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Title: Abandon
Author: [ profile] batsutousai
Beta: [ profile] magickmaker17
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort)
Warnings: This will have slash(Guys on guys, ppl.).
Disclaim Her: "No money!" –Ling and Ping from "Anything Goes"



Chapter 25



The black-haired young man turned to look at the two he'd once considered his best friends. "Yes?"

"I was wondering if we could talk to you," Hermione murmured, nudging her head towards the boy's dorm.

Harry shrugged, not seeing why not. Neville and Dean had gone home for Christmas holidays and, Seamus was in the village with Blaise, Draco, Pansy, Ginny, and Theodore; Harry hadn't gone only because he'd had no shopping left to do, except for one, and he doubted he'd find anything in Hogsmeade for Tom.

"Perfect." Hermione gripped one arm and half-dragged the green-eyed Gryffindor up to his dorm room, Ron following sulkily. He'd never quite got over Harry and Ginny's "relationship", and the two were constantly shoving it in his face.

Harry sat on his bed as Ron closed the door tightly behind them and threw up Silencing Charms.

Hermione smiled at Harry nervously as Ron came to stand next to her. "We have…news for you…"

Harry cocked an eyebrow at his friends. "You got back together and now you want to get married," he said bluntly.

Hermione reddened while Ron settled for a cold glare, which led Harry to believe that Hermione had put a Silencing Charm on the red-head. "Well, it's not that simple…" the bushy-haired young woman mumbled.


Ron's glare intensified. "Well, you remember how Ron took me out to Hogsmeade for my birthday?"

"Vaguely…" Harry nodded. He hadn't been able to go because of a detention with Snape, and the whole House had thrown the Head Girl a party the following weekend, anyway.

"Well, we sort of got drunk…" Hermione's voice died as she flamed again.

Harry froze, recognition dawning. His eyes swung to Ron as he stood slowly. "Herm, what happened?"

"Well, things got a little out of hand and…andnowI'mpregnant."

Emerald-green eyes narrowed dangerously at the red-head. "He of the great virtues, he who goes to great lengths to make sure I don't even consider sex with his darling sister, got his ex-girlfriend pregnant on her birthday?" Harry's voice was soft and deadly.

Ron paled and hid behind Hermione.

"Now, Harry, it's not that bad…"

Harry glanced up to his friend, eyes softening slightly. "Herm, I love you dearly, but I'd suggest you just let me have a go at Ronniekins."

Hermione paused. "No hexing."

The wizard pressed his lips together darkly. "No permanent, life-threatening, or inappropriately embarrassing hexing, especially any such hexes that might give away my motivation," he countered.

Hermione sighed and moved aside with a nod, leaving Ron bare to Harry's deadly glare. "Ronald, dearest, what have you to say for yourself? Finite Incantantum," Harry asked in a sweet voice.

"Help?" Ron squeaked.


Harry watched, triumphantly, as Ron was reduced to a mess of whimpers on the floor of the dorm. Hermione looked impressed. Harry hadn't had a good, long yell in a while, not even with Salazar, and he revelled in the feeling as he leaned down to Ron's level, wand between the red-head's eyes. His voice, when he spoke again, was soft as a whisper, but no less scary then his shouting.

"Let us get this straight, Weasley. If I hear of you bothering Herm with this idiotic crush of yours again after you went and got her pregnant, what I'm about to do to you will look like a walk in the gardens on a moonlit night."

Ron nodded numbly and Harry's smile chilled even more.


Tom smiled across the table at Severus Snape. "You've found it, then?"

"It was not easy, Marcus." Severus scowled and handed over a slip of paper with an address written on it. "Now, please tell me why you want Mr. Potter's address so badly."

"I have some things to…discuss…with Harry's relatives." The Dark Lord slipped the address into a pocket.

"Really?" Severus' tone was spiked with disbelief.

"Yes…" The older man's eyes were cold and accompanied by a smirk.

