sequel to Abandon!
In love with the man he’s expected to kill and member of the esteemed Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter must fight in a war in which he is divided. Can he lead his world to peace?
Disclaim Her: I'm listening to RENT again... *sweatdrop*

Written thoughts
°°Phoenix speech°°


Chapter 4


Harry spent two day giving his friends the cold shoulder. He sat with Minerva and Filius instead of with Severus and Poppy, especially after Poppy had informed him that Severus, Gin, Herm, and Luna had made the right choice in drugging him. If anyone else thought that Harry ignoring the staff members that he usually spent the most time with was strange, they didn't mention it.

If Herm hadn't taken it upon herself to beg Minerva to drag Harry to Hogsmeade on Saturday, the young man probably wouldn't have gone. As it was, Minerva ended up talking Albus into ordering Harry to accompany the students, having noticed how short his temper had been getting as he was forced more and more often to stay inside the castle. Minerva had even taken it upon herself to yell at the Headmaster for forcing Harry to remain indoors so often, assuring that the guilty Headmaster would allow Harry a taste of freedom, if only for a few hours.

And so, Saturday morning found Harry slamming around in his room angrily, forcing Smoky to retreat under the bed. "Why is everyone ordering me to do stuff?! First Albus forces me to stay indoors, then Severus and Gin force me to take some Dreamless Sleep, and now Minerva's gone and got Albus to order me to go down to Hogsmeade with those Merlin-damned brats!"

"A pox on them all, yes, yes." Salazar rolled his eyes from where he leaned against the doorframe into Harry's bedroom.

"And you're not helping!" Harry screamed, throwing a shirt through the ghost.

Salazar cocked an eyebrow at the young man. "Throwing a temper tantrum isn't going to help any of this, you know."

"I know! Shut up!" Harry screamed, throwing a pillow through the ghost.

"You do know that your living room is a mess, right?" Salazar offered dryly.

"I don't fucking care," was the furious response.

Salazar rolled his eyes again. "Are you aware that you've completely terrorized your cat?"

Harry froze, in the act of throwing a shoe, and turned slowly. "Smoky?" he whispered. A head poked out from under the bed, blue-green eyes wide with terror. The shoe fell from Harry's hand and he knelt carefully before his kitten. "Oh, Smoky, I'm sorry. I got so angry at everyone else that I forgot all about you. Will you ever forgive me?" the young man whispered, holding out a slightly shaking hand towards his cat.

Smoky slipped out carefully and sniffed Harry's hand. Once she was certain that her human was done throwing things at the scentless thing in the doorway, she rubbed against Harry's hand, purring. Harry picked her up gently and hugged her against his chest. "I'm so sorry, Smoky," he whispered into her fur, letting out a sad laugh when the kitten licked his face. "D'you want to come to Hogsmeade with me?"

Smoky answered with a pleased "meow!" She was about as fond of the restrictions placed on her human as he was, especially since she didn't want to leave him alone too often.

"Okay." Harry smiled and stood with the cat. "Let's head on down to the entrance hall, then. I'm sure Argus is checking out all the little monsters as we speak."

Salazar let out the breath that he hadn't realized he'd been holding and sagged against the doorframe. For a moment there, he was afraid Harry would bring the castle down around their ears or just refuse to go to Hogsmeade. Thank Merlin for Smoky!


"Harry!" Ula ran up and hugged Harry, grinning widely. "Herm said you'd be going! I was afraid Dumbles wouldn't let you!"

Harry smiled at the use of the old name he'd once used for the Headmaster. "Yes, well, I almost didn't come anyway, but Smoky talked me into it."

"Yay!" Ula beamed up at the little kitten, who had taken up a position on Harry's shoulder. "High five, Smoky!" the young witch called, then scratched the top of Smoky's head.

Harry scowled when he noticed that the second year could reach the top of Smoky's head without standing on her tip toes. "You're going to out-grow me, you monster."

Ula smiled. "Then I guess you'll just have to grow some more," was her retort. "Now, remember to get me lots of sweet stuff!!"

Harry chuckled. He had a feeling that the young girl would be ordering him to get her stuff for the better part of the school year. He knew that she and Ronan had already started a petition to ask the Headmaster to allow the second years to go to Hogsmeade as well, especially since they might not get to next year, with the way the attacks were going of late, but he doubted that Albus would agree to it. Of course, knowing Albus...

"Well, come on," Minerva said, coming to a stop next to Harry. "Oh, hello there, Smoky."

Smoky greeted the animagus happily as Harry smiled at the Deputy Headmistress. "Oh, fine."

"Have fun!" Ula shouted as Harry and Minerva by-passed Argus Filch and started the fairly long walk to the gates of the school.

"I didn't know you were coming as well, Minerva," Harry murmured after waving once more to Ula.

"Normally I wouldn't," Minerva admitted, "but Albus wants as many staff members in Hogsmeade as he can get, in case You-Know-Who attacks."

Harry nodded glumly. "Especially since so many students are going down this time."

"They're all aware that this may be their only chance this year," Minerva agreed, eyes sad. "What I wouldn't give for the days before he returned again."

