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Hey, all! Decided to go ahead and import everything over here, since it's relatively brainless. As of the moment, internal links in posts won't work, because they're still set to LJ. I'll work on fixing all of them, but it'll probably take me a couple weeks, so you may be best served using tags to find whatever you're looking for. Sorry about that!

All links are sorted properly!
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Posted this on my private LJ to get [ profile] anotherfmafan to share with chat if I forgot/didn't make it again, and then I was late and it looks like she never made it, so...

For those not on tumblr, Getti did more Slave Leia!Roy art! (With bonus RoyEd.)
Also, Spi apparently isn't familiar with Star Wars, but felt inspired to make some slave!Ed art. (It's rather a bit nsfw, fyi.)

And now, it sounds like my rice is done, so I'mma go eat, then do some catsitting and probably beta the fic [ profile] blown_wish sent me.
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(Disclaimer: So, this is a little bit aimed at a particular author – they probably know who they are – a little bit born from Mum going off on another one of her rants about dumb authors who ask for an editor and then ignore our suggestions.)
(What right do I have to this topic, you may ask? I've been a writer for *muffled number* years, and I've utilised a beta reader for probably about ten years now. Probably about six years ago, I took up the task for beta reading fanfiction for other people, and I've since added editing 'real books' in the past three or four years. I'm hardly an expert, but I've been in this game a while.)


So, you're looking to get someone to edit your work! That's awesome! Fanfiction or original fiction, either is a great choice! And I'm not saying this because I think you're a bad writer; human beings make mistakes, it's what we do, and there's generally no shame in that. (I mean, if your mistake involves wiping out an entire country, that's a problem, but for most of us, that just involves overcooking the pasta and things like giving a character a third hand.) If you're a traditionally published author, the publishing house is going to be passing your work through an editor, because chances are pretty good there's something you've missed, which is especially true in longer pieces.

Here's the thing, though, about asking for an editor, which not all authors seem to get: You are asking for their time and their expertise. Your editor wants to help you, that's why they're there! (For original fiction, they may also be there for the money, but they're generally offering their services because they want to help someone.) If you're going to ignore your editor's suggestions out of hand, you're not looking for an editor; you're looking for someone to read it and gush, which isn't what your editor is there for. (Although we're certainly happy to gush if we enjoyed it!) If you don't like something your editor changed, that's fine, change it back; we all have our personal styles. If you're confused about why your editor made/suggested a change, ask them.
The other thing to remember, of course, is to give your editor time. A 'beta reader' is your second reader (assuming you, the author, are the first). That means they get it second. (Or third, or fourth, or however many beta readers you've actually scripted to help out.) If you're incapable of waiting to give the general populace a piece until after the beta reader has had a look, you're not looking for a beta reader; you're probably looking for a reader willing to point out mistakes. Which some will do, but most won't make that a priority, and plenty won't think to point errors out at all.

Okay, so, there's a few different ways an editor can look at your work:

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That was both....longer and shorter than I expected, somehow. ^^; Thanks for bearing with me, folks.

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While I’m over here (& responding to a backlog of reviews, which reminded me that people are asking about the sequel again) I figure I should maybe make an actual post about when people should expect to see We All Need Saving.

So, first things first, I signed up for, foolishly decided to do...way too much shit this summer. Which is pretty much the entire reason for the delay. (Sorry.) My FMA big bang piece is done (and will be posted eventually; we got an extension because rl hit one of my artists), and my 1st wave FMA fandom challenge piece is... I’m working on it. (It’s almost done. Like, another 3-4 scenes. 7K or so. Easy shit.) I’m also signed up as a 3rd wave writer, which is another 5K piece, but that shouldn’t be too hard to knock out. I hope.
Ship Week wise... RoyEd & Hyuroi Weeks are out of the way. I want to write at least one piece for AlMei Week next week, and I have a list of shit I wanna do for RarePair Week in a few more weeks, which... Well. We’ll see.
(Also need to work on those short ficlets for holiday cards, but I’m hoping those will go quick, since I’d like them to be short enough to fit on a single sheet of printer paper. Yeah, good luck, oh monster-length writer Bats. XP)


I intend to get back to We All Need Saving in October sometime. (There’s... idk, probably about a quarter of it already written. Including one side scene.) If the muse is agreeable, I might have it edited to start posting by the end of November, but, honestly, best not to expect it until closer to the new year. (End of November-end of December is always a bit crazy for me, because holidays. Ugh.)

I think that’s all the important stuff?

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Was cleaning up some tags a bit and settling into a new layout (and updating my profile because, holy fuck, that thing was horrible) and came across this meme from 2011 and thought it might be fun to see what's changed in five years. So.

