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Stories with a § in front of them are complete.
Stories that look like this have been discontinued.
Font in green is warning or pairings for each story.
Links after the summary are either websites built for that fic or little bits that add to it (maps and timelines).

Final Fantasy X Fanfiction:

Crooked Wings
On that fateful day when Yunalesca faced Sin, only part of her died, and the part that stayed alive finds itself in Spira a thousand years later.
Tidus/Seymour Guado
Major canon fuckery, OoC

1 - Otherworld, 2 - Neither Friend Nor Foe, 3 - Sometimes Good-Bye Is a Second Chance,
4 - Heaven Sent a Hurricane, 5 - My Secrets Become Your Truth, 6 - Every Clap of Thunder,
7 - Throw Your World Away (For Love), 8 - Poisonous Drugs of Hate, 9 - Wisdom, Justice, & Love,
10 - Turning on a Dime, 11 - Kings and Queens of Promise, 12 - Stepped Into a Cruel World,
13 - ??

Final Fantasy VIII Fanfiction:

§ Get Me ~ Squall
Squall may not want to junction Shiva, but that doesn't mean he doesn't need her.

§ A Home for the Holidays
Seifer has spent so long trying to get Squall to spend the winter holidays with him, it really wasn't a surprise to find himself standing outside Garden, despite the certainty that he wouldn't be welcomed.

§ Kissing It Better
Five times Seifer kissed something better, and the one time Squall returned the favour.
Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart
canon violence, canon memory loss, these boys are a wreck

5 Times Seifer Kissed Squall, +1 Time Squall Kissed Seifer

§ Noblesse Oblige
No one thought to warn Squall against touching his younger self, and he leaves a part of himself behind when he returns to Time Compression.
Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart, Irvine Kinneas/Selphie Tilmitt, Zell Dincht/Xu, Quistis Trepe/Original Male Character, Fujin/Raijin
Major canon-buggery, OoC Squall, murder, OC drug use

1 - Touch of Memory, 2 - No One Here to Save, 3 - Burn Up the Tracks,
4 - Orphans & Widows, 5 - Close the Last Window, 6 - Melodies of Life,
7 - Lie Under the Night, 8 - Not Invincible, 9 - Don't Want the World,
10 - Dance With the Enemy, 11 - Everything I Have In This World, 12 - Running Out of Days,
13 - Wake Up & Fight, 14 - Crimson Sky, 15 - Heroes Waiting,
16 - Light In My Eyes, 17 - Lying Next to a Ghost, 18 - Living For Today,
19 - Some Things Are That Simple

§ Silver Wings
On that fateful day, when a child grown visited his childhood home and a dying sorceress passed on her powers, it wasn't another sorceress they found, but a young boy running lost.
Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart
AU, canon violence, Sorceress!Squall, original character death, mind rape, mental torture

1 - Water in My Eyes, 2 - Delusional Sunset, 3 - Reach for Your Metal,
4 - Carry This Burden Alone, 5 - Somewhere Worse Than Here, 6 - Bound and Breakin',
7 - Clouds of Sulphur, 8 - I Will Be With You, 9 - Every Story I Have Told is a Part of Me & You,
10 - Burning in the Skies, 11 - Colour of Your Soul, 12 - Beneath My Wings

§ Sins of Our Young
How the game could have gone if the writers weren't on crack and so set on everyone being straight.
Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart, Irvine Kinneas/Selphie Tilmitt, hints of Quistis Trepe/Rinoa Heartilly
AU, minor canon-fuckery, Rinoa bashing, minor Quistis bashing

1 - Hiding Betrayal, 2 - Trying to Please Them All, 3 - Every Little Earthquake,
4 - Faraway Reflections, 5 - Guilty By Association, 6 - Clouds Are the Future,
7 - Sins of Our Tongues, 8 - Every Hero Has a Past, Every Sinner a Future, 9 - Gather Your Strength,
10 - Forever's Never Too Long

§ Temptation Calls
Seifer accidentally sends Squall a text about them not sleeping together, and Squall can't stop thinking about it.
Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart
Modern AU, bi!Seifer, a-spec!Squall, minor angst, miscommunication (please use your words, Squall), arguing about consent

§ Zyxt
Alone in Time Compression, Squall sets out to make them all a happier ending.
Seifer Almasy/Squall Leonhart
AU, minor canon-fuckery

