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They condemn what they do not understand

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Birthdate:Mar 12
Location:under a rock, United States of America

Hi, I'm Batsutousai (Bats/Batsu/Batty), a cis-female atheistic demisexual with a preference for writing and reading fanfiction about boys banging each other. I identify as a Slytherin, but Pottermore put me in Ravenclaw, so take that as you will.

I first started posting fanfic back in 2002, under the username Katmon, and while you can find some of that on AO3, most of it has (thankfully) vanished into the ether. After a bad breakup and a brief hiatus, I began writing under the username Batsutousai in 2004, and have no intention to change names again (even if some of the '04 stuff's kinda crap, imo). While I have a preference for male/male ships in fandom, what little original stuff I've done tends to be female-centric.
In 2012, I became a Tag Wrangler for AO3, and while I fairly regularly bitch about 'tumblr-style' freeforms and weird ships, I actually really love the work. (As evidenced by the fact that I'm still doing it.) I'm happy to talk about my experiences as a tag wrangler, and I don't really hide what fandoms I wrangle for (Pokémon, Digimon, FMA, KH, Radiata Stories, & some minor fandoms), but I DO NOT speak for the tag wrangling team or the archive as a whole. (I also don't out other wranglers.)

In real life, I'm currently living in my Mum's dining room & cat-sitting in our apartment building. I have an Etsy shop, where I sell crocheted things, and I'm part of a fiction editing team.
We've got two cats: my male tuxedo, named Tom, and my sister's all white female cat, named Morgana. Tom is a big fan of food, Morgana is a big fan of posing prettily for photos, and they both enjoy tormenting the shit out of each other.

I do have a post with a history of what led me to creating this blog (I have an f-locked personal one at [personal profile] noagirl) in this post, if anyone's interested.


Some FAQs:
  • When is (name WiP fic here) updating?
    When it does?
    Look, I get that you really, really like that fic – I do, too – and I've probably reread it fairly recently, to see if my muse will behave, but he's a little shit, and every time someone asks about an update for any particular fic, that makes him LESS LIKELY to give me ideas for it. I'm happy to hear all about how much you like it, but asking about updates is more likely to keep one from happening.
  • Will you write a sequel for this fic?
    My answer 99% of the time: Fuck you. No.
    If I said somewhere there will be a sequel, yes. Otherwise, NO
  • Do you do requests?
    For fanfic? Not really. You're welcome to send me an idea you want to see, but chances are I won't do anything with it. I sometimes reblog those 'give me a fandom/pairing/character(s) and a number and I'll write the thing' memes on tumblr, but I can't guarantee I'll write everything I get.
  • I'm looking for a specific fandom/ship/series; is there an easy way to find it here?
    Actually, yes. I tag for fandom/main ship/series as well as if it's part of a chaptered fic, or a drabble or one-shot.
    I also have masterlists broken up by fandom, which list the fics with their summaries, pairings, and any warnings, if that's more your speed.
  • Do you friend back?
    I do! I don't always remember to do so when I receive friend requests, but I do look it all over semi-regularly, make sure I've friended everyone who's friended me.
    I do not, however, f-lock any posts, so don't be fussed if it takes me a while.


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