Harry nodded, watching the happy students laughing and joking on their way to the small Wizarding town that was their taste of freedom during the school year. "They're happy, though."

"A mixed blessing." Minerva sighed. "Happiness can cause one to lower their defences."

Harry bit his lip, nodding. "It's a sad day when we look at happiness as a bad thing," he murmured.

Minerva rested a hand on Harry's shoulder and squeezed it. "Yes, it is," she whispered.

Gin awaited the two professors at the edge of town. 'Big brother, are you still mad at me?' she asked sadly.

Harry felt his breath stop at the lonely look in those deep brown eyes and swallowed with some difficulty. He hated seeing his sister look so sad and weak. It reminded him that he hadn't been able to protect her against her brother, and that hurt. "Of course not, Gin," he whispered once his voice had returned.

Gin ran forward and buried her face in Harry's chest. 'I didn't want to see you hurting like that! You were so tired and it was scaring me! I was half afraid you were going to kill yourself like that!'

Harry wrapped his arms around the red-head and rested his head atop hers. "I'm sorry, Gin. I didn't mean to scare you," he whispered.

Gin looked up and scowled at him through the few tears that had managed to escape her eyes. 'Then, next time, take your damned medicine!' she ordered hotly.

Harry couldn't contain the smile that dragged at his lips. "Yes, Mum."

"Oh, come along, both of you." Minerva snorted, giving the two fond looks.

Gin's eyes lit up. 'Come on, Harry, let's get some butterbeer!'

Harry laughed and let his sister drag him through the streets of Hogsmeade.


The peaceful day fell to shreds around their ears in the blink of an eye. Gin had managed to get ahead of Harry and Minerva on the packed streets. Harry was just making the observation that it was awfully crowded in the town, even with most of the school shopping there when three piercing screams ripped through the air.

Minerva and Harry both pulled out their wands and ran forward, towards the sound. They had to fight a bit against the crowd, which was trying to get out of the way.

Five Death Eaters had gathered around the fountain that was still pumping merrily away in the centre of the town. Held in their grips were Gin, Luna, a sixth year Gryffindor named Jolie Marion, a third year Hufflepuff named Robert Roberts, and a fifth year Slytherin named Metis Killinger. Each Death Eater held his or her wand to the head of the student that they held, obviously ready to kill them within a second.

A ring of staff, townspeople, and brave seventh years surrounded the Death Eaters, but no one dared to move forward, lest one of the students were hurt. Among the students, only Gin looked calm, as if expecting her death. Even Luna looked terrified. Harry felt his heart snap. He hadn't spoken to Luna in days, and now she and Gin, whom he'd just made up with, were captured by his people. But, to order the Death Eaters to let them go would give him away.

"Let them go!" Colin Creevey shouted from where he stood between to Zacharias Smith and Rolanda Hooch, the school's flying instructor.

"Not until we get what we want!" one of the Death Eaters, the one holding Luna, shot back. Harry didn't recognize the voice, which meant it was a new recruit.

"And what might that be?" Harry called, forcing his voice to work.

"Funny that you might ask that, Mr Potter," came the sooth voice of Rodolphus Lestrange, who was holding Robert. "Since our Lord requires you."

Harry felt as if the breath had been knocked out of him. What could Tom want, and couldn't it have waited for the DA meeting?! he cried in his mind even as he worked out a response. "And if I come peacefully, you'll let the students go free, unharmed?"

"Harry, no!" Minerva cried from his side, turning horror-filled eyes towards her fellow professor.

"Yes, Mr Potter," Rodolphus agreed easily, pressing his wand even harder against Robert's chin, causing the Hufflepuff to whimper. "Your precious students will be unharmed, if you will come peacefully." The man's eyes glittered dangerously behind his white mask.

'No, big brother!' Gin threw out, causing the Death Eater who had her to press their wand into her damaged throat harshly. Two tears felt from Gin's eyes.

That decided Harry; Gin was his sister, and he'd be damned if he'd watch her get hurt. Of course, I'm also going to flambé that Death Eater's balls for making her cry, he added furiously in his mind even as he set his wand and Smoky on the ground carefully. "Minerva, as soon as they've let the students go, hex them, but be careful not to hit the students," he whispered, taking care to not let his people see what he was saying.

"Harry..." Minerva whispered, eyes wet with tears.

Harry smiled. "I'll find a way out; I always do," he offered, then started across the open space between the edge of the circle and the group of Death Eaters. He heard gasps from around the circle and even a few sobs, but his eyes were locked with Rodolphus. If they hadn't been, he never would have noticed the apology that flickered across those familiar dark eyes.

Harry stopped just out of reach of Rodolphus. "We don't have all day, Mr Potter," Rodolphus drawled, jabbing his wand into the Hufflepuff's throat again. Harry took one step closer and couldn't help but let out a cry of surprise as his teacher of the physical arts moved with deadly speed to wrap Harry in a hug, letting go of Robert on the way, and pressing a portkey into Harry's palm.

"Harry!" Minerva screamed as the five Death Eaters and Harry disappeared in the same instant, leaving five terrified children in their wake.


