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(Disclaimer: So, this is a little bit aimed at a particular author – they probably know who they are – a little bit born from Mum going off on another one of her rants about dumb authors who ask for an editor and then ignore our suggestions.)
(What right do I have to this topic, you may ask? I've been a writer for *muffled number* years, and I've utilised a beta reader for probably about ten years now. Probably about six years ago, I took up the task for beta reading fanfiction for other people, and I've since added editing 'real books' in the past three or four years. I'm hardly an expert, but I've been in this game a while.)


So, you're looking to get someone to edit your work! That's awesome! Fanfiction or original fiction, either is a great choice! And I'm not saying this because I think you're a bad writer; human beings make mistakes, it's what we do, and there's generally no shame in that. (I mean, if your mistake involves wiping out an entire country, that's a problem, but for most of us, that just involves overcooking the pasta and things like giving a character a third hand.) If you're a traditionally published author, the publishing house is going to be passing your work through an editor, because chances are pretty good there's something you've missed, which is especially true in longer pieces.

Here's the thing, though, about asking for an editor, which not all authors seem to get: You are asking for their time and their expertise. Your editor wants to help you, that's why they're there! (For original fiction, they may also be there for the money, but they're generally offering their services because they want to help someone.) If you're going to ignore your editor's suggestions out of hand, you're not looking for an editor; you're looking for someone to read it and gush, which isn't what your editor is there for. (Although we're certainly happy to gush if we enjoyed it!) If you don't like something your editor changed, that's fine, change it back; we all have our personal styles. If you're confused about why your editor made/suggested a change, ask them.
The other thing to remember, of course, is to give your editor time. A 'beta reader' is your second reader (assuming you, the author, are the first). That means they get it second. (Or third, or fourth, or however many beta readers you've actually scripted to help out.) If you're incapable of waiting to give the general populace a piece until after the beta reader has had a look, you're not looking for a beta reader; you're probably looking for a reader willing to point out mistakes. Which some will do, but most won't make that a priority, and plenty won't think to point errors out at all.

Okay, so, there's a few different ways an editor can look at your work:

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That was both....longer and shorter than I expected, somehow. ^^; Thanks for bearing with me, folks.

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(Okay, FINE, I made a tag for this fucking AU. *flops*)

These are all background characters who might get mentioned in the fic (which I need to stop character-creating long enough to write, fuck me) but won't have any real part in the action. But, you know, I wanted to make characters for them. (This process does help me a bit with fleshing out their background, since it's different from the FMA canon, which is nice. ^^; )

I do sort of wish I'd made the Armstrongs and Hugheses in Oblivion (the prequel game to Skyrim, for those unfamiliar with the series), but the last thing I need to to start up another game and go mucking about finding mods for it, so... ^^;

I was working on creating characters for the homunculi yesterday, so I'll probably post those tomorrow. And then hopefully finish a couple of important storylines in the game, because I've never completed them and they'll be important to the fic, whoops, and then I can write. ^^;

Van Hohenheim )

Gracia Hughes )

Maes Hughes )

Zolf Kimblee )

Lan Fan )

Ling Yao )

Scar )

Olivier Mira Armstrong )

Alex Louis Armstrong )
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(I should probably give in and make a tag for this AU already... ^^; )

SO, I got it into my head to make versions of all the FMA characters in Skyrim and then post the pictures, which, well, translating 2D anime characters into 3D realistic characters is...complicated. Especially when there are only so many options, whoops.
Cerillium, over on tumblr, suggested hair mods, since I was really bugged by some of my choices, so I fell down that rabbit hole, then spent all of today (& by that I mean I haven't slept & it's been about 24hours, whoops) redoing everyone and taking more pictures and then tossing everything together. SO.

Everything's under a cut, because image-heavy and there's no way to compact them like on tumblr. Current characters are Riza, Roy, Breda, Havoc, Fuery, Falman, Ed, Al, and Winry.
I have vague thoughts of doing Maes after I've slept, and maybe Lan Fan (who's gonna be kick-arse) and possibly Kimblee, assuming I ever remember to check to see if I have something all white for him to wear. (Not tonight, right.)
ALSO INCLUDED is some nsfw!Ed, because he got nekkid on the front steps of one of the capital cities, whoops. XD

Riza Hawkeye )

Roy Mustang )

Jean Havoc )

Heymans Breda )

Kain Fuery )

Vato Falman )

Edward Elric (sfw :P) )

Alphonse Elric )

Winry Rockbell )

Edward Elric (nsfw XD) )

OKAY! Now I can go to bed! XP
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So, I've been playing a lot of Skyrim of late, and my brain invariably turned to trying to fit the FMA crew into an Elder Scrolls AU and figuring out race and... I REGRET EVERYTHING. *coughs*
Mentioned this on twitter, where Inoru (I can't remember your tumblr name, halp!! orz) asked for details, and that's easier to do without a character limit, so:

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Yoinked from aurumdalseni, because she said grab it if we wanted to, and it looks interesting.
If you wanna do it too, please feel free! (& do blame/tag me; I'd love to see other peoples' stats! :D)

