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Title: Déguiser
Author: [ profile] batsutousai
Beta: [ profile] magickmaker17
Rating: PG-13 for now
Pairings: Intended - HP/LV
Warnings: AU, an attempt to not copy the book
Summary: When Albus Dumbledore leaves Harry Potter on the doorstep of the Dursleys, the last thing he expected was for an unknown relative to disappear with the boy for ten years. Enter Thomas Potter, a man who intends to change the past, the present, and the future.

A/N: I think, since I'm trying to do this mostly from Thomas' point of view, that I'm just gonna brush over Harry's years in Hogwarts. Maybe I'll just do a chapter or two of letters between them?

Sorry it took so long to put this chapter up – we're in the process of moving, see, so a lot of stuff got put on hold. It's been trying, I promise you. So, you know, I've been suffering too. *nervous laughter*

Chapter Two - Diagon Alley

When Harry got off the bus outside Thomas' shop, the elder wizard was already standing outside with a smile on his face and a baseball cap in one hand, which he put on Harry's head before giving the boy a hug.

Harry pulled the baseball cap off with a scowl. "Why am I wearing this?" he demanded as Thomas led him away from the front of the shop.

"Because I don't feel like being mobbed, thanks," Thomas replied dryly, then steered his nephew down an empty alley.

Harry put the hat back on. "Oh, yeah. I keep forgetting I'm some big star in the wizarding world."

Thomas rolled his eyes. "Sometimes, I wonder if I really should have brought you up in the Muggle world."

"And?" Harry pressed, seeming to know there was more to his uncle's comment.

"And then I remember that you'll attract crowds and reporters and attention." Harry laughed as Thomas shuddered. "Alright, brat. Shut up and hold on." Harry hugged his uncle's waist silently and Thomas apparated them to the designated apparation point inside the Leaky Cauldron. As Harry let go, Thomas' stomach complained about not having eaten lunch that afternoon and Harry laughed.

"Hungry, Uncle Thomas?"

Thomas rolled his eyes with a smile. "Perhaps a little. I had to work through my usual lunch break, you know."

Harry winced. "Sorry."

Thomas waved the apology away. "It's fine. Missing lunch so I can take you to Diagon on Friday instead of Saturday is more than worth it."

Harry frowned at his uncle's attempt to keep Harry from feeling guilty. "Well, I want a soda."

Thomas laughed. "Not very subtle, are you?" he commented, even as he led the way up to the counter. Harry stuck out his tongue.

"What can I get you gentlemen?" Tom the barkeep asked.

"Hm. I'll have a chicken sandwich and some chips with a butterbeer, I think," Thomas decided, then glanced at Harry. "Did you want something to eat as well, or just a drink?"

Harry blinked. "Uhm, I'll have some chips too, I think. And..." He frowned at Thomas. "They don't have soda in the wizarding world, do they?"

"No, they don't," Thomas replied with a pleased smile.

Harry let out a heavy sigh. "I guess I'll have to drink butterbeer, then." Thomas laughed as Tom went off to get their drinks and give their order to the kitchen.


Even though he'd grown up with magic, Harry was still amazed with his first look at Diagon Alley. Though, really, Thomas reflected, watching your uncle cast the occasional household spell or make the occasional potion and reading a few magical books was nothing when compared to Diagon Alley. The place was such a mess of magical mayhem that even Thomas had to pause for a moment in the magical doorway. Clearly, he needed to spend some more time in the wizarding world. Perhaps if he'd just go to the Alleys instead of owl ordering everything...

"Where first, Uncle?" Harry asked after a moment.

Thomas took a deep breath, then pointed to the large white building at the far end of the Alley. "Gringotts."

"Goblins run it, right?" Harry inquired as he took Thomas' offered hand and they started off down the Alley.

"Yes. And you're going to show them respect, right?"

"Yes, Uncle. I know, Uncle."

Thomas chuckled. "Just checking."

Harry rolled his eyes.


