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(Okay, FINE, I made a tag for this fucking AU. *flops*)

These are all background characters who might get mentioned in the fic (which I need to stop character-creating long enough to write, fuck me) but won't have any real part in the action. But, you know, I wanted to make characters for them. (This process does help me a bit with fleshing out their background, since it's different from the FMA canon, which is nice. ^^; )

I do sort of wish I'd made the Armstrongs and Hugheses in Oblivion (the prequel game to Skyrim, for those unfamiliar with the series), but the last thing I need to to start up another game and go mucking about finding mods for it, so... ^^;

I was working on creating characters for the homunculi yesterday, so I'll probably post those tomorrow. And then hopefully finish a couple of important storylines in the game, because I've never completed them and they'll be important to the fic, whoops, and then I can write. ^^;

So, unlike when I did Al, I remembered to check Ed's sliders, so Hoho looks kind of creepily like Ed. (Although I think their noses are a little different? Meh.)
Not 100% on his hair. Like, it kind of suits him, I think, that style, but it's not the canon style. (I mean, I don't actually have a hair that's in Hoho's canon style, so...) Meh.

I feel like I should have done an action shot of her fighting, or maybe just standing in front of a cooking pot/alchemy table, since you can't take 3rd person shots while using those, but I didn't, you get her praying to Mara instead. Bite me.

Roy has since developed a conditioned reaction to any and all mention of Mara, which Maes thinks is the best thing ever.

Pretty much everything I tried with him had clipping issues with either his hair or the amulet, which is just the great luck of trying to find white clothing, evidentially. XP
So, high elves can pick either gold or yellow eyes, neither of which really suited Kimblee, so I gave him the blind eyes, then went looking for an eye mod. Sadly, I didn't really care for any of those options more than the blind eyes, so that's what he's got. He's not actually blind, of course, but it's creepy and suits him. XD

Lan Fan
I was actually super excited to do her, because I love the dunmer (the dark elves), and the Morag Tong are pretty much a legitimate assassins guild (like, they actually had sanction by the dunmer government to commit murder without having to worry about being thrown in prison) and that's just cool and totally something that would suit Lan Fan, right? Totally. (Don't judge me.)
Of course, then I fought a lot with her hair, still not completely certain I like it – what the fuck is with these double ponytails/buns bullshit?! – but it's the best I could find. Meh.
And, lol, I admit, I gave her the paint because it reminded me of how she always had to wear a mask around Ling. Which, well, her outfit comes with a mask, but still.

I'm not completely sold on his hair, tbh, but it suits his station, I guess, and is probably a bit more Chinese than his canon hair. XD

So, truthfully, I couldn't decide between the white paint and the red paint, so I had to come up with a reason for both, whoops. XD

So, I mean, I wasn't really going to do her, and then one of the hairs I downloaded was just so HER I couldn't not. So.
Please ignore the clipping. :/

Alas, no sparkles, but I did manage to find a way to make him shirtless. XD
My hair options for him were pretty much between this and bald, and I feel like this actually suits his ridiculously flamboyant style? XD
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