1 - Won't Make It Alone, 2 - Give Up Everything, 3 - Fly Over Me,
4 - Stars Collide, 5 - Stars Shedding Tears, 6 - Never Felt So Far From Home,
7 - Voice From the Past, 8 - Hold Me Without Touch, 9 - Diebus Fatalibus ~ Fated Day,
10 - Never Let You Go

Persona 4 fics:

§ Groundhog Day
When Souji agrees to push Namatame into the TV, he curses himself to loop the same day over and over and over and over and...
spoilers for 3rd Dec, canon character death

Radiata Stories fics:

§ Behind Those Eyes
Lord Larks has no intention in letting Lord Lucian get away with that pathetic goodbye.
Lucian Hewitt/Salute Larks
AU, slash, human path, established relationship, happy ending, fuck the canon human ending anyway

§ In Shadows
"I thought you were dead!"
Jasne Colton/Sigourney Silverlake
Angst, alcohol abuse

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Story plot

Date: 19/9/17 05:43 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Hi Batsoutousai
My Name Is Tonisimone & I love your FF8 stories. I had this Idea for a post-game story for a while. It's mostly stolen ideas from your stories anyway... I suck at writing my own stories so I thought I'd send you the outline just in case the muse bites.

six Months post-game: Rinoa is getting weaker, Kadowaki is stumped. they send her to Odine.
Odine has seen this illness before, he explains why Adel (a stong sorceress in the prime of life) was looking for a successor. She had crossed a magically weak but crafty sorceress, Adel won the fight but the crafty sorceress had cursed her own powers so when Adel absorbed them she began getting sick. Adel would have been dead in six months if she wasn't sealed.
Adel passed her cursed powers on to Rinoa. Odine can remove the curse from the powers but not while they are inhabiting a sorceress. they must strip the powers from Rinoa and pass them on to another woman. Rinoa can't re-accept the powers, they'll sense that she has rejected them & won't go to her. They will go to the nearest familiar form.
They set up Odine's machine with Rinoa in one of Odine's labs, Squall holds her hand. They've got six potential sorceress' And their loyal protective partners lined up. Odine's machine works perfectly, It strips the powers from Rinoa then strips the curse from the powers & then spits the powers back into the room.

Sorceress Powers go to the nearest familiar form. Knights don't tend to outlive their sorceress'. if they do It's cause their miles from the sorceress at the time of death. Whats more familiar to a sorceress' Powers Than her Knight?
the powers hover in the lab, hesitating just a moment before turning & slamming directly into Squall.

There are 3 prerequisites For someone to be form a knight-bond with a sorceress. 1st one is a no-brainer
the sorceress must want the person to be the knight
the 2nd is just as simple
the sorceress must trust the person to protect them
the 3rd is the only one on the Knight side of things
The Knight must Love the Sorceress Any kind of Love will do But it must be Love Eg, obsession won't do but love of a worshiper for their god will. Friendship isn't enough But brotherly love will etc

Given those Prerequisites Squall could be Rinoa's Knight but Rinoa Couldn't be Squall's.
Rinoa storms off in a huff Claiming Squall doesn't trust her. (Quitis & Selphie believe Rinoa Doesn't Love Squall)(Maybe scene with Rinoa fighting high level monsters or something? want it to be obvious that Quis&Selph are right)

Zell, Selphie, Quistis & Irvine all go offer to be Squalls Knight one at a time. Squall talks them out of it. they each have a reason why being Squalls knight won't suit them.

Quis gets thinking (there are 2 potential reasons why Squall would have rejected them all: 1. he believes he doesn't need a Knight, thinks he can do it on his own. OR 2. he has a Specific Knight in Mind.) lists out people Squall knows, Process of elimination (are they capable of watching Squalls Back? Do they know Squall well enough that they might love him?etc) rules out every one except Seifer.
Quis goes to Seifer who is working on something blue collar (Repairing Trans Continental Railroad? something like that) she explains ^All of the Above^ & asks him to come meet Squall. Says "I don't care what you say to him, just get him to accept a Knight, whether that's you or someone else doesn't matter, My Little Brother & Commanding Officer Needs a Knight, You are the foremost expert on Knight bonds,"

Seifer goes to Squall, offers to be Knight. (I don't have a clear Idea of this scene but Insecure!Seifer believing Squall could never want him for his Knight)

everyone lives happily ever after

When I Imagined this Story I saw it all told in Flash backs as Quistis explains to Seifer whats been happening with an ending scene of Seifer Talking to Squall. But as long as the story gets written I don't really care how you write it.


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