Harry tugged away from Rodolphus and turned furious green eyes on the Death Eater who had held his sister. "If you ever hurt my sister like that again, I'll make Voldemort look like an angel."

The Death Eater held up his hands in defence. "I'm sorry, Master Potter, but she told me that I should do that," came the weak voice.

Harry stalked up to the Death Eater, tore his mask off, and smacked him across the face. "I. Do. Not. Care," he spat in the man's face, whom he'd known as soon as the man had moved was Lucius Malfoy.

"Luna's right. You look dreadful," came a calm voice from behind Harry.

Harry spun around to face Voldemort angrily. "You– You–" he tried, but found himself speechless when faced with his calm lover.

"Yes, me," the Dark Lord remarked dryly. As Harry tried to find his voice, Voldemort looked at the five Death Eaters who had been in Hogsmeade. "As soon as Draco, Theodore, and Blaise get back, have them report to me. Dismissed." The five left with a bow.

"What does Luna have to do with this?" Harry asked once his voice had returned and he was able to speak without screaming.

The Dark Lord cocked an eyebrow at his lover. "Imagine my surprise when Hedwig wakes me up at midnight on Wednesday with a letter addressed to me, in Luna Lovegood's handwriting, no less," Voldemort said quietly before stepping forward and gripping Harry's chin, pressing it upwards so he would meet his gaze. "You haven't been sleeping. What's wrong?"

Harry met the gaze steadily, refusing to let his knees give beneath him as they begged to do. "What were Dray, 'Bini, and Ted doing?"

The Dark Lord let out a hopeless breath. "Harry, for once, forget about everyone else," he whispered. "Tell me what's wrong."

"There's nothing wrong," Harry replied coldly.

"Merlin dammit, Harry!" the Dark Lord shouted.

"Bad time, then?" a voice asked from the doorway. Both Voldemort and Harry turned to look at where Draco, Blaise, and Ted stood, Harry having to tear his chin from the Dark Lord's steel-like grip.

Voldemort pursed his lips. "Make your report," he ordered, resting a firm hand on Harry's shoulder.

"Everyone was fine." Ted shrugged. "I got a chance to talk to Gin and Luna, they're both fine, thought Gin looks like she might have a bruise on her throat for a few weeks."

"She was definitely fine, though," Draco grumbled. "She managed to punch me in the stomach with plenty of force and told me to pass it on to my father." He rubbed at his stomach gingerly.

"Don't worry about it. Harry already took care of Lucius," Voldemort replied dryly.

"Great." Draco sighed.

"Oh, and this little fellow attached itself to my robe," Blaise added, holding the hissing form of Smoky.

Harry's eyes lit up. "Smoky!"

Blaise let the kitten go quickly, lest he have a hand clawed off. The three Juniors grinned as they watched the little animal spring across the room and quickly climb up Harry's robe so she could hiss at the Dark Lord, who had Harry's shoulder in a tight grip.

"Don't you dare hiss at me, little miss," Voldemort replied before nodding at the three in the door. "Good work. Dismissed."

Just before the door closed behind the three spies, Harry muttered, "Bite him, Smoky," to his kitten, which made Draco, Ted, and Blaise trade looks and stifle laughter.

"You won't be biting me, either," Voldemort informed the kitten. "However, you may feel free to tell me what is wrong with Harry, since he won't tell me himself."

"There's nothing wrong, dammit!" Harry shouted, trying to pry the Dark Lord's hands off his shoulder.

Smoky let out a meow that both Dark wizards translated into her calling Harry a liar as she hopped from her human's shoulder and the younger wizard stopped fighting, letting his head drop tiredly.

"Harry..." Voldemort sighed, wrapping his arms around the smaller wizard. "You're getting so thin..." he whispered, feeling his heart clench at the slight form of his lover. "Love, please, tell me what's wrong?" he couldn't help but beg.

"I hate being trapped..." the young man whispered. "And I hate never seeing you."

The Dark Lord picked Harry up and cradled him against his chest. "Sleep, love," he murmured, kissing the scar upon Harry's forehead gently.

Harry nuzzled his face against his lover's chest and let himself drift off into darkness.



Harry let out a groan. Why hadn't his alarm clock woke him up? He was going to be late!

"Smoky, if you don't let him sleep, I'll petrify you," Tom's voice warned coldly, the words bringing back memories of yesterday to Harry that made him want to forget it all again.

"Mrow mur," Smoky replied evenly before she kneaded Harry's chest. "Mrorowr."

"Smoky..." The sound of a chair scraping along the floor reached Harry's ears.


"Fuck it, Smoky," Harry complained. "Can't you let a man sleep for once?"

Tom chuckled and reached out to brush Harry's hair back from his forehead. "Shit," he whispered.

"Tom?" Harry blinked tiredly up at the blurry shape.

"You're running a fever, love." Tom sighed.

"Rowr," Smoky agreed.

"Very well, you're a good kneazle." Tom snorted, standing. "If anyone had ever told me that kneazles had such pride before, I would have laughed at them."

"Where are you going?" Harry cried out, unable to see anything more than blobs of colour.