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Bats' Winter Holiday Ficlets Ideas Poll

Some of you might remember how, last year, I made a joke about how I wish I could put short little ficlets into winter holiday cards for people, since I can’t do little personalised arts, but I didn’t have time to figure out what to write. (Whoops.) So I had a thought, the other night, about this would probably be a good time to ask for opinions on ships and fandoms and such, so...

I’m not going to put a cap on how many ships/fandoms I willing to write ficlets for, but I will say that there needs to be a certain amount of interest before I’ll agree to write that ship, because I don’t really want to stress over banging out a short fic about a ship that only one person is interested in.

So, you can pick up to 2 options (including whatever you want to add in the other category; yes, I can tell if you’re clicking two boxes and then adding two more for other, and I’ll delete your vote if you do that, don’t be a dick). You’ll only get one in your card, but I know some people are really going to want an unpopular ship, so I’m giving you the opportunity to pick a first and a second choice, so you’re more likely to get something you’ll enjoy. (You are not picking what you’re getting in your card right now, just what I’ll be writing; the card form will go up in November.)

Ship-wise, I do have this lovely little list of ships I’m comfortable writing for on my writing tumblr, but if you’re really desperate for a ship in one of those fandoms, and it’s not on the list – or you just want a gen fic for a particular group of people – go ahead and ask. (Please don’t ask about fandoms not on that list, though; chances are good I’m not familiar with it.)

These ficlets will have a holiday theme – I’ll aim for either non-specific, or specific to the religious leanings of those characters, as much as I can – and won’t be related to any of my current fics, so you can enjoy them without having read a specific fic.

I think that’s everything important? I’ll be closing the poll whenever I remember to in August, and I’ll be reblogging it a few times on my personal tumblr, and probably on this LJ.

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So, I know this has always been a fic journal, but I don't feel like trying to figure out [ profile] noagirl's password right now, and I did tell [ profile] anotherfmafan (and other people in the 520 Day chat) that I'd try to post shit on LJ, so.

People who've been following me on tumblr and twitter for a while know, but for those who don't, I've taken to collecting FMA figurines since I got back in the fandom last summer. Two new ones arrived today (Olivier and the Riza in the middle of the pic), and they're the last I should buy for a while, because bills and Mum's giving me disapproving looks (& I also should save up for a 3DS before the new Pokémon games come out, seriously), so I decided to take a shot of all the ones I have! (Plus bonus Squall and Selphie from FF8, because that shelf's their home too.)

The littler Roy in the middle is actually kept on top of my monitor, watching me while I don't write. (Wish I had an Ed too keep with him, but all the smaller Eds are either ridic expensive, or their faces make me shudder, so...)
(And Envy's driving me nuts. They've had a leaning problem ever since I got them. :/ Had to stick their base to the glass with sticky, and they're leaning against the glass so it's hopefully a little less noticeable.)

Still desperately wishing I could find the Trading Arts Olivier, and I'll probably get the chibi May at some point (her Trading Arts figure is even harder to find than Olivier, ugh), and I kinda wanna get Lust and the Trading Arts Al, but I'm otherwise quite happy with this set. :D

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Other than through Twitter, I mean. ^.^"

Uhm. Still working on putting the last of Abandon up here. Should have that done by the end of the weekend, then I'll go post it on AO3, for those who want to download a PDF/MOBI/HTML version for your private collections. ...freaks...

On other news, I decided my Masterlist of Fanfiction post was getting too long, so I broke it up into six — seven, if you count the original post, which still retains the list of fics I'm working on — separate posts, which are all linked together.
While I was doing that, I realised my list of original fiction is rather lacking, considering I took four — five? — terms of writing workshops in uni, and a creative writing class in high school, so I sifted through my folders and added another five one-shot/drabbles and a single chapter of something I'll never finish. They're all back-dated and won't have appeared on your f-lists, but you can find the whole list of them here. (For the truly curious, the new additions are The Act of Revenge, The Food Fight, Gold-Streaked Blue, Squaring Stairs, To Be In Control, & What We Leave Behind.)
If people are interested, I can post what I've got of chapter 5 of At Good's End — I'm working on the rewrite, so I won't be continuing the NaNo version, but I could post what I've got, anyway. I know there were some interested people way back when, but I don't know how many of you are actually interested in it any more.

I think that's everything important. Meh.
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I apologise to anyone and everyone who caught and was annoyed by the chapter spam. I was working on posting Abandon chapters that never made it onto LJ and couldn't find the 'Do not post to friends pages' box. -.-* Finally managed to hunt it down, so your friends pages should be free of Abandon chapters, now.

On the subject of Abandon, I posted a list I made of the Chipper's Charms that show up in the fic, as well as a few sketches of the necklaces Harry gave Tom and Draco for Christmas and the Junior pendants over here, at deviantArt. For you weirdos who care.