"What have you got planned, Marcus?" Severus growled, tired of the man's game.

Tom shrugged, face suddenly closed. "You really believe Harry lives a privileged life with his family, don't you?" Curiosity laced his words.

Severus' face twisted horribly. "Of course he does." The man sneered. "The bloody Boy-Who-Liv–"


"Excuse me?"

Tom shook his head. "Severus, you know Harry too well by now to start in with old prejudices."

Severus scowled, but had to admit that the Death Eater across from him had a point; over the past two and a half weeks he'd come to know the Potter-brat better, he'd found himself not faced with the big-headed, loud, stupid, arrogant Gryffindor boy that had been so like his father, but a quiet, brilliant, polite, almost Slytherin-like young man. In fact, the young Miss Weasley had also showed a Slytherin side of herself that had shocked the Potions Master into silence more than once.

"Your father was abusive, as I recall? He hated you and your mother?" the Defence professor asked, voice surprisingly soft.

Severus nodded numbly. "He drank a lot," was his murmured reply.

"You and Harry aren't that different, but his uncle doesn't drink, and you didn't have a bully as a cousin." The man's teal eyes were chilled.

Severus pursed his lips. "It that so?"

The elder man stood slowly, suddenly looking old and weary, a sight Severus had never seen before from him. "Severus, we are Slytherins, and I've told you before that Harry is nearly one himself. A mask is a simple thing for us to make. A mask that covers ourselves and throws forward someone else. Harry has a name to live up to. That young man learned he was to save the world and then faced death, alone, at eleven." Teal eyes flashed angrily; not, Severus noted, at him, but at the speaker himself.

"But, you know this." A sad smile. "Everyone does, now. The Boy-Who-Lived. He hates that name. Hates himself." The elder wizard glanced down at the man in the room with him. "Harry doesn't exact revenge, he just lets everything be. I plan on showing that bastard cousin of his why I am a Death Eater and not a Muggle-lover." His voice was deadly, causing a shiver to slide through the Potions Master. "I plan on making the Dursleys wish they'd never even glared at Harry Potter."

As Severus met the man's eyes, he found himself staring, not at teal, but scarlet eyes and held back a cry. Good Merlin… His mind froze as he realized exactly how screwed the Light was.

"You're gaping, Severus." Tom sounded amused, fury gone in the blink of an eye. Severus recalled, suddenly, why this man was thought insane.

The Potions Master bowed his head. "My Lord, no one in their right mind would even think you a Muggle-lover," he murmured.

The Dark Lord slipped around the table that had been between himself and Severus and forced the man's head up with a finger under his chin, teal eyes narrowed dangerously. "Do not make my trust in your change in sides false, Severus Snape. You will live to regret it, though not for long."

"My Lord, forgive me, but I am no fool. I can see when the Light has lost clearly. My alliances lie with you."

Tom nodded once, sharply, before letting the younger man go and returning swiftly to his chair, an air of calm about him again. "A wise choice."

Severus paused before deciding to test his luck. "My Lord, you are aware that Pot–Harry doesn't want a lot of death?"

The Dark Lord sighed, closing his eyes. "Quite."


Humour coloured the teal eyes as Tom opened them to gaze at his follower. "Are you concerned for Harry's mind-set, Severus? This is a surprise."

Severus pursed his lips. "He is my student, my Lord. While he still lives in my school, I am duty-bound to watch over him."

"Humph. A first time for everything, I suppose. As for what I plan on doing about Harry's request against mindless killings, I plan on accommodating him as I can. If Dumbledore feels the need to push this, Harry will have to put his feelings about death aside if he plans on seeing the end of this."

Severus sighed, nodding. He doubted Dumbledore would give up with so many people still backing him. An idea came to him. "My Lord, I know you already have some of the Gryffindors under your wing, would it not be beneficial to gather more of them as well as those from other Houses? Especially their parents."

"There have been problems with that." The Dark Lord's eyes glimmered with dark humour. "Like other teachers showing little or no trust in me."

