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Stories with a § in front of them are complete.
Stories that look like this have been discontinued.
Font in green are warnings or pairings for each story.
Links after the summary are either websites built for that fic or little bits that add to it (maps and timelines).

Fullmetal Alchemist Chaptered Fanfiction:
Google Drive guide to the original State Alchemists I created for my post-Brotherhood/manga fics.

§ Colours in Your Eyes
Everyone is born with the ability to only see the colour of their soulmate's eyes. Only upon touching their soulmate, can people see the rest of the world's colours.
Edward Elric will do whatever it takes to get his brother's body back and ensure he can have his happily ever after with his soulmate, even if it means never finding his own soulmate.
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, May Chang/Alphonse Elric, Lan Fan/Ling Yao, Paninya/Winry Rockbell, Gracia Hughes/Maes Hughes
Ed's potty mouth, soulmate AU, Xing politics, mentions of homophobia, cultural differences, canon character death (you know which one), age gaps

Chapters: One | Two | Three
Art: Roy asking what colour the soldier's uniform braiding was (by eirelis) — Ed punching Roy's shoulder in hospital (by VioVayo) — Ed & Ling talking in the garden by eirelisClosing scene (by VioVayo)

§ Dreaming in Red and Gold
When Drachma agrees to meet for peace talks at Briggs Fortress, General Roy Mustang is the one sent to represent Amestris. It just so happens that the Drachmans have their own Amestrisan, who is far too skilled at turning the most tedious of discussions into an exciting time.
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Ed's potty mouth, canon-typical violence, pile 'o OCs, minor battering of female OC, female-specific slurs, off-screen torture of prisoners, suggestion of past abusive sexual encounters, sexual discussions (including consent-related)

Chapters: 01 | 02 | 03 | 04 | 05 | 06 | 07 | 08 | 09 | 10 | 11

§ Reverti Ad Praeteritum
Unwillingly forced to serve as a human trial for a crazy alchemist experimenting with time travel, Edward Elric finds himself standing across from Truth in the moment it takes his leg from him. Armed with the knowledge of what's to come and burdened with guilt for the choices he'd made as an adult, Ed sets out to fix every mistake he ever made and save every life they ever lost, no matter what it takes.
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, May Chang/Alphonse Elric, Gracia Hughes/Maes Hughes, post-Edward Elric/Winry Rockbell
Spoilers like whoa, Ed's potty mouth, canon-typical violence, pile 'o OCs, mute!Ed, original character death, angst, fluff, past dub-con, past adultery, Ed has all the guilt

Chapters: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30
Fanart: Ed & Al's uniforms (by me) -- Ed (by lolibat) -- Roy (by lolibat) -- Help Me Save Him (by siri-catriona) -- Al, Ed, Nina, & Elicia sketch (by PhilosophicNature) -- Ling and May (by siri-catriona) -- Little Hairdresser (by PhilosophicNature) -- Ed and May (by BeJuled) -- Edward Elric-Chang (by BeJuled)
Fanfic: RoyEd oneshot (by dragonsroar1234)

§ Skin Deep
Trisha and Van's first child, Edith, was born a beautiful, healthy girl. The only problem? Ed knew he was a boy.
Ed's potty mouth, transboy!Ed, transphobia & trans erasure, gender dysphoria, support where you least expect it, hurt/comfort, menstruation talk, unwanted advances, canon typical violence

Chapters: One | Two

The Blood Toll Saga:

§ Part One: Spirit's Fall
Born too early, Ed and Al don't manage to find a way to return Al to his body before his soul leaves the armour for good. Ed will do anything to save his brother, including making a deal with the closest thing to the devil he believes in. Can he keep his humanity long enough to save his brother, or are they both doomed to the separate hells that Ed's deal has trapped them within?
one-sided Edward Elric/Original Female Character
Ed's potty mouth, Vampire!Edward Elric, blood, canon typical violence, questionable morality, character death

Chapters: One | Two | Three | Four
Extras: Witness to a Shooting Star | Break Me ~ Al & Truth
Art: Truth (by arantxamagnelli) -- Ed (by arantxamagnelli)

Part Two: Body's Struggle
Ed's return to Amestris takes him along familiar trails, and while he manages to find himself another family who accepts all he is along the way, he also finds enemies aplenty, and they are as immortal as he is. With the truth of the 'duty' left to him by his father taking shape around him, can he manage to keep the people he treasures most safe?
Edward Elric/Greed, background Edward Elric/others, background oc/oc
Ed's potty mouth, Vampire!Edward Elric, blood, canon typical violence, questionable morality, character death

Part Three: Soul's Triumph
To be posted once Body's Struggle is started posting
Edward Elric/Greed, Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, background Edward Elric/others, background ships
Ed's potty mouth, Vampire!Edward Elric, blood, canon typical violence, questionable morality, character death

Chimera-Dragons 'Verse:

§ Part One: Dragon's Gold
Prince Edward is a pain in his parents' behinds, and they eventually resort to locking him up in a tower with a dragon in hopes that some enforced solitude will help him sort out his priorities. Unsurprisingly, this doesn't quite work out the way they'd hoped.
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Alternate Universe, dragon!Roy, chimera!Roy, prince!Ed (Ed is the worst prince), demi!Ed, whipping as punishment, Ed's potty mouth, mention of inhuman experimentations, mention of torture, dragon!Maes, dragon!Riza, dragon!Kimblee, background character death, graphic depictions of violence, worldbuilding, angst, fluff

