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This would be my new journal for my fanfiction. I ask that, while you're here, you follow these simple guildlines:

1. No flames. Flame, I block, then report you.

2. Ship wars on this poor thing are a major no-no. Let me tell you now, I win any ship wars by default. So nah.

3. Patience is a virtue. If it's a virtue you don't have, you may leave. I'm rather sick of people screaming at me to update such-a-fic because they need it. Let me tell you, folks, I need a vacation, but I'm writing fanfiction instead. You can suffer, just like me.

4. Constructive criticism, my friends, is goooooooood...

5. Democrats are my friends, however, I don't want to hear anyone dissing Republicans even though I'm not too fond of them either. At all. *stern look*

6. Please PLEASE don't send me private messages through this LJ, as I only log in to post things. I answer comments and any messages on [personal profile] noagirl. :)


On that note, these are some things you might want to be warned about:

1. All fics are clearly rated. There will be NC-17 fics here, but there will also be fics of lesser ratings.

2. All warnings are clearly marked. Expect to see things like chan, rimming, incest, bloodplay, and improper usage of a broom in here as well as SLASH and FEM-SLASH.
By that same token, expect some HET, since I like that too.

3. All fics/drabbles over 100 words will be behind an lj-cut. I'm not going to take over your f-list by posting incredibly long monsters.

4. All pairings will be clearly noted(Except in The Forgotten and Riddle's "Little" Problem, since I'm a jackass)


Figured you might want a little history:

I started here on LJ back in October of 2003 with the username [ profile] noagirl. The place was rather quiet and I never used it much, preferring my DeadJournal.
After a rather nasty break-up with [ profile] fallencadence, I fell away from the blogging world for a month or two, finally returning here to start in on my Harry Potter craving.
With my new cravings, I found many friends. This was a good thing, and it often inspired me to write fanfiction. Abandon is probably my most popular work to date.
However, my father has a tendency to find me, especially when we are at odds - as we have been for the past three years - and try and keep himself up to date on my life through back doors. [ profile] noagirl became one of these back doors and, in an effort to save myself a lot of angst, I friends-locked the journal.
The bad part was, I couldn't totally f-lock [ profile] noagirl because fans of Abandon and my other fics were using [ profile] noagirl to remain updated on my works. I created [ profile] hp_tmr_fics as a community for myself and others to post things for my OTP - Voldemort(Tom Riddle)/Harry Potter. It didn't pan out exactly as planned and so it's become just another community in the mass that is the WorldWideWeb.
[ profile] noagirl remained my main place to put everything and it's starting to put a bit of a strain on me. Hopefully, this new journal will do for me what [ profile] hp_tmr_fics couldn't.


Friending Policy:

Feel free to friend me at any time. You don't have to tell me, though it is always nice to know who's here.
I may or may not friend you back. If you ask to be friended, I will, of course.
I will not be f-locking any part of this journal, so trust me when I say you won't be missing out on anything if I don't friend you.

Edit:28/2/06 I've been friending people who have friended me in my free time, as I need something to do when I'm bored. So, you'll be friended back eventually if you friend me.


PLEASE MAKE NOTE: Failure to follow the guidelines will ultimately earn you a blocking on here and a report to staff. I don't want to deal with your crap.


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If I think of anything else, I'll be sure to let you know! ^.~


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