After a ride on the carts down to their vault – which, incidentally, both Harry and Thomas enjoyed – the two wandered over to Madam Malkin's. Inside the shop, they found a pair of rather nervous-looking adult Muggles standing around and Thomas had to bite his cheek to keep from gasping. Madam Malkin coming out stopped anyone from speaking. "Hogwarts, dear?" she asked Harry.

"Yes'm," Harry replied politely.

"Wonderful. I've got a young lady in here just getting fitted herself. Why don’t you come back and we’ll set you up..." Madam Malkin's voice trailed off as she led Harry to the back of the shop where he would be fitted.

Thomas turned to the two Muggles and held out a hand with a smile. "Thomas Potter."

The man frowned suspiciously, but the woman turned and took the offered hand, looking relieved. "Elizabeth Granger. This is my husband, John."

Thomas nodded to John. "It's a pleasure to make your acquaintances. I'm afraid I don't know anyone here in Britain – at least, in relation to the wizarding world – and since my nephew is starting Hogwarts this year..." He shrugged helplessly.

"Are you a, erm... Muggle, then?" John asked, looking a little interested.

Thomas shook his head. "No, I just grew up in France, see. If I hadn't felt obligated to come here to Britain to take care of my nephew, I might have remained there."

"You don't sound French," Elizabeth commented.

Thomas shrugged. "My mother was British, and I learned all I know from her. When I speak French, I sound British."

Thomas shared a laugh with the Grangers and they all took a seat against the wall to await their respective wards, talking quietly about the Grangers' dentistry business and Thomas' bookstore.

A bushy-haired girl came out first, looking nervous. A shop assistant followed her out and John got up to pay for the robes while the girl came to stand next to her mother, eyeing Thomas curiously.

Elizabeth kissed her daughter's hand reassuringly. "Hermione, sweetie, this is Thomas Potter. Thomas, this is my daughter, Hermione."

Thomas inclined his head. "A pleasure to make your acquaintance, Miss Granger."

Hermione blushed faintly. "Same here, Mr Potter."

"Uncle Thomas!" Harry's voice called warningly.

Thomas turned to smile at where Harry stood in the doorway to the back room, hands on his hips. "Yes, Harry?" he inquired, standing easily.

"Don't flirt with Hermione," Harry replied.

Behind him, Thomas heard Hermione squeak. John chuckled as the shop assistant finished ringing him up. Thomas rolled his eyes at his nephew. "Flirting, Harry? She's a little young for me, I think."

"That's my point," Harry replied, crossing his arms over his chest. He glanced around Thomas at Hermione and said, "Sorry about him. He's a horrible person."

"Do you want to go to Hogwarts?" Thomas asked rhetorically as he stepped up to the register to pay for Harry's robes.

"Do you want me tormenting you for another year?" Harry shot back, and Thomas could hear the smirk in his nephew's voice.

"Merlin forbid," Thomas said, rolling his eyes again. The shop assistant standing in front of him bit her lip. Thomas saved her the trouble of trying to tell him the cost without bursting out into laughter by reading it off the magical 'calculator' in front of her and handing it over.

She took it with a grateful look and handed him a bag with the robes in it. Thomas shrunk the bag and put it in a pocket before turning to look at where his nephew stood with the Grangers. He cocked an eyebrow curiously at the group.

"Can Hermione and her parents come with us, Uncle?" Harry asked, looking hopeful.

"Of course," Thomas replied, then glanced up at the Grangers. "Where all have you gone so far?"

"Well, we've been to the bank," John said thoughtfully. "And the wand shop."

"Ah." Thomas nodded. "Yes, Ollivander's. That was our next stop, actually."

Elizabeth looked down at Hermione. "Where would you like to go from here, Hermione? Back to Ollivander's, or should we meet up somewhere?"

Thomas leaned back against the counter, eyeing Hermione curiously. The girl was biting her lower lip in indecision and watching her feet. After a long moment, she glanced up at Harry. "Ollivander is kinda creepy..." she commented, looking a little hopeful.

Harry glanced up at Thomas. "Is there anything on the list that we have at home?"

