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Hey, trying to figure out which ships (or gen groups!) I should write holiday-themed ficlets for to slip in my winter cards at the end of the year! Last year people really seemed to like getting them, and it was fun to be able to slip a bit of writing in with the cards, but it does mean I have to start planning, oh...right about now, yeah. XD
Click this link to vote, and/or read the little bits of info under the cut. (Based on clarifying questions I got last year.)

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It’s that time of the year again! :D If you want a card from me for the holidays, fill out the google form here!

For newcomers – and old hands who are confused – I send out cards to people for the winter holidays every year. Why? Because I, personally, love getting things that aren’t bills or junk in the post, and I know that holds true for a lot of people. Since this is supposed to be the season of giving, it makes sense to give my followers a little something to smile about, you know?
This offer is open to everyone, USA or international.

This year, I decided to send out winter-themed ficlets with the cards, and asked for my followers to vote on which of my ships I should write. I’ll put the list of winners under the cut (or you can just go straight to the google form), to keep this from taking up too much of your dash. They’re all either fluffy or humorous, and kissing is about as ‘naughty’ as any of them get, so you shouldn’t have to freak out too much about any young ‘uns (or parental units) snooping through your post. ;)
There IS an option to not get a fic, if you’d prefer. Either way, you’ll get a little sheet of stickers – penguins or snowmen – with your card.

I do appreciate getting cards back, though I don’t do this expecting them. I got a P.O. Box this year, which I’ll have at least through the middle of January:

P.O. Box 6151
Arlington, VA 22206

(If you send me a card and your address isn’t on my list already, for whatever reason, I’ll add it, but you won’t be able to get a fic. Also, for those with my address from previous years: I moved in April, so please don’t send to that one! ^^; )

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So! Closed the poll for which ships I'll write little ficlets to slip into winter holiday cards this year. I said at least five votes for a ship to make the cut, and five ships made that. Another three made four votes, so I might end up doing them, too. Idk.

Anyway, here are the winning ships:

  • Edward Elric/Roy Mustang (FMA)
  • Harry Potter/Salazar Slytherin (HP)
  • Loki/Tony Stark (Marvel)
  • Harry Potter/Tom Marvolo Riddle (HP)
  • Doctor (10)/Harry Potter (DW/HP)

And the runners-up:

  • Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart (FF8)
  • Harry Potter/Lord Voldemort (HP)
  • Loki/Tom Hiddleston (MCU/RPF)


The google form to collect addresses and decide which, if any, ficlet people want with their cards'll go up end of October/beginning of November. Whenever I remember to get my arse in gear. I usually post the cards on the last week of November, but I'll continue accepting addresses and posting until Yule, probably. (Again, depends, a bit, on when I remember to close the poll.)

Thanks for everyone who took part in this little poll! :D

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Bats' Winter Holiday Ficlets Ideas Poll

Some of you might remember how, last year, I made a joke about how I wish I could put short little ficlets into winter holiday cards for people, since I can’t do little personalised arts, but I didn’t have time to figure out what to write. (Whoops.) So I had a thought, the other night, about this would probably be a good time to ask for opinions on ships and fandoms and such, so...

I’m not going to put a cap on how many ships/fandoms I willing to write ficlets for, but I will say that there needs to be a certain amount of interest before I’ll agree to write that ship, because I don’t really want to stress over banging out a short fic about a ship that only one person is interested in.

So, you can pick up to 2 options (including whatever you want to add in the other category; yes, I can tell if you’re clicking two boxes and then adding two more for other, and I’ll delete your vote if you do that, don’t be a dick). You’ll only get one in your card, but I know some people are really going to want an unpopular ship, so I’m giving you the opportunity to pick a first and a second choice, so you’re more likely to get something you’ll enjoy. (You are not picking what you’re getting in your card right now, just what I’ll be writing; the card form will go up in November.)

Ship-wise, I do have this lovely little list of ships I’m comfortable writing for on my writing tumblr, but if you’re really desperate for a ship in one of those fandoms, and it’s not on the list – or you just want a gen fic for a particular group of people – go ahead and ask. (Please don’t ask about fandoms not on that list, though; chances are good I’m not familiar with it.)

These ficlets will have a holiday theme – I’ll aim for either non-specific, or specific to the religious leanings of those characters, as much as I can – and won’t be related to any of my current fics, so you can enjoy them without having read a specific fic.

I think that’s everything important? I’ll be closing the poll whenever I remember to in August, and I’ll be reblogging it a few times on my personal tumblr, and probably on this LJ.


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