"I'll see what I can do," Severus murmured.



"You're never going to actually get a handle on your temper, are you, Harry?" Hermione wondered with humour as Harry closed the door on the large tomato that sat in the centre of the boy's dorm.

"Nah. Gives you far too much amusement for me to do such a thing so suddenly." Harry grinned.

Hermione laughed. "Oh, I've definitely missed having you around!"

Harry realized, numbly, that Hermione wasn't alone in those feelings. "Yeah. I've missed you too." He swallowed with difficulty.

Hermione slid an arm around his shoulders and let it hang there. "Walk me to the Infirmary?"

Harry looked at her sharply. "You okay?"

The girl's smile was reassuring. "Yes. Madam Pomfrey just wants me to check in constantly so she knows if I do start having problems."

Harry nodded. "Sure thing." He slid an arm around her waist protectively. "And let's just hope Ginny doesn't see us," he added with a wink, starting off down the stairs with her.

Hermione rolled her eyes. "You two aren't together, and you know it. Ginny's dating that hot, brown-haired Slytherin."

Harry laughed. "You, Hermione Granger, are far too quick for me!"

"No, not really. I just saw them kissing good night one time while you watched on with a happy smile. I almost thought you three were in it together, but I figured it out later…" The young woman silenced suddenly.

Harry glanced around as they stepped out into the hall. "What?"

Hermione gave Harry a withering look. "Which reminds me, what are you doing dating Professor Brutùs, anyway?"

Harry paled. "Oh, yeah, that…"

"Yes, Harry. That."

"You can't tell anyone! He'll get into trouble!" Harry immediately begged.

Hermione sighed. "Do you see Dumbledore kicking him out of the school yet? I'm not going to tell a damned person that you fancy a teacher."

"Thanks, Herm."



Hermione smiled fondly at the young man still holding her almost protectively. "I was wondering, why don't any of the other professors trust him?"

Harry sighed. "You're going to freak out, I just know it."

"Harry, by now, nothing you tell me would have a chance at freaking me out."

Harry grinned briefly before his gaze turned serious and he glanced at her out of the corner of his eyes, not stopping their steady pace to the Hospital Wing. "He's a Death Eater. A very favoured Death Eater."

Hermione hummed. "That explains the Slytherins suddenly being so friendly with you."

Harry nodded, relieved that she hadn't blown up in his face. Of course, he reminded himself, Herm's not the type of person to blow up; she reasons everything through first.

"Did he get Voldemort to leave you alone, then?" Hermione enquired.

Leave it to Herm to always know the right questions. Harry winced mentally. "It's complicated."

Hermione forced them to stop in the middle of the hall and pulled away so she could look directly at Harry, drawing up a Silencing Charm as she did so. Once the spell was secure, Hermione asked, voice mild, "Harry, did you swear yourself to Voldemort?"

"No," Harry answered honestly. "But I'm no longer sure of Dumbledore, either."

"Harry…" Exasperation.

"Hermione, wait. Give me a chance to explain, okay?" Harry begged. Hermione paused to think for a brief moment before nodding for him to continue. "I don't want a war, and I don't want pointless deaths; you know this. But the longer we fight, the more the deaths there will be. I want peace. Everyone wants peace, even Voldemort. I'm tired of playing this long game of chess with Dumbledore. If I have to switch my colours to get my peace, so be it."

"You'd side with a man who wants you dead?!" Hermione asked disbelievingly.

"He doesn't. Not anymore. We came to a…a truce, of sorts, over the summer. Ginny forced me to admit I fancied Marcus and Marcus to admit he fancied me. Voldemort didn't want to lose his top man and had to make a few deals."

"That's lovely for you, Harry." Hermione's voice was chilled.

Harry scowled suddenly. "Hermione Granger, if you think for one damned second that I'd just stand back and let Voldemort kill every Muggle or Muggle-born in sight, we'll have to ask Madam Pomfrey to check out your head as well. Did I not just say I wanted no pointless killings? Voldemort's well-aware of just how far I'll let him go before I start fighting back."

