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Title: Reclaim
Author: [ profile] batsutousai
Beta: Hells Bitch
Pairings: Harry/Tom(Voldemort), Salazar/Godric, Rowena/Helga, Sirius/Remus, Gin/Ted, Herm/???
Warnings: This will have graphic slash, not-so-graphic femslash, and not-so-graphic het, torture
Summary: Sequel to Abandon!
In love with the man he’s expected to kill and member of the esteemed Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter must fight in a war in which he is divided. Can he lead his world to peace?
Disclaim Her: PMS is not a blessing in an all-women's school. *twitches*

Written thoughts
°°Phoenix speech°°


Chapter 6


"Hi, Fawkes!"

"Blasted bird," Tom grumbled as Harry greeted the phoenix.

"Tom." Harry shot his lover a mildly annoyed look.

Tom let out a snort. "And I'll say it again, blasted bird."

°°Don't worry about him,°° Fawkes suggested, settling on Harry's shoulder. °°You're sure you're well enough to make the trip?°°

"Oh, don't you start, too!"

"What's he starting?" Tom gave the phoenix a dark look.

°°I am merely making certain that you won't collapse on my watch,°° Fawkes informed Harry coolly. °°If you do not like it, you may remain here.°°

"Look. Tom's already coming to hover over me, and so is Sirius, now that I think about it; I hardly need you joining the party, Fawkes," Harry complained.

"Don't listen to him; he needs as many hoverers as he can get," Remus called from where he was resting in a chair. The full moon was that night and the werewolf looked horrible.


"I agree." Tom nodded.


"You're not swaying them, pup. I don't know why you keep trying." Sirius chuckled, stepping from the bathroom.

"You know, Sirius, it might be easier if I had a bit of help," Harry shot back darkly.

"Can't help you there, Harry." Sirius shrugged before leaning over and giving Remus a swift kiss. "Stay in that chair, eat whatever Noodles brings you, and shout for an elf if you need something."

"Yes, Padfoot." Remus rolled his eyes with a smile. "Go torment Harry."

"Oiy! He has all day to torment me! Sirius, hover over Remus for another couple of minutes, won't ya?" Harry called, shaking a finger in the werewolf's direction.

"I happen to trust that Remus can take care of himself," Sirius informed his godson as he walked over to the younger wizard. "You, on the other hand..."

"Yeah, yeah, I know." Harry groaned. "Smoky! Come on!"

"Mew!" Smoky jumped up to the table that Tom was leaning against, then dashed up the Dark Lord's arm to his shoulder. Once she was steady enough to suit herself, she proceeded to lick a paw.

"Who said I was your horse for today?" Tom enquired with a touch of amusement.

"Mrow," came the uncaring reply.

"Figures." Tom shook his head and stepped forward to where Harry stood with Fawkes on his shoulder and one hand on Padfoot to help steady himself. "Ready to go, then?"

"Yup!" Harry chirped as Padfoot gave a loud bark.

"Mutt, keep it down," Tom shot at the Grim-like dog, waving his wand about threateningly with one hand while the other rubbed delicately at his ears.

"Woof," Padfoot replied evilly.

"Would you two behave yourselves for once?" Harry groaned, letting go of his godfather to rub at his eyes.

"Nope," Tom replied at the same time as a negative-sounding "Arf!" came from Padfoot.

"Great." Harry rested his hand on Padfoot again, then nodded at Fawkes. "Ready."

°°Very well.°° Fawkes nodded his head, then tossed them through newly appeared dancing flames to the Hogwarts Infirmary.

"Harry!!" Ula shouted, fighting against Poppy.

Harry gave the young girl a stern look. "Why are you in the Infirmary, Miss Thorald?" he asked in his best teacher voice.

"Ronan blew up another cauldron," answered the young witch, wincing as Poppy dabbed at a burn. "I kinda pushed him out of the way so he wasn't up here again."

"And she's not as badly burned as Rockwell was," Sally reported, stepping up to where the small group of visitors stood. "It's good to see you, Harry."

Harry let go of Padfoot so he could hug the Junior. "Yeah."

"You're done," Poppy's voice cut through the room. "Harry, come here."

"I'm fine, Poppy," Harry sighed, walking over to the mediwitch.

"So you keep telling me," the mediwitch retorted. "Sit."

Harry rolled his eyes and settled on the bed, giving Ula a long-suffering look as she giggled. "What are you laughing at, miss?"

