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My fics have been translated! Yay!! ^.^

Fics with § in front of them mark that they're completed. (This is true for both the original fic and the translations.)

Chaptered Fanfiction Translations
§ Abandon Translations
§ German (FFN)[ profile] devil_kaos
French (FFN)
French (FFN)
French (FFN)
[ profile] lliane_myrddin
Miss Kourai Shinigami Maxwell (FFN profile)
Camille Riddle (FFN profile)
Spanish (FFN)
§ Spanish (FFN)
Rosenkreuz (FFN profile)
angela black blood (FFN profile)
§ Hungarian (FFN)[ profile] enelen
Italian (Nocturne)Sathia
Italian (Nocturne)Krystarka
Dutch (FFN)InSilenceSheDwells (FFN profile)
Polish (yaoifan)Vergithia (FFN profile), CoJaPacze, Last Unicorn, Carmen, Sawaii
Russian (Registration-only forum)Merlin's kitten, Grifin, Chodoku de Milagro, Firesong

§ Reclaim Translations
§ German (FFN)[ profile] devil_kaos
Hungarian (FFN)Gabi-Rowena (FFN profile)
Polish (Wattpad)Nesia (Wattpad)

Abandon & Reclaim Outtakes Translations
German (FFN)[ profile] devil_kaos

§ Broken Translations
German ( ( profile)
Vietnamese (wordpress)maria isabella sebastians (FFN)

§ Clouds In My Coffee Translations
French (AO3)Alhanais (AO3 profile)

The Forgotten Translations
German (FFN)[ profile] devil_kaos

§ Of Angels & Demons Trilogy Translations
§ Tainted Wings in German (FFN)[ profile] devil_kaos
§ To Fly Without Wings in German (FFN)[ profile] devil_kaos
§ Humans' Wings in German (FFN)[ profile] devil_kaos

§ Riddle's "Little" Problem Translations
§ German (animexx)Malinalda (animexx profile)

§ Royal Translations
Italian (EFPF)Ieahleen (FFN profile)

§ Salir Translations
§ Hungarian (FFN)[ profile] enelen
§ French (FFN)satine01 (FFN profile)
§ German (animexx)Malinalda (animexx profile)

§ Stand Against the Moon Translations
§ Italian (Nocturne)krystarka (FFN profile)

§ What It Means... Translations
German (FFN)[ profile] devil_kaos
§ Hungarian (FFN)Yizzy (FFN profile)

§ Xerosis Translations
§ German (FFN)LadyShigeko (FFN profile)
§ Hungarian ( (FFN profile)
§ Italian (Nocturne)Vehuel (FFN profile), krystarka (FFN profile)
Spanish (FFN)Ohayo-Kinami desu (FFN profile)
Polish (FFN)sea-kingdom (FFN profile)

One-Shot Fanfiction Translations
§ Avada Kedavra Translations
§ Polish (Gryffindor.ok1)Irdine (Gryffindor.ok1 profile)
§ Hungarian (

§ Celestial Language Translations
§ Polish (FFN)Lampira7 (FFN profile)

§ Distraction Translations
§ Chinese (AO3)duguqingxia (AO3 profile)

§ From the Worst of Times Translations
Chinese (Baidu)Yuri Ijinose (FFN profile)/sakuzuki (Baidu profile)

§ Join Me - Voldemort & Harry Translations
§ Italian (FFN)
§ Italian (EFPF)
Ieahleen (FFN profile)

§ Time Laughs at Us All Translations
§ Russian (
§ Russian (AO3)
Niel Ellington (FFN profile)
Niel_Ellington (AO3 profile)

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Date: 1/3/06 15:06 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmm... you've forgotton that I translate "The Forgotton" in German too ^^
And I'm totally sure I sent you the link when I've started ^^

Date: 2/3/06 12:03 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
No prob ;) *pat* You don't need to smack yourself!
Just wanted to remind you ^^

Date: 6/3/06 13:48 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
If you need that - okay ^^

Lookey ^.^ I've reached Chapter 40 at Abandon and now I've uploaded the first Outtake ^.^ Here's the link (I should have never told the German readers of the Outtake series -.- So much more work for me...)

Date: 7/3/06 14:34 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hey, German reviewer request for an Outtake ^^

She liked to read about Tom and Harry in the café, when Tom starts hesing Muggles out of pure boredom ^^

Don't know if you can write something about it, just wanted to tell you ^^

Date: 7/3/06 21:50 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hmmm... *scratches head* I go looking *whistles*

*heads over to* (I hope it was o.o)

She's calling herself Tri-Edge ^.^


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