"You're asking if we can skip a store?" Thomas clarified. Harry nodded, so Thomas looked back over the list. "We can skip the Apothecary," he decided after a moment of contemplation. "We've probably got enough ingredients at the house to cover this list, and I know I've got an extra cauldron somewhere. It's just a matter of finding it."

"Great!" Elizabeth said, clapping her hands together cheerfully. "So we'll go to the Apothecary, then meet you somewhere..."

"The bookstore," Harry and Hermione said at the same time, then turned to stare at each other.

Thomas chuckled and pushed away from the counter. "Flourish and Blotts it is, then."

"Sounds good to me," John decided. "If we get there early, we can just look around a little more."

"Same here," Thomas agreed.

"Ooh, we can get the next book in the Young Hawk series," Harry said excitedly.

"Exactly." Thomas put a hand on each of Harry's shoulders and smiled at John and Elizabeth. "We'll see you shortly, then."

"We shall," Elizabeth agreed.

After separating from the Grangers on the street, Thomas led Harry down to Ollivander's. "Do you like Hermione's parents?" Harry asked after a moment of walking in silence.

"Yes. Why?" Thomas looked over at Harry curiously. The boy's face was in shadow because of the hat, however, so he couldn't even begin to guess at what was going through the boy's mind.

Harry shrugged. "I know all the people who work at the shop are Muggles and I think it will be nice for you to have someone to talk to."

"That's what owls are for, child," Thomas pointed out.

"I–" Harry let out a frustrated sound. "That's not what I meant!"

:I think he's worried you'll find someone else to discuss spells or have long conversations about a book you just read with,: Sylvin commented from where he'd been hiding under Harry's shirt.

Thomas sighed and placed a hand on Harry's shoulder to make him stop. Then he crouched down in front of the boy so he could see his face. Harry looked miserable. "Harry, child, no one can ever replace you. No matter how many friends I make while you're at Hogwarts, you're still my only nephew and you'll always come first." Thomas cupped Harry's face in his hands and looked him in the eyes. "I swear it."

Harry jerked forward and hugged Thomas tightly, burying his face in the crook between his uncle's shoulder and neck. "I know," he whispered. "I just..."

"Things are going to change," Thomas said knowingly. "You're going to Hogwarts to learn to be a proper wizard and you're going to make a lot of friends and probably some enemies. But, Harry, I'll still listen to your problems, no matter how silly you think they are. Okay?"

Harry nodded. "Okay."

"Ready to go?"

Harry pulled away from his uncle and rubbed his face with one hand. "Yeah."

Thomas made sure Harry's hat was still firmly on his head and stood. "Right, then. Let's go get you a wand."


After Ollivander's – who Harry said was creepy – the two Potters headed for Flourish and Blotts. Elizabeth was standing near the entrance and smiled when she saw them walk in. "John and Hermione are somewhere in the store. I drew the short straw," she explained.

Thomas laughed and nodded at the book in her hand on wizarding history. "Didn't stop you from finding something, I see."

Elizabeth laughed herself. "No, it didn't."

"Well, you can continue in, now," Thomas assured her. "We'll probably all be in here a while."

"Considering that we'll probably have to pry Hermione away from the books no matter how long we take..." Elizabeth allowed with a wry smile.

"Uncle Thomas, will you help me find the next book?" Harry asked, tugging on Thomas' sleeve.

Thomas nodded to Elizabeth, who just offered a knowing smile, then the two Potters headed over towards the young adult section while Elizabeth disappeared further into the store in the opposite direction.

After finding the book Harry was after, Thomas left the boy to search for any other novels he might want while Thomas got Harry's schoolbooks. Over in the history section, Thomas almost tripped over Hermione. The girl was sitting in the middle of the floor with a pile of books to one side, one open on the top of the pile, one open on the floor in front of her, and one open in her lap that she was reading. "Miss Granger," Thomas said, crouching down in front of the girl, and smiling when she jumped.

"Oh! Mr Potter." Hermione looked relieved for half a second, then her eyes got wide and she turned the book in her lap around and pointed to an entry. "Harry's famous!"

Thomas sighed. "Indeed he is."