§ Part Two: Dragon's Flight
The thing about living with dragons, was that they were all protective of each other, and Ed just happened to be the unknown. Maes and Riza, of course, each have their own ways of approaching the matter.
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, Gracia Hughes/Maes Hughes
Alternate Universe, chimera-dragon!Roy, prince!Ed, Ed's potty mouth, chimera-dragon!Maes, chimera-dragon!Riza

§ Part Three: Dragon's Tongue
One of these days, Edward was going to stop letting Roy get him into these sorts of situations.
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Alternate Universe, chimera-dragon!Roy, prince!Ed, demi!Ed, forked tongue, Ed's potty mouth

Part Four: Dragon's Quake
When disaster strikes Xerxes, nothing in the world could keep Edward from returning to help his people, not even his ridiculously overprotective dragon lover.
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, Gracia Hughes/Maes Hughes, Trisha Elric/Van Hohenheim, Kain Fuery/Jean Havoc
Alternate Universe, chimera-dragon!Roy, prince!Ed, demi!Ed, Ed's potty mouth, chimera-dragon!Maes, chimera-dragon!Riza, worldbuilding, environmental disaster, canon-typical violence

Come Hell or High Water:

§ Part One: Burning All the Bridges
The shadows of the military were far more terrifying than any of them could have guessed, and Team Mustang is forced to run for their lives, and the lives of those they hold most dear.
Gracia Hughes/Maes Hughes/Roy Mustang
Pirate AU, polyamory, canon-typical violence, mind control, character death, angst, loss, Ed's potty mouth

§ Part Two: Sun Over the Yardarm
Darius and Heinkel had only picked up pirating because their job choices on land were slim, but it ended up being the best choice for their personal lives, too.
Darius/Heinkel, pre-Darius/Edward Elric/Heinkel, background ships
Pirate AU, all the fucking pottymouths, Ed is an insubordinate shit, canon-typical violence, mentioned discrimination against LGBTQIA+, implied racial discrimination

Our Sinner's Redemption Series:
Google Drive guide to the OCs who make multiple appearances throughout the series.

§ Part One: Come What May
After the Promised Day, with his alchemy still intact thanks to Hohenheim's sacrifice, Ed finds himself and his chimera team getting dragged into the shadowy world of military secrets in an attempt to keep Bradley's legacy from causing a civil war.
Darius/Edward Elric/Heinkel, pre-Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Ed's potty mouth, spoilers for FMA:B ending, canon-typical violence, pile 'o OCs, survivor's guilt, angst, original character death, slow build (btwn Ed & Roy), referenced underage relationships

Chapters: 01, 02, 03, 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20

Part Two: We All Need Saving
With the terrorists Ed, Darius, and Heinkel had been hunting behind bars, they can finally join the efforts in Ishval. But, with Scar showing an unexpected interest in Ed's friendship, and Ed's own growing attraction to Mustang, it doesn't look like it'll be as relaxing a visit as he and his team had hoped.
Darius/Edward Elric/Heinkel, Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Ed’s potty mouth, canon-typical violence, pile ‘o OCs, angst, original character death, slow build (btwn Ed & Roy), referenced underage relationships

Part Three: Dancing With the Devil
–Summary to be added when WANS finishes posting, as it includes spoilers–
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Ed’s potty mouth, canon-typical violence, pile 'o OCs, angst, original character death, referenced underage relationships

Our Sinner's Redemption Extras
Side-stories of the series, usually a scene from someone other than Ed's PoV, or some non-EdRoy smut.
Darius/Edward Elric/Heinkel, Edward Elric/Greed, Edward Elric/Roy Mustang
Ed's potty mouth, canon-typical violence, pile 'o OCs, original character death, angst, terrible coping methods, (referenced) underage relationships, (referenced) dub-con, more to be added

§ Come What May chapters: 4 (Roy), 7 (Roy), 10 (Roy), 10 (Darius - NSFW), 16 (Ed - NSFW), 17 (Roy)
We All Need Saving chapters:

§ Paper Walls:

§ Part One: Pieces of Me
Okay, so maybe bringing her girlfriend home over spring break to meet her family hadn't been Winry's brightest idea, but, in her defence, she'd just wanted everyone she loved to meet once.
Lan Fan/Winry Rockbell, Izumi Curtis/Sig Curtis
Modern AU, meet the family, angst, canon-typical violence, canon-typical gore, dying character, language

§ Part Two: Forgiveness is a Gift
The military is desperate to get their hands on renowned alchemy genius, Dr Edward Elric, but he's not too hot to sign his soul away to them for reasons no one can figure out. Enter Colonel Roy Mustang, the trump card the military hadn't known they had.
Edward Elric/Roy Mustang, Lan Fan/Winry Rockbell
Ed's potty mouth, modern AU, pre-fic character deaths, alcoholism, hurt/comfort, angst, hot professor!Ed

§ Part Three: Pray the Sun Will Rise
Going to Amestris to study their 'alchemy' hadn't exactly been May's idea, but it might just turn out to the the best one she'd ever agreed to.
May Chang/Alphonse Elric, Lan Fan/Winry Rockbell, Edward Elric/Roy Mustang (mentioned)
Modern AU, pre-fic character deaths, hot professor!Ed, hot TA!Al, loneliness, pre-relationship, language

The Shortest Day:

§ Part One: Candles to Light Your Way
Five times when tragedy left them dreading the longest night, and the people who reminded them that the sun would always rise again.
Canon Ships
Spoilers, canonical character death, grief, new beginnings

§ Part Two: Our Lights Yet Shine
A companion piece to Candles to Light Your Way: How Team Greedling, Team Mustang, Lan Fan and Fu, and the group in Liore celebrate the last winter solstice before the possible end of the world.
Spoilers, loneliness, warzones

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