Tom's weight settled back down on the mattress and he entwined his fingers with Harry's. "I was just getting my wand, love." He chuckled. "No need to worry. I'm not leaving you for a while."

"Why do you need your wand?" Harry asked, struggling to stay conscious.

"Go to sleep, love," Tom murmured as a cool cloth settled upon Harry's forehead.

With a mumbled, "K," Harry allowed the darkness of sleep to, once again, pull him beneath its soft blanket.


"How is he?" Remus asked in a whisper as Tom let him into the bedroom.

"His fever broke maybe an hour ago," the Dark Lord murmured, watching as Padfoot hopped carefully onto the bed. Neither the werewolf nor the Dark Lord could stop the smile that came about when Smoky hissed at Padfoot rather viciously. "I don't think she likes you, mutt," Tom offered.

Padfoot offered the Dark Lord a good view of his arse before settling down next to Harry, eyeing Smoky warily.

"Albus is frantic," Remus murmured as he and Tom settled down in the two chairs that Tom had placed next to the bed.

Smoky leapt onto Tom's lap, demanding pets, as the Dark Lord's gaze darkened. "I really don't care if that idiot has a heart attack right now. If Gin, Luna, Herm, and Severus hadn't taken things into their own hands, Harry would have found his way into the Hospital Wing in a dangerous condition."

"Yes." Remus smiled faintly. "Very much like both his parents in that respect; neither of them would have gone to the Hospital Wing without some serious dragging, accompanied by much kicking and screaming."

Tom let out an amused snort. "Gryffindors."

Remus nodded. "Yes. We're rather stubborn, aren't we?"

"You are," the Dark Lord agreed before glancing at Harry sadly. "I just wish he wasn't so stubborn when it comes to his own health."

"If Luna hadn't contacted you..." Remus agreed, shuddering.

"Don't think about it. You might have a heart attack," Tom suggested dryly.

Padfoot licked Harry's hand lovingly, big eyes filled with sorrow.

"Is selflessness also a Gryffindor trait?" Tom murmured, watching the young wizard in the bed with sad scarlet eyes.

"No." Remus sighed. "That's just a Harry trait."

"If I could kill those Muggles again..." Tom hissed, his fury blazing in his eyes suddenly.

"Mrowr," Smoky offered, licking the Dark Lord's hand delicately.

Tom glanced down at the kitten blankly for a moment before sighing. "I know. Nothing for it now." He scratched the kitten behind the ears, earning him a steady purr. "At least they can't do any more harm, right?"

Remus reached across and rested a hand atop Tom's still hand. "No, they can't, and that's all we can ask for."

Tom glanced up into the amber-tinted eyes and nodded his thanks. Remus offered him a small smile in return before both wizards turned back to watching Harry's sleeping form.


"Get out! Go back and tell your master that if he wants him back he'd better be ready for me to fucking kill him!"

"Tom, stop!"

Harry's eyes flew open and he found himself shocked into silence at the sight that met his eyes. The Dark Lord was straining against both Sirius and Remus, apparently trying to grab Fawkes, who was flying just out of his reach. The Dark Lord's stance spoke of just how much damage he intended to do to the bird.

"Tom, stop," Harry rasped.

"Mrowr!" Smoky agreed furiously.

Tom stopped fighting against the two Marauders in favour of rushing over to Harry, who was sitting up in bed. "No, Harry, please lay back down. You're still sick."

"Tom, you can't kill Fawkes." Harry sighed, allowing himself to be pressed back onto the bed.

"Give me one good rea–"

"Because I said so," Harry snapped, frowning at the red-eyed man. "Anyway, killing Fawkes wouldn't do a damned thing."

"It would make me feel better," the Dark Lord grumbled, fidgeting with Harry's blanket to keep himself from jumping at Fawkes again.

Harry smiled at his lover fondly. "You can't kill him."

"You said that," Tom muttered, eyeing the phoenix darkly as he settled on the bed next to Harry's head.

"And I meant it. I'll behave if you behave," Harry shot back.

"So behave," Sirius teased from behind the Dark Lord.

Tom twitched. "Can I hex your godfather?"

"No." Harry turned to Fawkes. "Why are you here, Fawkes?"

°°Albus sent me to ask Marcus if he could get you out of Voldemort's grasp,°° the phoenix replied.

Harry's eyes widened. "Albus sent you to Marcus to see if he'd save me?" he asked incredulously. His statement was followed by sharply drawn in breaths from the other three people in the room.

°°Yes,°° Fawkes agreed. °°So I came here and, as I expected, here you were. But–°° the phoenix's head dropped, °°–I didn't expect you to be sick.°°

Harry shrugged uncomfortably. "Yeah, well, I didn't expect to fall sick either..."

"If you don't want to get sick, you need to actually eat food and sleep," Tom offered, frowning at Harry. "I know you have some Dreamless Sleep from Severus, Harry."

°°You weren't eating?! How did the rest of us miss this?!°° Fawkes cried, startled.

"Good actor." Harry sighed, fighting against his exhaustion.