"You, of course!"

"Stop looking like you're about to face your doom," Poppy ordered before casting a list of quick spells at the professor.

"Poppy, you're a devil in disguise. Voldemort himself isn't as evil as you!" Harry complained, sitting still for the scans like he was supposed to.

"I'm sure." Poppy smiled at the young man. "You're fine. Come back and see me before you leave."

Harry nodded seriously, standing with the help of his cane. "I'll make sure we stop back before we leave, then."


Harry stepped around the witch, smiling at Ula. "Shall we walk you back to Severus' class?"

"Do I have to go back, Harry?" Ula whined.

"I will not condone skipping," Harry replied firmly.

"Especially Severus' class," Tom agreed. "He might test a potion on you as punishment."

Padfoot let out a snort and stepped over to Ula to demand pets.

Harry smiled. "Come along, then."

"We're coming!" Ula called, not moving.

Tom rolled his eyes. "Sure you are," he snorted, then picked up the child and tossed her over one shoulder like a sack of potatoes. "Lead the way, Harry."

"Marcus! Let me down!!" Ula wailed, pounding her fists on the Dark Lord's back.

"Not a chance. Come on, mutt. You can help us cause mayhem in Severus' class," Tom suggested, following Harry from the Infirmary. Padfoot followed him with a pleased yip.


"Welcome back, Professor Harry!" the fifth year Gryffindors called as Harry stuck his head into the Defence classroom.

Harry grinned at the class. "Hello, brats," he offered fondly before glancing at Herm, who sat at his desk. "Could I borrow you for a moment, Herm?"

"Hey, Professor?" Dennis Creevey called out as Herm started towards the door.

"Yes?" Harry glanced over at the boy with a kind smile.

"Sir, when will you be our teacher again?"

"Yeah! Are you ever coming back?!" Richie Coote called out.

"He'll be back when I let him come back," Tom offered, pushing the door open more so he could look into the room. "Any complaints may be filed with me."

"Oh, uh..." Richie looked back at the paper on his desk. "Er, okay."

"Should I stay in here and make sure they won't break anything?" Tom enquired as Herm reached the door.

"Marcus, I think they'll be fine." Harry chuckled, tugging on the Dark Lord to make him step back. Once the door was closed behind Herm, the young man turned to her seriously. "Things are going well?"

"They're fine." Herm chuckled. "How long will you be remaining for?"

"Just the day."

"Would you like to come in and watch them?"

Harry glanced up at Tom. "May I?"

Tom turned to Herm. "Make sure he doesn't stress himself out or anything."

Herm nodded. "Certainly. Where will you be?"

"Albus wanted a few words with him," Harry slipped in, rolling his eyes. "Something about putting me in danger and a conversation they had last time he was here."

"You talked to Albus last time you were here?" Herm frowned at the Dark Lord.

"Something like that." Tom cocked an eyebrow at the witch. "Keep an eye on Harry. I shall see you both at lunch."

"Of course." Herm sighed. "Come on, Harry."

"I'm coming, Herm."


"Hello, Albus."

"Harry, it's wonderful to see you!"

Harry smiled faintly and settled himself in the seat the Headmaster had left for him. "Where's Marcus?"

"Ah... He had to run back home for something, he said," Albus offered jovially.

Harry frowned. "That's strange..."

"Hello, little Gryffindor," a soothing voice offered from behind Harry.

Harry turned, grinning. "Rowena. I didn't expect to see you in the Great Hall."

"When I heard that the notorious Harry Potter was over for lunch, I couldn't help but drop by." Rowena sighed, smiling. "How have you been?"

"Well enough." Harry shrugged, nibbling on a biscuit.

"Harry!" Herm reached around Rowena and grabbed the biscuit from Harry's hand. "Eat real food!"

"That is real food, Herm!" Harry complained, frowning as his sister started loading his plate with various foods from the table. "I can't eat that much!"

"Finish all of it or I'm not letting you up from the table," Herm shot back evenly.

"Oh, come on, now–"





"Harry, eat your food."

Harry fell back against the back of his chair with a pout. "Evil."

Rowena chuckled. "At least you can eat food," she pointed out good-humouredly.

"Yeah, well, right now, I'm wishing I couldn't. Uhg."


Harry smirked. "Yes, Herm?"

"I give up!"

Harry and Rowena laughed.


