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Stories with a § in front of them are complete.
Stories that look like this have been discontinued.
Font in green is warning or pairings for each story.
Links after the summary are either websites built for that fic or little bits that add to it (maps and timelines).

DC Extended Universe Fanfiction:

§ Burning For You
Barry might not meet Mick at an arson scene but, like moths to a flame, fire is what brings them together.
Barry Allen/Mick Rory
no powers/pre-canon AU, hooking up for sex, semi-public handjobs, this is a little shameless, the author regrets nothing

Overprotective Criminals 'Verse:
§ Part One: Criminal Partners
The problem with dating Mick Rory and Leonard Snart, was that they were both extremely overprotective of him (despite Barry being a superhero) and were criminals with questionable morals. And they'd just found one of the bullies from Barry's childhood.
Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart
Established relationship, developing relationship, polyamory, violence, off-screen torture, Joe's A+ parenting, struggling with acceptance, relationship troubles, back story, minor gore

§ Part Two: A Distraction of Ice and Fire
After the reappearance of the Man in Yellow, Barry's distraction with getting ever faster leads to Len devising a distraction of his own.
Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart
Established relationship, polyamory, violence, relationship troubles, past child abuse, mention of panic attacks

§ Part Three: Relationship Status
Barry's Facebook status has changed between 'in a relationship' and 'it's complicated' at least a half-dozen times since he created the account, and he somehow doubts that will be changing any time soon.
Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart
Established relationship, polyamory, acceptance, secret-keeping, relationship reveal, OCs using hate-language, some characters are assholes (not the fun kind)

Chapters: 1/Cisco Ramon, 2/David Singh, 3/Felicity Smoak, 4/Eddie Thawne, 5/Henry Allen

§ Part Four: Whatever Happens Here, We Remain
With what he hopes is the final battle with Wells on the horizon, there are only two people he really trusts to help him take out the other speedster. Getting them to come will be easy – they've been wanting a crack at him since Christmas – but getting the rest of his team to accept their help? That's going to be a little more difficult.
Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, Eddie Thawne/Iris West
Established relationship, polyamory, canon-typical violence, Joe's A+ parenting, Lewis' A+ parenting, relationship reveal, canon character death, grief and depression

Chapters: One, Two, Three

§ Part Five: Nobly Save or Meanly Lose
Five times Barry Allen helps out other metahumans while out of costume, and one time he helps them as the Flash.
Barry Allen/Mick Rory/Leonard Snart, canon ships
Established relationship, polyamory, canon-typical violence, pile 'o OCs, bigotry & hate-language, identity reveal, Barry wants to save everyone

Chapters: 1/Angel's Wings, 2/Damini's Shock, 3/Mini Mia, 4/Kerry's Flame, 5/Jackie's Force, +1/Flash Day

Doctor Who Fanfiction:

§ Zip Me ~ 9th Doctor/Jack
Jack really needs to learn when to keep his mouth shut.
Jack Harkness/9th Doctor/Rose Tyler
Jack Harkness

Elementary Fanfiction:

§ Ocean of Debris
Thinking to protect Sherlock from further harm at Moriarty's hand, Joan lets herself be drawn into the criminal's web in a way she never could have expected.
Joan Watson/Moriarty (Irene Adler)
hate/rough sex, SPOILERS, dubcon, violence

James Bond -- 007 Fanfiction:

§ Leading Edge
All fae-born were raised on stories of how cruel dragon-borns were, how they had no care for anyone outside themselves and their greed, that they would sell their own mother's soul to the devil before allowing themselves to be hurt. They were told that all dragon-borns were to be killed on sight, and taught spells that would do just that, if ever given the chance.
It would be just Q's luck that one of his agents was dragon-born.
James Bond/Q
Alternate Universe, fantasy elements, canon typical violence, kidnapping

Merlin Fanfiction:

§ Words You Don't Mean
That's how Arthur dealt with people he grew too attached to, he snarled and pushed them away. He'd done it with Morgana, and now he was trying it with Merlin.
Arthur Pendragon/Merlin

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