Remus stepped in smoothly. "Fawkes, go back to Albus and tell him that Harry's safe, but is sick. Marcus, Sirius, and I are all with him, though, so he'll be fine."

"We'll bring him back when he's feeling better," Tom agreed coldly as he ran a gentle hand through Harry's hair. "Go back to sleep, Harry."

Sirius switched back into his dog form and hopped up onto the bed, laying down at Harry's side. The young wizard turned and buried his face in the coarse fur, earning smiles from both Tom and Remus.

With a blaze of fire, Fawkes disappeared.


A blaze of fire startled both Remus and Tom from their long watch over the sleeping Harry and Padfoot. Smoky was just coming back from where Tom had set up a litter box and food for her and she immediately rubbed herself against the legs of the woman who had come with Fawkes.

"Poppy?" Tom looked up tiredly.

Poppy frowned at the two elder wizards who were sitting next to Harry's bed. "You two are ridiculous. I'm glad Albus sent me." She set her medical bag down on the Dark Lord's desk. "Thank you, Fawkes. We'll be fine."

The phoenix disappeared in flames once again as Tom rose. "The old coot sent you? What, he doesn't think I'm capable of taking proper care of Harry?"

"I agree with him about that, actually," Poppy retorted. "When was the last time you slept, Tom Riddle?"

Tom grimaced. "I don't know. The day before Harry got here?"

"And you were yelling at Harry for not sleeping," Sirius snorted as he hopped up to use the bathroom.

"At least I was eating properly," Tom complained.

"I'll not be treating you and Harry at the same time because neither of you can take proper care of yourselves." Poppy snorted. "Get in that bed, Mr Riddle. Mr Lupin, there should be a nice, comfortable bedroom right through that door right there, which you and Mr Black may retire to."


"I'll not hear it, Remus. Go get some rest," Poppy ordered, giving the werewolf a stern look.

"You're as scary as you were when we were students," Sirius commented, then fled into the room he and Remus had been given to share.

"And you two better actually be going to sleep in there!" Poppy called after them before shutting the door.

"Geeze. Even when I'm not in the Hospital Wing, she's yelling," Harry groaned.

"Well, Mr Potter, if you wouldn't do stupid things that forced visits from me, you wouldn't have this problem, now would you?"

"Tyrant," Harry muttered in response as he buried his face in Tom's chest, who hugged him tightly and shot the mediwitch a warning look.

"What's that look for?" Poppy scowled, resting her hands on her hips.

"You will be silent and let him sleep or I will hex you until you're silent," Tom growled.

"Fine, but you will be sleeping as well, Mr Riddle, or you'll be receiving a Dreamless Sleep Potion and your own bed."

"Tyrant," Tom shot back before settling down in his bed, Harry held against him tightly, and closed his eyes to sleep.

Poppy settled herself in the chair that Tom had vacated, Smoky in her lap. "Men are so silly sometimes," she told the kneazle, who let out a yawn, stretched, and settled down in Poppy's lap for a nap. "My sentiments exactly." The mediwitch chuckled before closing her eyes and allowing herself to doze.


"You don't need to take a shower with him," Poppy said dryly.

"I need to make sure he doesn't fall over and crack his head open," Tom shot back with a scowl.

"Thanks, love," Harry muttered from where he was leaning tiredly against Tom's chest.

"If you're worried about him cracking his head open, then he can take a bath," Poppy retorted, hands once again on her waist.

"You're both far too old to argue like this..." Remus groaned from the doorway to his and Sirius' room.

"Why not just let Harry pick?" Sirius enquired as he wandered to the doorway that Remus stood in.

Poppy and Tom gave Sirius incredulous looks before both replying, "He's too sick."

"Thanks for trying, Siri." Harry snorted, closing his eyes.

Remus scowled at Poppy and Tom. "Let Harry pick or we'll have Sirius helping him."

"Really?" Sirius' eyes lit up. "Wicked!"

Tom and Poppy traded worried looks, then they both looked down at Harry. "Well, love–" Tom started, clearing his throat, "–how would you like to bathe?"

Harry smiled faintly. "With you, of course."

Poppy let out a groan. "Wonderful."

Tom kissed Harry's forehead gently, then helped him into the bathroom. "Okay."

"Don't do anything but washing!" Poppy shouted after them just before Tom shut the door.

"Damn woman," Tom grumbled as he started up the water.

Harry smiled from where he was resting on top of the toilet. "You know she's just doing her job."

"Yes, I'm aware of that," Tom grumbled, glancing over his shoulder at the teen on the toilet. "Can you undress by yourself?" he enquired, voice softening.

"Yes." Harry made a face and stood slowly, then started to undo the buttons on his robe.

Tom smiled fondly and played with the water for a few more moments before deciding it was the right temperature. Then he stood and quickly took his own robe off. Harry wandered over to him and buried his face against the Dark Lord's chest, letting his arms loosely drape around his waist. "You all right, love?" Tom asked, concerned.

"Just a little tired," Harry replied with a sigh.

Tom tipped Harry's head up gently and offered the smaller wizard a deep, loving kiss, only pulling away when Harry needed a breath. "Come on. The sooner we finish, the less of a chance there is of Poppy storming in here."