Stats collected via AO3, because they have a handy system. (Sorry the part above the cut is a little long; I posted a lot this year. ^^; )


  • Come What May -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, Darius/Ed/Heinkel, pre-RoyEd
  • Our Sinner's Redemption Extras -- FMA:B/manga, Explicit, Darius/Ed/Heinkel, pre-RoyEd
  • (In)Convenience -- FMA, Teen, RoyEd
  • A Clowder of Cats -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, gen
  • Reverti Ad Praeteritum -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, RoyEd, canon ships
  • Quiet Me ~ EdRoy -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, RoyEd
  • Zip Me ~ EdRoy -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, RoyEd
  • Call Me ~ EdRoy -- FMA, Teen, RoyEd
  • Wed Me ~ EdRoy -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, RoyEd
  • Offer Me ~ RoyEd -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, RoyEd
  • Drawn in Dragon's Blood -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, OC/OC
  • In the Middle -- FMA, Teen, RoyEd
  • Homecoming -- FMA, Explicit, RoyEd
  • Sparks -- FMA, Teen, RoyEd, background ships
  • Blood-Stained -- FMA, Mature, gen
  • Dragon's Gold -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, RoyEd
  • It's Raining Stair Rods -- FMA '03, Teen, RoyEd
  • Meow's the Time -- FMA, Teen, RoyEd
  • Gate's Design -- FMA '03, Teen, RoyEd
  • Dragon's Tongue -- FMA:B/manga, Explicit, RoyEd
  • Separate Paths -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, MaesGracia
  • In My Heart, In My Mind -- FMA, Explicit, RoyMaes
  • Holding Your Scarred Heart in Hand -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, gen
  • Forgiveness is a Gift -- FMA, Explicit, RoyEd, background ships
  • Dragon's Flight -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, RoyEd, MaesGracia
  • Van Wazir - Seller of Exotic Pets -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, pre-AlMei
  • In My End Is My Beginning -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, Ed/Slave 23
  • Pieces of Me -- FMA, Explicit, Lan Fan/Winry, IzumiSig
  • Family Dinner -- FMA, Teen, MaesGracia
  • Loyalty -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, Darius/Heinkel, Darius/Greedling
  • Never Just Curious -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, Darius/Ed, background ships
  • Pray the Sun Will Rise -- FMA, Teen, pre-AlMei, Lan Fan/Winry, RoyEd
  • Unlikely Circumstances -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, AlLing
  • Out on the Edge -- FMA '03, Teen, Ed/Greed
  • Clean-up -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, EdLing, EdGreedling
  • Colours in Your Eyes -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, RoyEd, AlMei, Lan Fan/Ling, background ships
  • Skin Deep -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, gen
  • Spirit's Fall -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, gen (technically)
  • Witness to a Shooting Star: A Spirit's Fall Side-Story -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, OC/OC
  • Break Me ~ Al & Truth: A Spirit's Fall Side-Story -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, gen
  • Sun Over the Yardarm -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, Darius/Heinkel, pre-Darius/Ed/Heinkel
  • Repaire du Diable -- FMA '03, Mature, Darius/Heinkel, Darius/Ed/Heinkel, Al/Marta
  • Burning All the Bridges -- FMA:B/manga, Mature, RoyMaesGracia
  • Undecked Halls -- HP, General, Harry/Voldemort
  • Edward Elric -- FMA, Teen, song rewrite
  • Fullmetal the Alchemist -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, song rewrite
  • Nuts -- Yuri!!! On ICE, General, Victor/Yuuri

  • I'll Follow the Echoes -- FMA, Teen, gen
  • Perennial Pleasures -- FMA '03, Explicit, Tentacle Plant/RoyEd
  • Our Lights Yet Shine -- FMA:B/manga, Teen, gen

Total number: 50 (nice, round number there, me)
Total word count: 766,413 (to be fair, both CWM & most of Reverti were written in 2015, ~400K words or so, so that's a little skewed; there’s also a handful of shorter-ish pieces that aren’t included, because unposted, maybe 20-30k worth?)
Ship/character breakdown: RoyEd (20 +2 pre), MaesGracia (4 +1 3some), DariusEdHeinkel (3 +1 pre), Darius/Heinkel (3 +3 3some), Lan Fan/Winry (3), OC/OC (2), AlMei (1 +2 pre), RoyMaes (1 +1 3some), Darius/Ed (1 +3 3some), and one each of: EdLing/EdGreedling, EdGreed, RoyMaesGracia, Harrymort, Victuuri, AlLing, Ed/Slave 23, Sigzumi, Lan Fan/Ling, Darius/Greedling. There were also 8 non-ship fics, and 5 with either background or canon ships.
Characters that had the main focus: A lot of Ed, but also a bit of Al, Roy, Darius, and May/Mei.

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I'm gonna attempt to do this thing. It may not end well. ^^;

Originally posted by [ profile] anotherfmafan at post
Days of Yore December event guidelines and details
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If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or message the mod, [ profile] anotherfmafan.


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