Also, linked my Twitter to my LJ, so there should be a new post here when I post something there. (Maybe also re-tweets, which I'll try to keep to a minimum, but I'm following fan-made accounts for Voldemort, Sev, and Ash Ketchum, and they're freakin' HYSTERICAL. *coughs*) Just a heads-up, I suppose.

I think I'll go back to posting more Abandon, now. *sweatdrop*
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So, I've been off and on working on the next chapter of The Perfect Sky is Torn, but not much else. Okay, little lie. I've been working some on a Merlin fic and and Persona 4 fic, and even a Persona 3/Harry Potter crossover, but since none of them are posted anywhere...
I'm a terrible author. Yes, I am. But there was Stargate, and then Farscape, and then the P4 anime and Digimon Xros Wars, which led to Digimon Adventure Zero Two and...

*clears throat*

Anyway. Real reason I popped in: [ profile] tsuki_no_suzu sorta, kinda, without much trying, talked me into getting a Twitter. You can harass follow me at LadyMarvolo, if that is your wish. I'd have gone for Batsutousai, but some Japanese person took it first. ;.;

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Xerosis shall be going yet another week – two weeks? – without an update. And by that, I mean it won't be updated in two days. Whoops?
On the up side, I wrote an entire fic in two weeks. *grin* And now that bunny is out of the way, I should be able to focus on Xerosis again. So....
Next week. I'll aim for an update next week.

Also, meme. That I stole from [ profile] eaivalefay. (Again.)
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I've been posting on [ profile] noagirl a bit of late - [ profile] tsuki_no_suzu got me doing this anime meme - and I happened to see these two on my f-list. Considered posting them on [ profile] noagirl, then figured you lot would probably be more interested than my RL friends on there, soooo....

Stole both of these from [ profile] eaivalefay.

Fic Lines Meme )

Writing Meme )
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So, I flipped the calendar page on Monday and realised that I was supposed to have a chapter ready to post in three days and I had nothing. I had research to do and a couple of kinks to work out and...

Anyway. I spent all day in Monday fighting with chapter nine. By the time [ profile] tsuki_no_suzu got home at 23:30, I was about in tears and no closer to finishing the chapter than I had been when she left. She made me put it away and get out of the house and I felt a bit better, but I was still in no frame of mind to tackle the chapter again.

After a day spent away from that chapter, I'm feeling much better, but even if I spent the next 36 hours working on it, there's no way I could finish it and get it through my betas in time to post it on Thursday.

So. Xerosis will NOT be posted tomorrow.

I know, I know. I promised. [ profile] magickmaker17 made a nice joke about how I start promising dates and am unable to deliver. *sigh*
Well, this is me, not delivering again. I'm sorry, really I am. I will do my absolute damnedest to get that chapter out next Thursday, but I won't make any promises. Really should know better by now.

Hang tight. I'm not abandoning this, it's just not going to be posted tomorrow. And I am really, truly sorry about that.
Here's hoping I'll see everyone next Thursday.
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Whoops. ^.^" I haven't actually been writing lately. Sorry.

So, I started working on an old project in a bit of a new way and I thought I'd let everyone know. (And see who's interested?)
I've decided to try a new re-write on Abandon which involves re-writing the entire fic from scratch, not just bulking up chapters. [ profile] tsuki_no_suzu started it and both she and [ profile] magickmaker17 seem excited for it.
Uhm, I won't be posting it anytime soon, since I kind of want to have a lot of chapters to post. (You know, like how Abandon was originally posted weekly? I kind of want to do that with the re-write, but that requires I have some already written. ^.^")

On that note, I'm going to go back to working on that. *nod, nod*
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It's that time of year again, my pretties!! And this year, I intent to WIN!! (Even if I have to stop for papers in the middle of the month and spending the week after classes end doing nothing but writing.)


Tentative Title: SnowFire

Genre: Teen Fiction (with a touch of fantasy thrown in)

Summary: Edana Spellman is your average teenager from a not so average, magic-wielding family. When a faction of magic-wielding people decide it's time to clean out those who can't use magic, Edana is right at the centre of it all. Could she be the one to save our world?

Main Characters:
Edana Spellman Albino teenager from a family with magical abilities, but none herself.
Alfreda Spellman Edana's elder sister, who's ability is being wise beyond her years.
Phoenix Vito New kid in town who's power is controlling his own blood.
Seth Redmond Boy from a normal family who has the power to see what's not there. Edana's best friend.
Sinclair Strong Head of a gang and Edana's childhood friend. Has the ability to control lightning.
John Haven Phoenix's stepfather and a school teacher. Has the ability to animate objects.
Stein Spellman Edana's father and an archaeologist. Has the ability to control earth and stone.

Delilah Saul Leader of opposing faction. Has power to control any man who hears her voice.
Lot Vito A member of the opposing faction and Phoenix's birth father. Has the ability to hide himself and others from normal sight.