"I don't like this."

"Hm?" Herm glanced up from the papers she was grading to where Harry sat across the desk from her. Padfoot glanced up from where he lay before the fire.

"He's still not back, and I haven't heard anything from him."

Sirius transformed suddenly. "Marcus?"

Harry glanced up at his godfather. "Yes. Albus said he went home for something..."

"He would have told you, wouldn't he have?"

"That's what I'm thinking as well..." Harry rubbed at his chin, then discreetly passed a hand over his Dark Mark pendant. "Maybe Severus knows something."

"Harry, I've been down in the dungeons most of the day. Marcus didn't pass by." Sirius sighed.

"But Severus is a member of the staff," Herm murmured. "Perhaps he knows something that Albus just didn't tell us?"

"That's what I'm afraid of," Harry agreed sadly, closing his eyes.

"Come in!" Herm called when someone knocked on the door.

Severus slipped into the room, then threw up Silencing Charms. "Yes?"

"Tom's missing." Harry glanced up at the darker-eyed man coldly.

"Albus said he'd gone home early." Severus frowned.

Harry let out a hiss and stood sharply. "That bastard. Herm, go see if Poppy knows anything. Severus, do some scouting. Sirius, sniff around a bit, see if Gin knows anything," he ordered, slipping firmly into a Dark Lord's mannerisms.

"You believe he didn't go back to the manor?" Severus enquired as Harry started towards the door.

Green eyes flashed. "I know he didn't."

Severus' eyes widened briefly before he bowed. "As my Lord orders."

"Where will you go, Harry?" Herm inquired seriously as she pulled her robes back on.

"Minerva." Harry nodded. "Meet back here in an hour. If you learn something before then, find me."

"Understood," Herm and Severus chorused. Padfoot let out a sound that was somewhere between a growl and a bark.


"Hey, Minerva, do you mind?" Harry enquired with a small smile as he poked his head in the Transfiguration Professor's office.

Minerva nodded. "Please."

Harry slipped into the room and, after closing the door firmly behind himself, settled in a comfortable chair before the woman's desk. "Thanks."

Minerva glanced up with a small smile. "Now, what can I do for you?"

Harry's face fell. "Albus says Marcus left earlier..."

"And you don't believe that?" The Transfiguration professor set down the quill she'd been using to grade papers and folded her hands before her.

"I can hardly believe what I know to be false," was Harry's chilled reply. "I know Albus will be forever suspicious of Marcus and I wonder if he hasn't done something."

"Now, Harry, I really don't think Albus would do anyth–"

"Minerva," Harry interrupted coolly, "we know two different sides of the same man. Marcus pulled together a false Death Eater attack so he could actually talk to me. If Albus found out, what do you think he'd do?"

The witch's face paled. "So he did call that attack..."

"Minerva!" Harry's eyes flashed.

The woman visibly shook herself from her thoughts. "I recall Rolanda commenting on seeing some Ministry aurors walking in here earlier, looking as if they owned the place," she offered, still looking dazed.

Harry stood sharply. "Thank you, Minerva."

"Be careful," Minerva replied as Harry headed towards the door to her office.

Harry's eyes danced with dark amusement. "You're a little over a year late, but thank you for the sentiment," he offered dryly before stepping evenly from the room. He had one more place to check before he dealt with Albus.


"You really think he'd do something so stupid?" Herm worried her lower lip.

"I do." Poppy nodded grimly. Sally's face mirrored that of her mentor.

"I still can't see it...."

"Harry will probably strike back, too," Sally whispered.

"That wouldn't surprise me." Herm snorted, rolling her eyes.

"We must all pretend we didn't know," Poppy said suddenly, eyes shining with tears. "We'll have to shun them, just so they have a couple ears in Hogwarts and the such."

"Call Fawkes," Herm ordered. "We'll need to keep all our spies."

"Who're you sending Fawkes to, Herm?" Sally asked, even as Poppy slipped out her wand and drew a quick pattern in the air.

"The Weasleys. With Remus and Sirius uncovered, we'll still need their ears in the Order," Herm hissed as Fawkes appeared in a flash of flame. "Fawkes, I need to write out a quick letter, then have you deliver it to four different people. Can you do that?"

Fawkes gave an affirmative trill and Herm quickly moved to write out her note.


'The bastard's probably sent him to the Ministry for questioning.' Gin spat. She, Luna, and Sirius had gathered in an empty classroom.

