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Originally posted by [ profile] jujukittychick at Multi-Fandom Non-Denominational Winter Fanfic Collection!
I have started a collection for winter themed fanfic on AO3. Everybody is invited to join, share the information with others, share it with groups you're part of of.

This is a multi-fandom non-denominational winter holiday fanfic collection. Everybody is invited! There will be two sub categories - Happy Holidays and Humbug Holidays - and you can post as many fics as you like to each category. It doesn't matter what you celebrate during winter (Christmas, Hanukkah, Yule, Kwanzaa, etc) or if you don't celebrate anything at all and just like the season.

It's winter and all of our favorite characters are celebrating (or not). This is the place to bring those stories to share with everyone (and maybe find a new fan of your fave fandom or pairing). The only real requirements are that your fic has to be set during winter and must be put under the proper sub-category (Happy or Humbug). Try to show some love to your fellow holiday writers and check out the other fics posted too.

As a bonus, if you post a fic between Dec. 1 and Jan. 2, I will make a banner with your username to use anywhere you'd like. The banner will be the one used for the category it's posted under - Happy or Humbug. Yes, that means you can potentially get two banners.

Follow the links below for more information:
Main Collection Link
Happy Holidays Link
Humbug Holidays Link

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I'm gonna attempt to do this thing. It may not end well. ^^;

Originally posted by [ profile] anotherfmafan at post
Days of Yore December event guidelines and details
Guidelines )

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or message the mod, [ profile] anotherfmafan.
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HEY FOLKS! Just a note for you LJ-only people that they're still rather desperately looking for more wave 2 and 3 people!

Originally posted by [ profile] meredavey at FMA FANDOM CHALLENGE

We’ve had an amazing turnout so far, and are super excited to see what everyone has planned, but we have also had some questions regarding the “Wave” formats, so we’re hoping to clarify.

The event is broken up into three waves.  Artists and writers can choose to sign up for one or two waves, but not all three (pinch hitters excepted).

Wave One: Signups close CLOSED


—Authors write a 20k fanfiction piece.
—Artists create one complete piece of artwork and two additional sketches, all with the same theme.

***All works from the two following waves will be based off works from this first wave.

Wave Two: Signups close August 6 (this has been changed!)


—1 claimer per first wave piece until ALL pieces have been claimed.
—For writers claiming art: Fanfiction must be at least 15k.
—For artists claiming fanfiction: Art must be 1 complete piece

Wave Three: Signups close August 28


—1 claimer per category per first wave piece until ALL pieces have been claimed
—For writers claiming art: Fanfiction must be at least 5 or 10k, depending on the category claimed.
—For artists claiming fanfiction: art must be a sketch or lineart, depending on the category claimed.

—All wave one pieces must be fully claimed before we open more claiming slots.

All the above content requirements (word count and art complexity) are only the minimums—individuals are absolutely welcome to go above and beyond!

Also, even if you are unable to participate, we would appreciate a signal boost!  We’re going strong with signups, but we’d like to reach everyone in the fandom that we can!


First of all: What is a Fandom Challenge?

At its most basic, the fandom challenge is such:

A first wave of artists and writers, known as Original Posters or “OPs,” create a longer or more detailed work.  After some time passes, a second wave of artists and writers sign up to claim these pieces and collaborate with the OP to draw or write something based on the piece they claim.  After the second wave of claims, a third wave for shorter or less detailed works opens for those who are unable or don’t wish to create bigger pieces.  In addition, there is also a category for those who wish to create graphics, gifsets, fanmixes, or fanvids for OP works.

The OP and both waves of creators will then post all of their works on tumblr (or a similar service like Livejournal)  together on a predetermined date!

(This may sound a bit like a Big Bang, and there are similarities, though we have no affiliation; this has been in the works for some time before it was announced and we’ve tweaked our dates around to avoid too much overlap with the deadlines of that event.  The more the merrier, we say!  This event was partially inspired by some of the old fandom run challenges over on LJ.)

More under the cut )
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So, an idea for a fic came to me a couple weeks ago, but I haven't really gotten any inspiration, so I thought I'd post the idea up here as a challenge, of sorts, for anyone who wants to try it. There's no set pairing, no set anything, really, as long as it focuses on the Unspeakables.
Here's the 'line' - and I use that term loosely - that popped into my head all those weeks ago:

'Ages before anyone had heard of Hogwarts, there was a wizard who triumphed over evil time and again. Long before there were recorded prophecies, this one wizard was shaking the world with his chosen king and falling to a fate pre-written.

Centuries before Hogwarts' 'greatest Headmaster' was born, there was a tale made of four great powers coming together to do what none had dared do before. Of their triumphs and downfalls and the ending of it all.

Decades before the creation of the prophecy that would control one child's life and end the life of a different man, there was a name passed about that would salvage the wizarding and muggle worlds alike by taking down the one German power. A name that would mark history books for centuries to follow his dive off a high tower.

So close, yet so far, to the day we currently hold dear to our hearts, there was a woman's voice speaking of a child born to defeat a deadly darkness. Or be defeated in return.

And, in the centre of it all, sat the infamous 'Department of Mysteries'. A hallowed ground in the pit of Muggle London that held the greatest secrets of our past, our present, and our future.

And the one name passed down to protect these secrets?

The Unspeakables.'

If you do write a fic for this, lemme know, eh? I'm always interesting in a distraction that isn't my homework.
Speaking of.... *scampers off*


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