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Title: Abandon’s Outtakes
Author: [ profile] batsutousai
Beta: [ profile] magickmaker17(or not. I don’t think she betaed this…)
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort), Seamus/Blaise, Ginevra/Theodore, post-Ron/Hermione, Salazar/Godric
Warnings: Same warnings for the original Abandon, really. General insanity, slash, het, OOC-characters, etc… No sex for these, though, I think. These are more meant for fun than anything else.
Summary: Ever wonder what happens with all the other characters in Abandon that aren’t Harry or Tom? Did Gin ever kiss Ted in the Great Hall? What did Minerva think about the relationship between Harry and Tom? Here are those tales, and more!
Disclaim Her: Sometimes, I really wish for a headache potion…

Key: Okay, you might need these:
’Written thoughts’

A/N: Gin and Ted’s kiss in the Great Hall. This was the little back-story that got me to, originally, write this little monster.
This series will be, mostly, for fun. At most, we’ll have a PG-13 rating on this, I should think, but don’t be too surprised if that does go up to R. At any rate, if you’re looking for lemons, this isn’t it. This is for amusement, both mine and yours, as well as to fill in plot holes and to help me past any writer’s block.
So, sit back, don’t start drinking anything, and be prepared to LAUGH!!!


Side Story One - Ginevra Weasley and Theodore Nott


Saturday dawned bright and early for the students and staff at Hogwarts, despite the hellish incident the night before. The word of Ron’s attack, and expulsion, as well as Harry’s rise up to the office of Prefect had spread through the school like a wildfire. By the time the Gryffindor Juniors, Hermione, and Neville had all entered the Great Hall, it was the talk of all the tables, and both Hermione and Parvati found themselves hard-pressed for answers.

“Hermione! What happened last night?”

“I heard you and Hermione were the only two students in the room when Ron was expelled, Parvati. Was it horrible?”

“Is Harry coming down?”

“Tell us everything!”

Dean, Seamus, and Neville did their best to push the crowds back, to let the girls get their seats and eat, but nothing was working.

“We should just eat in the kitchens,” Hermione mumbled worriedly, nibbling on her lower lip.

“Where’d Gin go?” Parvati inquired rather suddenly. The other four looked at her in surprise, the wizards’ attempts to keep other students at bay faltering.

They didn’t have to wait for much longer to find out, though. ‘HEY, IDIOTS! OVER HERE!’ appeared above everyone’s heads in the sharp script of a rather pissed off Gin Wealsey.

The Hall turned to where she stood, holding tightly to Theodore’s shirt. The boy looked like he desperately wanted to get away, but his girlfriend’s grip was too tight. ‘You want something to talk about? I’ll give you something to talk about!’ Then the young witch turned and crushed her lips to Theodore’s harshly, slamming her eyes shut.

The Great Hall fell into immediate silence as everyone, student and staff alike, froze.

Well, everyone but three Slytherins, who took the moment of silent shock to drag the five Gryffindor seventh years from the Hall.

It wasn’t until Theodore unfroze himself and wrapped his arms around his girlfriend that the Hall burst open with sound as the students started whispering to their neighbors. This, of course, led to the Gryffindors telling the tale of Professor Brutús and Harry kissing before the attack on Harry by Ron. This led to many speculations, including Harry and the professor being involved for a while with Gin covering for them, and Ron having attacked Harry for being gay.

Theodore frowned at Gin as they pulled apart. “What…brought that…on?” he gasped, attempting to catch his breath.

Gin gave him a wicked little smile. ‘My brother said I should kiss you this morning, in the middle of the Great Hall, and, since Herm and Parvati kinda needed to get away…’

Theodore chuckled and shook his head. “My little Slytherin. Come on, let’s go hunt down the others. I assume Master Imp is sleeping?”

‘Master Imp is likely to sleep all day, not that I blame him.’

“Hm. Me neither.”

“They’re getting away!!” a voice shouted from behind the couple as they headed for the doors out of the Great Hall.

Theodore glanced over his shoulder at the mass of students who were eyeing them hungrily. “Run for it?”

‘GO!!’ Gin laughed, pulling away and dashing from the Hall.

Theodore followed her, also laughing, as the mob of students ran after them. Most interesting morning I’ve had yet! the young Nott decided as he followed Gin down to the dungeons, where they were sure to lose the multitude of Gryffindors and Hufflepuffs, as well as the few Ravenclaws that cared and the one or two younger Slytherins who didn’t know any better. “Gin! Love! Wait up!” Theodore shouted for the crowd’s benefit just before he dashed down the stairwell to his home.


A/N: Yes, it’s short. They’ll probably all be short. As I said, this is all for amusement, rather than, say, actual context. Abandon was written to focus on Harry and Tom(though it’s been known to deviate from time-to-time because I do need something for the plot).
Some things just don’t fit in to the story, or I need a certain mood to set something up(or a chapter’s already a little too long for my liking, though it may prove too short for everyone else), and so they can’t be added in. Hence, this little menace right here.

Stay tuned!

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