"But, why isn't he, I dunno–"

"Just because someone is famous doesn't mean they want to go around spreading who they are. It's rather counter-productive to shopping, after all."

Hermione blushed. "Oh..."

Thomas smiled. "It's also not the most pleasing reason to be famous for, you know? Yes, he defeated Voldemort–"

Hermione gasped. When Thomas paused to look at her oddly, she said, "You said his name."

"Well, yes. It's not like Voldemort's going to suddenly pop into being next to me and shoot a Killing Curse my way. A name is a name is a name. There's nothing to fear in it. Never mind that it's French for 'flight from death'." Thomas chuckled when Hermione stared at him in disbelief. "Look it up if you don't believe me."

"I guess it's not really that scary when you put it like that..." Hermione mumbled, looking chagrined.

Thomas shook his head. "The magical population of our world is terrified of him, Miss Granger. Even the French are careful; they call him 'Vous-Savez-Qui'. He was a true terror during his reign and I would suggest speaking his name with caution, for some of his followers escaped prison and they won't like it if you do what they were never allowed to."

Hermione looked back down at the book in her lap. "This book does say it was a horrible time, but it doesn't go into much detail..."

"You won't find any history books that do," Thomas offered. "There's only a very small population that's willing to relive the horror they experienced at the time in order to write about it. You'd have to get a first-hand account from someone who is willing."

"Are you?" Hermione asked, her tone demanding.

"You won't get much out of it," Thomas said with a knowing smile. "I was living in France at the time, and Voldemort mostly stuck to Britain."

"But, your family–"

Thomas stood with a groan, face blank. "I never knew my brother or his wife. They were dead before I managed to get to Britain." He shook his head and forced a smile for the wide-eyed girl at his feet. "Make sure you get all your school books before you get sucked into those texts again, Miss Granger," he suggested softly, then turned and walked on to find Harry's other books. He'd return to the history section when he felt he could face the curious young witch again. Thinking about how he'd never gotten the chance to meet Lily and James would haunt him until the day he died.


Harry found him in the potions section, reading 100 Potions That Need Scurvy-Grass & What You Can Replace It With, with a basket of school books hanging from his left arm. "Uncle Thomas, I'm done."

Thomas glanced up and smiled at his nephew. "Shall we find the Grangers, then?"

"About that..." Harry paused, looking uncomfortable.

Sylvin spoke before Harry could try again, :The girl apologized for upsetting you.:

Thomas blinked. "Indeed? She didn't have to."

"What happened, Uncle Thomas?" Harry got out in a rush, then turned bright red.

Thomas ruffed Harry's hair fondly. "It's nothing important, Harry." He turned away from the boy's returning pout to put the potions book back. "Shall we head up to pay?"

Harry let out a loud sigh. "Okay, Uncle. Whatever you want, Uncle."

Thomas chuckled and ushered Harry out of the potions section. "Did Miss Granger also tell you that she read about you?"

Harry grimaced. "Yes. And she whispered praises to me until I asked her to shut up."

"Asked, Harry?"

"Erm, okay. I ordered her to shut up," Harry corrected, blushing.

Thomas stopped and forced Harry to do the same and face him. "Don't tell me you were rude to her."

"Maybe a little?"

"You will apologise, young man," Thomas informed him, frowning at the boy. "I may allow you some leniency with me, but you will be polite to others. Are we clear?"

Harry bowed his head in shame. "Yes, Uncle Thomas."

"Good. Let's go find the Grangers, then." The two continued on to where Harry had left Hermione. They found John and Elizabeth with the girl, and Hermione was sniffling faintly.

With a gentle push from Thomas, Harry stepped forward. "Hermione, I'm very sorry for my crude actions earlier. I shouldn't have yelled at you or called you any names. Please accept my apology?"

Hermione stumbled a bit as John pushed her towards the younger boy. She sniffled again, then said softly, "I'm the one who should be sorry. I wasn't thinking about your feelings on the whole matter when I kept asking you all those questions, and Thomas told me too. I'm sorry, Harry. Friends?" She held out one hand.

Harry grasped the offered hand. "Friends."