"We'll have to move carefully," Luna murmured quietly, gaze serious.

'I know. The two of us will have to stay in the school, if only to find prospectives.' Gin agreed with a sigh.

"You'll have to pretend to hate him." Sirius sighed, rubbing his face.

"Will you?" Luna gazed curiously at the animagus.

Sirius frowned at the witch. "Albus already knows I've been staying with Harry and Marcus for a few weeks. I doubt I'd get away with saying, 'I didn't know'."

Gin nodded. 'Don't. Stay with Harry. Luna and I shall remain in the school and gather more Juniors.'

"And I'm sure Herm will also remain," Luna agreed.

'And with Poppy and Severus...'

"You'll be fine," Sirius stated, standing. "I'll be going, then. Be careful."

"Thank you, Sirius," Luna offered as Gin frowned at the ring she wore with the Potter family crest.

Sirius nodded jerkily. "Any time." Then he disappeared into the hallway.

'Let's go. I want to start our base up now, while Dumbles is distracted.' Gin ordered, standing.

"Understood, my Lady," Luna replied seriously as she, too, stood. The two witches traded looks, then they spun as one and stepped from the room. Luna walked one way, idly observing the ceiling, while Gin stalked up towards Gryffindor Tower, silently fuming.


"Of course we'll help them." Godric snorted. "I wouldn't want to get on your sister's bad side."

"Knew I'd made the right choice in naming her my second," Harry mussed idly.

"I'll help Herm find Helga," Rowena offered, smiling at the relieved look Harry sent her. "Hell, I helped her build that crypt; not only do I know where it is, but I also know how to get in."

"Thanks, Rowena," Harry breathed, flicking a lock of hair out of his face. "That makes me feel much better."

"Helga will certainly help," Salazar offered idly. "She doesn't like it when people force others."

"No, she doesn't," Rowena agreed grimly.

Harry nodded. "I have to go yell at Albus now. I will certainly be seeing you three again, even if it doesn't happen until after this war is over."

"Oh, I'm certain you can talk that little fire bird into help you back in every once in a while." Salazar snorted, waving his hand airily.

Harry smirked. "Oh, yes. I should probably pop in during occasional meetings, if only to terrify the new recruits."

The three ghosts' laughter followed the teen out of the secret room that only the Juniors and select few others knew of.


"Ah, good, he's finally waking," a voice mocked.

Tom opened his eyes warily, confused by the unknown surroundings. Where am I? The last thing I recall was someone knocking on the door to Albus' office while we were arguing over Harry's safe– HARRY! Teal eyes widened, then turned to glare at the three forms that stood also in the dank room. "Where am I?" he spat.

"I thought you had given him the Veritaserum!" one of the voices hissed, panicked.

Tom smirked. "It doesn't appear to be working, gentlemen," he offered in a cheerful voice, even as his eyes danced angrily.

"Then we'll be doing this the old-fashioned way." A wand tip was immediately held against Tom's forehead. "Start talking, you shit. What do you know about the attack in Hogsmeade last weekend?"

Tom's eyes darkened. "Nothing, you little bastard."

"Wrong answer, little man," one of the voices offered, amusement dancing with his words. "Do it."



Harry knocked determinedly on Albus' door, Padfoot at his heels. They'd decided that only Harry and Sirius would act against the Headmaster, leaving the others to plead a lack of knowledge of the events.

"Come in, my dear boy," Albus called.

Harry slammed the door open, eyes dark in fury. "Why, pray tell, did you send Marcus to the Ministry, old man?" he spat, his magic curling around him like a living robe.

Padfoot looked just as shocked as the Headmaster by this outburst. They hadn't gathered any tangible proof that the Dark Lord had, in fact, been taken by the aurors that had been reported on the grounds.

"Now, Harry–"

"Do not try to placate me, Albus Dumbledore. You are walking a very thin line right now." Harry sneered, his left hand starting to spasm around his cane painfully.

Padfoot gave a worried yip. Is he finally awake? Is that how Harry knows the aurors have him? He wondered.

The Headmaster stared at his staff member silently for a moment before speaking calmly. "Why don't you have a seat, Harry?"

"Why did you think it necessary to call aurors to Hogwarts for Marcus?" Harry shot back, not moving from his rigid position in the doorway. Padfoot was starting to get seriously worried.

"Sit down," Albus commanded, standing.

