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So, this is an original story I typed up quick-quick like for my Creative Writing class here at uni. We're gonna workshop it next Weds and since I'm leaving for a convention before it's due in and coming back after, I had to rush to get it done and in. So I wrote the thing in, like, seven hours, the latter half of which saw me half asleep. ^.^"
Which reminds me, I should be asleep right now.

So, in a rush of sleepy amusement, I've decided to post this up here on LJ for you freaks folks to read. Please, tear it to shreds. What you see here is exactly what I'm turning in to class, so if you see something that doesn't make sense, point it out, 'cause they may not. (Then again, they might point out every single flaw ever in this bitch and you all will find yourselves woefully lacking. XD)
At the end is a quick 'dictionary' of terms I used in this which are not English. Don't tell my Creative Writing class, but all of the words I stole are real words from other languages. If you can guess which ones, I'll give you a cookie.
And if any terms belong to more than one language and you point that out, I might give you two cookies. (Because that's so enticing.)

I should go to bed.

Please tear this apart, if you're reading it. It's rare that I write original stuff because I hate creating characters and the like. If you find anything - and I mean anything - tell me.

New World
Chapter One

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I think that one of the first things I'm going to do with this chapter after I've gotten some sleep and a couple days away from it is going to be flushing out the world I'm creating for this fic in the first half or so.
Right. Sleep.
~Bats ^.^"


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