"Harry, just who is Marcus Brutùs?" Hermione asked suddenly.

Harry clamped his mouth shut and glared at her.

Suddenly, Hermione's eyes widened and she let out a little gasp, paling quickly.

Harry swung around and came face-to-face with a furious Tom Riddle. The Silencing Charm flickered and died out as Hermione grasped at Harry's shoulder for support. Harry set his hand over hers and gave the scarlet-eyed Dark Lord a dirty look. "Stop scaring her."

" 'Stop scaring her'," Tom mocked angrily.

"Tom." Harry's voice came out as a low growl.

The Dark Lord froze and met green eyes evenly. You were panicking, Harry!

"I didn't need your help!" the boy shot back, angry. "I can take care of myself!" He glanced back at Hermione, who was shaking, and forced himself to calm down. "Come on. Before you faint."

"I just need to sit…" she murmured, eyes still on the Dark Lord.

"Ignore Tom. He's just being overly protective," Harry said coldly, forcing her to turn and start walking towards the Hospital Wing again, letting her lean on him.

Tom scowled and followed the two seventh years at a slight distance, knowing Harry sensed him and just ignored him. He gently probed at Harry's mind. What's wrong with her?

A tired sigh came from the male Gryffindor. Ron got her pregnant a few months ago.

This would be the same Ron who bothers you and Gin constantly about not having sex? Who puts you down at every chance? Who is supposed to be your best friend? That Ron?

That would be the one, yes.

Great Merlin. If I hadn't promised Gin I wouldn't murder her family, I'd strangle the child.

Harry gave a humourless laugh.

"Harry?" Hermione whispered softly.

"You okay?"

"Yes." She paused. "Were you two just talking?"

"Hm? Yes. He was commenting that he'd kill Ron if he hadn't promised Ginny he wouldn't."

"Ginny's in on all of this…?"

"Crafty little brat, that child is," Tom agreed, falling in to step with them on Harry's other side. Hermione let out a startled cry and shrunk back against Harry, but continued walking, if only because she had to.

"I won't hurt you, Granger. Harry won't let me."

"Not a chance. Herm's family," Harry retorted.

"For a kid who doesn't want the only family that he has alive, you sure have a large family," the Dark Lord snorted, eyes forward.

"So says the orphan with his family of Death Eaters," Harry muttered so only Hermione could hear.

The young woman giggled and glanced up at the man walking with them. His eyes were teal again, his hair a soft shade of brown. His skin was light, but not deathly pale, as Harry had described that of the Riddle of the diary from their second year. His build was tall and slim, muscles rippling beneath softly billowing robes. She'd never really looked at him before, hadn't had a reason to. He did look rather good, and not like a man in his early seventies.

Teal eyes sought out the brown he felt staring at him and Hermione looked away, blushing slightly. Harry rolled his eyes at the two.

"Here." Tom held the door to the Infirmary open for the two.

"Miss Granger! Mr Potter! What happened?" Madam Pomfrey cried, hurrying over.

"Marcus gave Herm a bit of a scare while we were on our way here for her usual check-up," Harry explained, helping the tired Hermione to a bed.

Madam Pomfrey scowled at the professor as she took note of him. "A bit more caution, Professor Brutùs. I thought only Professor Snape snuck up on students to give them heart attacks."

Tom dropped his gaze to the floor and looked properly sorry, a sight which got a giggle from Hermione and a grin from Harry.

"He's human, just like you and me," Harry murmured into Hermione's ear.

Hermione nodded. This is such a strange situation…

"Very well." Madam Pomfrey returned her attention to Hermione. "Normally Mr Weasley brings you down…" she realised.

"Ron's currently a little busy," Harry growled, anger blazing in his eyes. He felt an answering fury from the Dark Lord, but Tom's expression was far better controlled.

