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(I should probably give in and make a tag for this AU already... ^^; )

SO, I got it into my head to make versions of all the FMA characters in Skyrim and then post the pictures, which, well, translating 2D anime characters into 3D realistic characters is...complicated. Especially when there are only so many options, whoops.
Cerillium, over on tumblr, suggested hair mods, since I was really bugged by some of my choices, so I fell down that rabbit hole, then spent all of today (& by that I mean I haven't slept & it's been about 24hours, whoops) redoing everyone and taking more pictures and then tossing everything together. SO.

Everything's under a cut, because image-heavy and there's no way to compact them like on tumblr. Current characters are Riza, Roy, Breda, Havoc, Fuery, Falman, Ed, Al, and Winry.
I have vague thoughts of doing Maes after I've slept, and maybe Lan Fan (who's gonna be kick-arse) and possibly Kimblee, assuming I ever remember to check to see if I have something all white for him to wear. (Not tonight, right.)
ALSO INCLUDED is some nsfw!Ed, because he got nekkid on the front steps of one of the capital cities, whoops. XD

 photo Riza-2.jpg
For those of you familiar with Skyrim: There's a secret hidden in this photo, if you can find it. XD
Mentioned in the previous post on tumblr, that she's also got an Imperial Legion-issue bow that she only uses for, like, drills and such, but when it matters, she uses the ebony bow. (Which, for those who don't know the specs, is something like twice as strong as the Imperial bow.)

 photo Roy-2.jpg
I'm not sure he's pretty enough, tbh, but aesthetics are hard? He's also full of pyro, which no one's surprised by, I know. XD (Here's an image of his destruction spells, btw, all full up of fire.)

 photo Jean-2.jpg
His original hair was horrible, but this style just kills me, I love it so much. Heymans probably loves to pick on him about it. Roy probably makes jokes about it being the reason Jean hasn't found anyone yet. Jean is unimpressed with both of them. (Also, he likes his hair, shut up. Kain also likes it, incidentally. XD)

 photo Heymans-2.jpg
I've been pretty happy with Heymans from the start, tbh. I just sort of accidentally stumbled on exactly the right everything, so... :D

 photo Kain-2.jpg
It took me a while, but I did eventually figure out that my issue with Kain is that he doesn't look young enough. I mean, too, no glasses, which sucks, other than a goggles mod that Ed's wearing.
Eh, his hair is helping a little bit, I guess. It's certainly more of a youth hair style. ^^;

 photo Vato-2.jpg
Vato sticking out like a sore thumb because he always carries his sword with him is gonna hafta be my new favourite personal joke. XD
In other news, I think I might make him familiar enough with the dragon language to understand it reasonably well. Which may or may not have been a part of the reason that Roy picked him for his team.

 photo Edward-2.jpg
So, for those who're confused *coughFannycough* backstory is that Hoho is an elf from a race (the Dwemer, sometimes referred to as dwarves) that pretty much vanished over night. (This is canon; there are ruins from their civilization all over the south-western part of the country; they appear to have used steam technology, whereas the current civilization is using bows and arrows.) Ed and Al both look more elf than human, so they're probably the least like their anime selves, lol. (They're also both adults, which is quite a bit older because elves, whoops. And because they're both easily distracted, stubble/beards! XD)
Inoru (on twitter) and I determined that Ed has a horrible time with stairs, because of his prosthetic leg, and the city he's been living in, Markarth, is built into a mountain side, so there's stairs everywhere. The city he ends up in, where he meets Roy and Riza and them, is on a slow enough incline that it's made up of ramps, so he ends up really liking it. LOL

 photo Alphonse-2.jpg
So, I did Ed like a full day before Al, and I didn't make note of where his various sliders were, so their facial shape is a...little different. ^^; Assume Al got more of Trisha's genes, and Ed got more from Hoho. (It happens, man. And, you know, invariably there are gonna be people who think they look so similar! Are you sure you're not twins?! I've never suffered this line when people look between my sister and I, no.

 photo Winry-2-worded.jpg
So, I wanted to put her in dwarven armour, because working with dwarven metal is kind of her speciality, but she ended up looking SO RIDICULOUS. (I almost wish I'd taken a picture, whoops XD)
I have a think that Winry's the one who keeps tabs on Ed and Al, making sure they bathe – especially Ed; she's the one who braids his hair, because he can't finger comb them out or just dunk his head into water to fool her, not that he's ever tried that before, or anything XD – and eat. She'll drag them out for materials or to go hunting, or pester them until they enchant some of her more recent pieces when they need the extra money. (Someone's gotta take care of the pair of them. ^^; Al sort of manages, but sometimes he needs to be dragged away from his studies.)

I have a mod to extend the mage armour spells, and I used dragonhide on Ed for the first set of pictures I did, then quit out with it still active, but then I wanted to do more pictures and there’s no way to dispel them early? (Well, there might be a command code, I dunno, whatever).
Anyway, it was taking FOREVER to fade, and I got bored of things to do around Markarth, so we wandered out to the carriage to take us to Solitude, and before we made it to the carriage, I started wondering what dragonhide looked like without the armour/robe. And since I’ve modded the default body, he’s not wearing anything, so nsfw.

Also I know his left leg should be prosthetic and isn’t. XP That would be because there’s no way in the vanilla game to pull that shit, and I haven’t found any mods for dwarven prosthetics, though if someone knows one, please, I’m all ears.


Butt and side view, with some peen, because I did warn for nsfw (yes he’s standing naked on the stairs up to the Markarth gate, and I feel less than zero shame XD) :
 photo Ed-nekkeddragonhide01.jpg

And then a photo from the front, which is almost tasteful:
 photo Ed-nekkeddragonhide03.jpg

You know, for a mage, you are extremely buff, Ed. XD It’s all that hauling around of metal pieces for Winry or his own studies. Also, his leg may give him trouble on the best of days, but damned if he’ll ever be caught in the same situation again where he chances losing another limb because they’ve been overwhelmed; he practices melee fighting like his life depends on it.

OKAY! Now I can go to bed! XP
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