"I refuse to sit in the same room as one as despicable as yourself," Harry replied coldly.

Sirius transformed quickly, barely catching Harry as he crumpled. "Harry!"

"Cruciatus," Harry whispered before letting his eyes fall shut painfully.

Sirius' eyes darkened and he snarled at the Headmaster, who looked like he was confused despite himself. "Consider yourself on the losing side, Albus Dumbledore," the animagus spat, revelling in the shock that struck the Headmaster with his words. "We will not stand to one side as one of our own is tortured."

And, without another word, Sirius activated the portkey Harry had created before they'd left for the Headmaster's office, leaving Hogwarts, and all the friends they'd made within, behind.



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But i shall forgive you as you are sick and the fact that you put gthis up anyway is wonderful. Get better soon ok.



Date: 22/9/05 06:38 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
Wow...what a cliffhanger.You did that so we would HAVE to keep checkin in on this story didnt you? o well...So...where are Siri and Harry gonna escape to anyway.I was waitin for somethin REALLY bad to happen to them anyway but i hope its not permenant.

Date: 22/9/05 14:23 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Get better soon. so aurors aresupposed to be on the light side? To me it seems pretty dark.


Date: 22/9/05 17:48 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I would kill you for stopping there, but that would mean, that Reclaim would never end.... But now I'm positive that you are the most evil person on this whole fucking world!!!


It was great, btw ^^

Date: 23/9/05 07:44 (UTC)
order_of_chaos: Eridan Ampora from Homestuck as a dreamsheep dreaming of dreamwidth.  Blue stripy body, purple head, yellow horns. (Default)
From: [personal profile] order_of_chaos
Kill Dumbeldore for me? Please?
Really wonderful new chapter!

(no subject)

From: [personal profile] order_of_chaos - Date: 26/9/05 09:18 (UTC) - Expand

(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 27/9/05 05:10 (UTC) - Expand


Date: 23/9/05 09:23 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]

You Crucioed Tom? You actually stopped there?! You are even worse than Dumbledore, my dear girl!

*lots of nasty things written and deleted before posting*

So Harery is officially the other Dark Lord now... Wow. The Juniors' situation will be intersting... Ginny's mostly... :,(

*NLN stops whining after she notices she asked for angst not a week ago*

Nice chapter, even for a short one.

Date: 24/9/05 03:29 (UTC)
From: (Anonymous)
I LOVE this chapter. I really don't care as to how long they are, so long as they're more then 2 words or something. I hope Helga will get out soon. I've been waiting forever for her to get released. I was beginning to think that they'd never get around to releasing her. I HATE Dumbledore. How DARE he arrest Tom..err..Marcus!!! What charges did he have the man arrested under anyway?? RESCUE HIM!!!!!! Please let Fawkes see the good in the relationship!! When is he going to address it again anyway? Well, nice going and I eagerly await the next update. Amber P.S. PLease note that I'm normally one who reviews via, and really have no clue how this livejournal stuff works, but if you REALLLLLY want to reach me, E-mail me @ Or you can drop a review to one of my own fanfics under the screenname Ambiecat88. (Yeah, I know, I'm REAL original with screennames.) Well, gotta go!! Yours, Amber, aka, Ambiecat88

Date: 24/9/05 10:01 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
:) Hurrah! another chapter, very nicely done, i especially like the emapthetic link between Harry and Marcus, and this line made me laugh '...he snarled at the Headmaster, who looked like he was confused despite himself.' Part of me is happy for Dumbledores downfall (i hate him and smiled when he died) and part of me is abit sorry for him, just a tiny bit ;) I see your MarySue has arrived in the form of Smoky ;)


(no subject)

From: [identity profile] - Date: 1/10/05 09:02 (UTC) - Expand

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From: [identity profile] - Date: 7/10/05 08:09 (UTC) - Expand

*chews nails*

Date: 25/9/05 06:16 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I have an Lj now, this is Amazon.
*goes back to chewing nails* Please let Voldemort be okay! *wails*
Harry is going to kick people's asses now, isn't he?
The ghosts had better start earning their keep, lazy bums *teasing*
*goes back to worrying over Voldie*
Great chapter, as always... write more. Now.
*blows kiss*


Date: 25/9/05 10:55 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
How.......HOw???........HOW???????????????????????????????????????...... can you stop there *whine* you are my death.... evilperson!!!!!!

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