Setting: Modern-day suburb of an unnamed city.


The idea is very Harry Potter-esque, yeah. But I originally started working on this story before I'd ever read HP. Found it a couple months ago and thought I should re-write it. (The old writing was shite, I tell you. Ugh.) So I wrote down the character names, scrapped the old file, let it sit for a couple months, and now intend to re-write the whole thing. Should be fun. XD

On that note, I think I need to get some new NaNo icons... *wanders off to do that*

One ||| Two ||| Three
Four ||| Five ||| Six
Summary & Character Info

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So, I've always considered doing NaNoWriMo, but never actually participated. This year, [ profile] tsuki_no_suzu is going to do it, and I thought it could be fun to finally participate.
So, I'm probably going to be posting what I'm writing here, unless I get a serious outcry against it.
I'm going to be writing an original that I originally tried starting some years ago. I've since lost that notebook, so I'm starting over. Some info about it:

Tentative Title: At Good's End
Genre: Fantasy
Summary: Elspeth Rowan wants to read a book where the bad guy wins, and her mother suggests she writes it. The only problem is, once she sits down to write this book, it becomes her life. Literally.
Can Elspeth survive a world of her own making?

Main Characters:
Elspeth Rowan/Gwenonwyn Lasaír Kerry - Main character/author of story. She gets sucked into her book. Gwenonwyn is kidnapped at the beginning of the book and travels with Finlay to get home.
Finlay Saoirse - "Good guy" of the story. Book originally meant to be from his POV. Gwenonwyn travels with him.
Lonán Tierney - Finlay's best friend. Travels with Finlay and Gwenonwyn.
Lorcan Emrys - Head captain of the "bad guy's" army. In charge of the search for Gwenonwyn.
Setting: The Land of Kerry. The lord in charge has made a lot of enemies because of his tendency to war neighbouring countries into joining his country.

One ||| Two ||| Three ||| Four
Summary & Character Info

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So, yeah. The not-so-active author returns at last.
Nevermind that I have three papers I should be writing. Or a project. Or a skit. -.-*
I hate end of the term....

My "Christmas" Break will be spent making money and suffering through my grandmother who, while I love her dearly, drives me nuts.

I have a lack of fic ideas- Well, no, I take that back. I have a new fic in the works, but as I'm not quite sure I like it and I'm letting the madly busy [ profile] magickmaker17 abuse it with her betaing, it won't be going up any time soon. Maybe, if I feel any pleasure when working on it over the holidays, I shall post a chapter or two.

I've got a one-shot that I started in January or this year - the challenge came to me last Christmas - and I wanted to have it done by now, since I could put it up as a Christmas gift to the challenge-giver or something, but Tom and Harry haven't yet decided who's going to top and I've just left them at their silent arguement. Those two are so difficult sometimes!! *throws hands up into air*

So, the basics is that there's very little chance that anything will make it up anytime this year - and I mean that literally. Perhaps I'll be lucky and get a break over Break - that was a bad one, Bats - and have something up in time for the holidays or, at the least, the New Year.

We'll see. Keep your fingers crossed!!
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Just thought I'd give the heads up that the Zephuros site is up and mostly running. I've got 6 out of 10/11 character pages done at the moment, and the ones that are done are the main-ish characters.

I should be adding characters for the next chapter as soon as I get started on it. So, what? Two, three days?

I need to head for lunch now - I have class in about an hour. ^.^"

Oh!! Link'd: Zephuros Site
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Ah, glee.

So, I've started re-working Abandon, as I've been promising myself for a while now that I'd do. The first chapter is done and up. I've also decided I'd start posting all the chapters here at Lj, but I want to backdate it so it's put up on the date that I originally posted that chapter. So that means using reviews to date the chapters - curse you, FFN - unless some true psycho has all of the dates of the chapters logged.

I'm not holding my breath. Trust me.

I just sang a resounding chorus of Hermione Got Run Over By A Death Eater for mum and she said, "I think I need to go to bed, because you're starting to make sense". XD
On that note, I'm thinking of heading for bed myself.
Oyasumi nasai, minna-san!! *waves and runs*
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The basics:

My laptop's broke - the screen's having a shit-fit on me - and all my stuff's on it. I'm gonna make an effort to find the stuff I've got hidden somewhere to turn my hard drive to an external one so I can plug it into mum's laptop, which is the one I'm currently on and that I hate, by the way... 'Til that happens, don't expect a damn thing. -.-*

The Forgotten, To Be A Woman, and Their Secret Lives are all playing the funk game, as it were. Riddle's "Little" Problem and I were gettin' on great, until I started working again and my baby broke. T_T
Got a couple new fics that I'm in the process of - I need to stop doing this to myself - and I may or may not put up when I find that hard drive conversion thing. *mutters*

Merlin be damned, I have to work tomorrow. -.-*


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