Harry couldn't help smiling at that. "Yeah. I mean, one never knows what sort of improper things you might be doing to me."

Tom snorted in amusement and helped Harry into the magical shower. "For all she knows, I could be running off with you to some third-world country where you have no rights and I can do with you as I please."

Harry gave the Dark Lord a startled look. "Where do you– No, wait," Harry shook his head. "I don't want to know."

Tom laughed at that and Accio'd a washcloth to him. "Don't worry, Harry, I promise to not deny you your rights," he offered seriously as he started to wash Harry gently.

Harry rolled his eyes. "How about my rights to not be dragged away from my job in a rather violent manner?"

"Let me amend that," Tom decided. "I promise to not deny you your rights when you're taking care of yourself properly."

"Ah." Harry nodded sagely. "So, as long as I'm healthy, I'm free to do what I'd like?"

Tom let out a sigh. "Harry, you know what I meant. I don't want you putting yourself in danger."

"That's rich, coming from you."

"Could we not argue about this?"

"At least you're giving me the right to decide," came the snide reply.

Tom closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Losing his temper at his younger lover was not the way to solve this conflict. If anything, losing his temper would only make this more difficult. "Would you like to tell me why you're so angry that people care for you?"

"I'm not–!"

"Yes, you are," the Dark Lord cut in warily. He set the washcloth to the side and drew Harry into a warm embrace. "You're scaring people, love. Hell, you're scaring me."

"You scare too easily," Harry muttered against the wet chest, closing his eyes.

"I'll give you that," Tom agreed quietly.

Harry bit his lip. "I'm tired."

"Do you want to go back to bed?" Tom asked, running his hand through Harry's wet hair.

"...yes," Harry decided.

"Okay," Tom waved the water off, then used a quick Drying Charm on both himself and Harry. He grabbed two bathrobes that hung on hooks next to the shower stall and dressed both himself and Harry in them, frowning at how dead-like Harry had become. "Are you okay, Harry?" Tom paused to ask.

"Fine," came the muttered response.

With a sigh, the Dark Lord picked Harry up, smiling faintly at the startled cry he got in response, and carried his burden out into the bedroom. He settled himself on the edge of the bed with the younger wizard in his lap before glancing up at where Sirius, Remus, and Poppy hovered. "Poppy, do you need to run any more of your little tests on him?"

Poppy frowned, but took the hint and ran a quick scan. "Well, Harry, you look fine. You could probably use another day or two of bed rest, but I dare say that you are completely cured of all illness."

Tom nodded absent-mindedly at the prognosis. "Do you think he could sit out on the patio?"

Poppy blinked a few times at the inquiry. "Well, I would suggest against it, personally, but I do believe Harry could sit out there if he had someone with him."

"Do you want to go sit on the patio?" Tom asked Harry, who had curled up in his lap and buried his face in his lover's chest.


Tom glanced up at Remus and Sirius. "Why don't you two keep an eye on him?"

"Sure." Remus nodded. Sirius' eyes lit up at the prospect.

"On second thought, lock Black in your room, please, Remus," Tom suggested dryly. "I'm sure you can keep an eye on Harry without his help."

Sirius adopted a wounded expression, earning him smiles from Remus, Poppy, and Tom. Harry, who had glanced out at the proceedings, laughed.

"Ah, there's that smile." Tom nodded decidedly, earning himself a scowl from Harry and amused looks from the other three. "Well, Harry, why don't you head on out to the patio to be fawned over."

"Where are you going to be?" Harry demanded, pushing a finger into the Dark Lord's chest with some force.

"Ah..." Tom glanced up for some help.

"Lucius was asking for him earlier," Remus slipped in easily. "Routine Death Eater business, I'm sure, but it's probably a good idea for Tom to handle it."

"Piff," Harry offered, getting up and allowing Remus to help him stay steady. "Can't those bloody idiots take care of things themselves for a few days?"

"Apparently not." Tom groaned.

"You said it yourself, Harry," Sirius offered with an evil smile. "They're idiots."

"You know, Black, I happen to know a few new recruits who could use some practise with their Unforgivables," Tom muttered with a touch of annoyance.

"Come on, Siri," Harry laughed, motioning for his godfather to help him outside onto the patio. "Let's go before Tom decides to hex you."

"Bloody Dark Lords," Sirius agreed, helping Harry out.

Tom let out a relieved sigh and glanced up at Remus. "Keep him entertained, would you?"

"Of course. How many people should we expect to drop by?"

"Not many, I'm thinking. I'm really just dropping by Hogwarts to let everyone know that he'll live for a while yet."

"I'm coming with you," Poppy declared. "I need to make sure Sally is handling everything alright."

"Did the old coot order you to follow me everywhere?" Tom enquired, torn between amusement and annoyance.

"Of course not," Poppy replied levelly. "He just told me to make sure that you weren't contacting Voldemort."

Remus coughed into his hand, hiding a grin. "I'll leave you two to your travelling, then," he offered before turning and wandering out to the patio where Harry and Sirius were talking animatedly.