Thomas smiled at Elizabeth and John and the two Muggles smiled back. "Shall we pay?"

"Of course," Elizabeth allowed.

As the three adults led their charges towards the counter, Harry turned with mischievous green eyes to his uncle. "Uncle Thomas, can we get some ice cream after this?"

Thomas rolled his eyes at the boy, then glanced at Elizabeth and John curiously. Elizabeth shrugged. "Why not. I could do with something cold myself."

"Yes!" Harry punched at the air and, next to him, Hermione clapped her hands in excitement.

The rest of the summer, Thomas decided, would prove to be most interesting.



A/N: For any one who didn't catch it, the 'Young Hawk' series is about Merlin, as 'Merlin' means hawk, or falcon. *nervous laughter* I thought it would be a good title for a series about him. Whatever.

So, we've got Hermione now. Harry's got a friend in the wizarding world, now. Kinda. Dunno if I'll do anything with the Weasleys, though. I don't like Ron, as most of you know. I do like Fred and George, though. We'll see.

This chapter was originally meant to have Thomas seeing Harry off on the train, too, but then they found Hermione and it got a bit longer than I intended, so I just stopped here. Next chapter will be a few glances at how the rest of the summer goes, maybe, and Thomas seeing Harry off to Hogwarts on the train. Depending on length, I may or may not put in some of Harry's letters home. I fully intend for chapter four to have Christmas in it, possibly the end of the year.

Oh, and, no, I'm NOT telling you anything about Thomas. You all get to find out at the same time as the other characters if there's anything special about Thomas. *sticks out tongue*

Amusingly, magickmaker17 was surprised when she walked by my computer earlier and found me writing. She didn't expect it, I guess. *shifty eyes*

Right! I'll hand this over to magickmaker17 now and work on chapter three some. 'Til then!

B/N: I wasn't surprised, per se, I was just being a sarcastic jerk about the fact that you were writing, because it seems like you never do anymore...

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Date: 3/7/07 05:33 (UTC)
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I'm waiting for Thomas to be one variety or another of Tom Riddle. It's very possibly your fault for being my initial provider of Harry/Tom fiction, or it could just be my twisted mind. There is a big, big part of me that would like Harry to not be eleven now, please, but you have your reasons, no doubt. XD

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May I snatch that icon? Please?

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You may indeed! Just remember to credit me for it.

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Love this story!!!!!!

I kinda have the suspicion that Thomas Potter is Harry Potter from the future, though I started off thinking it'S Tom Riddle. But I'm pretty sure he is from the future!

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Oh, really, it's too bad I've sworn off telling anyone anything about Thomas outside the fic. XD
Let's just say, you might be right. *cackles*

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Alas! My hopes are dashed! XD ... but since the intended pairing still stands, I might live. ;-)

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*laughs* Only might?

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I also was thinking that Thomas Potter was Harry Potter from the future. Anyway this was a great chapter and i can't wait for the rest!:D

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Cheers! Next chapter should be done soon and to the beta. Unless it goes wonky like it might... *stares at characters*

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Wooh loving this so far.

I was going to make guesses and stuff about who Thomas Potter could be... but then you wouldn't tell me anyway. :P

Plus it'll make things more exciting when we do find out! ha ha.


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Ah, too true. Too true. My lips are sealed.

Date: 3/7/07 12:28 (UTC)
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*G* I adore the way the relationship between Harry and Thomas works. They are so cute together!

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I know! I love them so. ;D

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The three ways I see it going?

1. Thomas is exactly who he says he is - unlikely since he's a parselmouth unless he's also somehow related to old moldy and since unless I misunderstood the first part he claims James was his half-brother that's unlikely.

2. Thomas is a time travelling voldie come back to undo the complete mess he made of things

3. Thomas is a time travelling Harry - ditto.

Two and three come with equal weight I think given that what he said in part one made him sound like a time traveller.

Date: 8/7/07 04:25 (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I think Thomas is Harry. I had my suspicions about him being Voldie But then Thomas so obviously recognized the Grangers in Madame Malkins that it made me believe it was Harry.


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