"Busy?" Madam Pomfrey responded disbelievingly. "What did you do, hang him up naked in the Great Hall?"

"Perhaps next week," Harry responded evenly. "Today, he is learning exactly what it means to be 'red as a tomato'."

"A very deaf tomato. Harry yelled his ears off," Hermione finished brightly, a gleam of mischief in her eyes as she glanced over at her friend. "Will you really hang him up naked in the Great Hall?"

Harry shrugged. "Dumbledore will have fits. Again."

Madam Pomfrey shook her head, expression tight. She sided with the large faction of Hogwarts that believed Harry should have been expelled after the prank he'd played on the Potions professor. Since then, he'd got back at a few other students he'd had bones to pick with, none as serious as the one on the professor, but each probably deserving of expulsion and earning nothing more than a lecture from Dumbledore, which Harry tuned out, no longer bothering to argue with the old man.

"The day Albus Dumbledore takes one of your pranks silently is the day I'll eat a sherbet lemon," Tom growled.

"Marcus, the day that man expels me, I'll dance on the roof of the school naked," Harry shot back.

"I'm sure I can set something up."

"Doesn't play practical jokes my foot."

Hermione giggled while Madam Pomfrey sighed. "You two…"

"Who said it was practical?" Tom inquired of his student while Hermione leaned over, laughing.

"Impractical isn't allowed in the school, Marcus."

"You really think he'd fire me for something as inconsequential as that?"

"I'd have to say yes."

"Even if it means hiring the Weasley twins to take my place?"

"I think he'd only stop short of Voldie, really."

This, of course, had Hermione laughing helplessly, Madam Pomfrey glaring at them for making her job more difficult, and Tom chuckling.

"Voldemort, teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts? I can't see it."

"Oh, I can." Harry pretended he had a wand and turned to Marcus, setting his face into an ugly mask of fury. "That answer is wrong! Crucio!"

Tom mocked flailing in pain.

"Out! Both of you!" Pomfrey ordered, trying not to smile. Hermione was howling with helpless laughter, clutching her sides tightly as the nurse forced them from the ward.

Did it work?

Did what work?
Harry glanced up at Tom as they leaned against the wall outside the Infirmary.

Getting her to trust me?

You're corrupting more Gryffindors on purpose,
Harry stated blandly.

And you don't mind.

Never said I did.

There was a long pause as they both thought their own thoughts.

Should I tell Severus to take everything out on Weasley and to take it easy on Granger?


Of course.

What were you up to earlier?

Talking to Severus.


Nothing much.


Although, I lost my temper…

Please tell me you didn't cast an Unforgivable in the school…

No, I didn't. Severus knows who I really am, though.

I should have bet you money for that.

What? Guessing how long it would take for others to figure it out?


Well, it's easier for the people who have to deal with me constantly.

It's even easier when you lose your grip on that glamour and your red eyes show through.

It's not my fault no one else has red eyes.

Tom, love, no one else wants eyes like yours. They're creepy.

You don't seem to mind them.
Tom's voice was amused as he glanced over the Gryffindor next to him hungrily.


Teal eyes fell on the stone wall before them once again. I didn't mean to make you angry at me, earlier. I just… I worry.

Especially when Gin's not around to save me,
Harry responded, amused.

Especially then, yes. Tom paused briefly before continuing. You're fine when you're angry; it's when you get scared or worried that you start to panic. When you start to panic, you have that possibility of relapsing.

Harry glanced up at the stony face in surprise. You sound like you know.

I do.

Harry recalled, suddenly, that Tom had attended a Muggle orphanage. During the second World War. He suppressed a shudder and slid closer to Tom.

A comforting hand slid around Harry's shoulders and hugged him close. I'm going to protect you. I swear it.

And my friends?

Of course.

Even my Muggle-born friends?

Tom didn't miss a beat. Every single last one, no matter their blood purity or skin colours or what-have-you.

Harry couldn't help but believe him.



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