"You appear to have good ideas from time to time, Mr Riddle," Poppy commented, watching as Harry laughed at something Sirius was saying.

"Humph." Tom turned and pulled out something to change into before hopping into the bathroom to do so. When he came back out in his Marcus Brutús guise, he found that Poppy had contacted Fawkes. "I can get to Hogwarts without that creature's help, thankyouverymuch," the Dark Lord spat.

"Not as easily. Come on, Marcus," Poppy replied, motioning for Tom to take her hand.

Tom gave Fawkes a distrustful look, but took Poppy's hand anyway. "Any funny business–"

"Shut up," Poppy ordered, looking slightly harassed.

Before Tom could send back a retort, fire consumed them and spat them out in the Hospital Wing.

"Poppy!" a female voice shouted before a small form with blonde pigtails ran into the mediwitch.

Poppy let out a bright laugh and hugged her student, Sally-Anne Perks. "Sally, I'm glad to see you!"

"Away, you foul beast," Tom complained as Fawkes nested in his hair, much to the amusement of the two witches. "I hate phoenixes!"

"Aw, Fawkes, leave Marcus alone," Poppy said, fighting back a laugh.

Fawkes let out a trill, then flew over to where Albus was just stepping into the Infirmary. "Ah, Marcus. This is a surprise," the old wizard murmured, stroking his familiar.

Tom scowled, but refrained from hexing his old professor. "Albus," he offered with a curt nod of his head.

"Hey, Marcus, why are you here?" Sally enquired of the Dark Lord.

Tom let out a sigh. "I figured that Harry might benefit from a visit from a few of his friends," he said with a shrug. "And since the only ones I can get to with any amount of ease are here at Hogwarts, I came here."

Sally nodded, even though she was quite aware that Tom could call any of the Juniors at any time. "Good plan. Gin's been frantic."

Tom cocked an eyebrow at the young mediwitch-in-training. "Good thing I came here, then."

"All of the students are eating in the Great Hall. I'll walk you down there," Albus offered with a benign smile.

With an annoyed look, Tom consented and stepped out of the Hospital Wing with the Headmaster in silence. The silence, however, only lasted until they were out of hearing range of the Hospital Wing. "Why send Fawkes to me, Albus?" Tom enquired, refusing to look at the wizard next to him.

Albus blinked over at the younger man. "That was Fawkes' idea, actually. He seemed to think that you would be taking care of Harry anyway." Tom's shoulder's tensed, prompting Albus to enquire, "How did you get him out of Voldemort's grasp anyway?"

"None of your business," Tom snapped.

"It rather is my business, Marcus. Harry is a member of my staff, after all."

"I, however, am not," Tom replied coolly. "What I care to do with my free time is none of your concern."

Albus stopped walking, frowning. "Now, Marcus–"

Tom spun and shot the Headmaster a dangerous look. "Your meddling has almost lost you your weapon, Albus Dumbledore. Beware how far you push him, lest he is given an offer that's better than yours," the Dark Lord spat before turning back around and continuing on his way to the Great Hall, calming himself as he went.

As soon as Tom stepped into the Great Hall, three students stood and hurried up to him, concern dancing in their eyes. Severus, Minerva, and Herm all looked like they'd also like to get up, but two of them were too reserved to make a spectacle of themselves, and the last was in the middle of feeding two children.

"Marcus!" Ula cried, flinging herself into the Dark Lord's arms and gripping at him tightly. Both Gin and Luna stood behind her, looking nervous.

'How's Harry?' Gin asked in small letters, as if afraid of the answer.

"Recovering," Tom replied, hefting Ula up a bit so he could hold her comfortably. "How hard would it be for you three to miss the rest of your classes today?"

"No problem," Luna replied quickly, looking unusually focussed. "I'm sure we can all catch up over the weekend."

Both Ula and Gin nodded vigorously.

"Good. Harry could use some guests his own age," Tom offered them a small smile before adding, "Of course, Black's close enough that it shouldn't matter..."

'Sirius is there?!' Gin asked, looking horrified.

Tom frowned. "Yes. Do you foresee a problem with that?"

Gin shuddered. 'I know there were things he wasn't aware of...'

"I believe Remus made sure he wouldn't do anything that would get him killed," Tom replied mildly before offering a smile to the approaching adults. "Minerva. Severus."

"Marcus." Severus inclined his head. "How is Mr Potter?"

"A bit temperamental, but doing well," Tom answered with a heavy sigh. "Poppy seemed to think it would be okay to let him outside, though, so I assume he'll live."

"Pity," the Potions professor sniffed.


"He's only kidding, Professor McGonagall," Ula offered, smiling at the witch from where she still remained in Tom's arms. "Professor Snape was just as worried as the rest of us."

"Humph." Minerva shot her co-worker an annoyed look, then glanced back at Tom. "Is he well enough for visitors?"

"I'd say so, as long as you know a few good Shielding Charms, in case he loses his temper again."

'What did you do to him to tick him off that much?' Gin asked, giving the Dark Lord a dry look.

"Eh..." Tom grimaced. "Well, he hasn't hexed me yet, but he's certainly considered it a few times, judging by the look in his eyes."

"What did you do?" Severus demanded.

"Threatened to rip Fawkes apart?" Tom muttered uncomfortably. Ula and Luna laughed while Minerva and Severus looked horrified.

'You do know that Harry actually likes Fawkes, right?' Gin enquired with a touch of amusement.

"Eh. I do now."


Tom rolled his eyes, then glanced up at the Deputy Headmistress. "So, Minerva, would it be permissible for me to haul these three monsters off with me for the rest of the day? They seem to think they can make up any missed work."

Minerva frowned at the three students, not wavering in the least when hit with their pleading looks. "Well, Marcus, I'd say yes, but I don't think Albus would agree with me..."

"Seeing as how I've got both Sirius Black and Remus Lupin staying at my house now, as well as Poppy following me everywhere, I hardly think there should be an issue," Tom offered dryly.

"And I'm coming too," Herm demanded as she stepped up next to Minerva.

'If any Death Eaters come, we promise to knock them out, bar ourselves in a bedroom, and call the aurors.' Gin promised. 'Please can't we go, Professor?'

"Oh, very well." Minerva let out a heavy sigh for effect. "But be warned that I will be dropping by tonight, after dinner, to pick all of you up."

"I will as well," Severus added quickly, earning a few coughs.

"That should be fine." Tom nodded gratefully. "Make sure you take Fawkes, though." He grimaced. "Much as I hate that bird, he's the only thing that will get you both through the wards."

"Of course." Minerva nodded.

"Wonderful." Tom glanced at the group around him. "If you’ve got anything you want to take with or give to Harry, go get it. We're leaving from the Hospital Wing in ten minutes."

"Down!" Ula demanded in response. Once she was on her feet again, she grabbed Gin's hand and the two rushed out of the room. Luna followed them at a much more sedate pace.

"Hermione?" Tom glanced over at the young woman, who was juggling her twins with some difficulty.


"Would you like me to take Gal and Gerda with me while you get your stuff?"

"Oh!" Herm smiled faintly. "Yes, of course. Thank you, Marcus," she added, handing both babies over. Tom, having spent plenty of time at the end of the previous school year taking care of the children, easily held both and shooed Herm off.

"I'll walk with you to the Hospital Wing," Minerva decided.

Tom turned and fell into step with the younger woman with no more than an eye roll to show his annoyance. Severus snorted behind them once before turning around and heading back up to the Head Table.

"So, how is he, really?" Minerva asked once they could no longer hear the hubbub of the Hall.

"What makes you think he's anything other than how I said?" Tom retorted.

Minerva shot the wizard an annoyed look. "Marcus, I've known Harry for seven years, and I've never seen him sick. What happened?"

Tom sighed. "He doesn't like being cooped up," he muttered. "And when he is cooped up, he starts doing stupid stuff, like not eating." The man shifted his hold on the two children in his arms. "That and, earlier in the summer, he started having nightmares about the Dursleys, which, from what I got told by Luna, never went away like I thought they had."

"So, in a nutshell, he's going insane because Albus isn't letting him out of the school," Minerva summed up with a touch of annoyance. "Would you, by any chance, Marcus, have anything to do with Harry's abduction this past Saturday?"

"I have no idea what you're on about," Tom replied innocently before stepping into the Hospital Wing.

Minerva narrowed her eyes at the wizard. "I'm not sure how Harry stands you most of the time."

"It helps if you actually like him, I think," Ula offered, slipping in with Gin. "Right, Marcus?"

"Doesn't seem to be a clause for you," Tom snorted to the young witch as he handed Gal over to Gin, who looked like she wanted to hold him.

"Bastard," Ula sniffed.

"Harry's rubbing off on you too much," Tom commented, frowning. "And watch your language in the school."

"You're no fun!"

Herm let out a rather large cough, then smiled. "Uhm, sorry about that. Could I have Gerda back, Marcus?"

"I wasn't going to hurt her any," Tom muttered, handing the child over to her mother. Ula grinned victoriously.

"Everyone here, then?" Poppy enquired, stepping out of her office with Sally.

"We're just waiting for Lu– Oh, never mind. Come on, Miss Lovegood. We don't have all day." Tom scowled at Luna, who'd returned to acting like the world had no effect on her at all.

"Hm?" Luna stopped to blink at Tom dumbly for a few moments, finally hurrying over when he gave her a sharp look.

"Where is that monstrous bird?" Tom enquired, turning to Poppy. Poppy just smiled as a musical trill lit the air and the phoenix came flying through the Hospital Wing doors. "Good. We can get going," Tom snorted before giving Fawkes a wary look. "The entrance hall, if you would."

Fawkes trilled once in understanding and waited for them to gather themselves together before carrying them away.



A/N: Ending there, yes. *headkeyboard* I'm tired. I would be sleeping in for a few extra minutes before going to work, but I got an itching to finish this chapter up. If this last bit is confusing in any way, it's because I wrote it while only half-awake. Uhg.

~Bats ^.^x

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"Piff," Harry offered, getting up and allowing Remus to help him stay steady. "Can't those bloody idiots take care of things themselves for a few days?"

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